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Job for students in London

Working in the United Kingdom, you can get good wages and have the opportunity to advance your career. However, employment is fraught with difficulties. In addition to the need for a visa, there are high requirements for qualifications. Because of this, it is not so easy even for qualified specialists to find a job. How, then, will the student get a job in England? This task is difficult, but doable. There are vacancies even for those who have no qualifications. The main thing is to get the right approach to finding work for students in the UK and studying the legal requirements.

Work for UK students

Those studying in the United Kingdom may find it relatively easy to find a job. The fact is that according to the legislation of the country, foreign citizens during the period of study at a British university can be employed. However, the search for a job for a student in England, Scotland or elsewhere in the United Kingdom will be limited. This is because a number of rules apply:

  • legal work for students in the UK involves part-time work - up to twenty hours weekly. True, this rule is valid only during the period when classes are held. It is not prohibited to work full-time during the holidays;
  • Students in the United Kingdom must seek positions as employees. They do not have the right to be self-employed or run their own business;
  • during the period of study, contracts for permanent full-time employment cannot be concluded.

There are penalties for violations of these rules. A foreign student can be deported and barred from further entry into the United Kingdom.

Job opportunities for students in Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom are quite varied. There are the following options:

  • part-time. This option is best suited if the student needs to find a job in England in order to earn money. True, not every employer offers such vacancies. A student can spend a lot of time looking for a job;
  • internships. This option is worth choosing for those who want to work to gain practical experience in their specialization. It should be understood that such work in England and Scotland is often not paid to students (or the wages are very low). It gives you the opportunity to "fill your hand", make useful contacts, get the opportunity for subsequent employment;
  • work programs that last 1-2 years. Such employment is full and completely legal. Salaries can be quite high, but it is very difficult to become a member of the program.

Work for Students Outside the UK

If a student is not studying in the UK and wants to find a job, the task becomes more difficult:

  • firstly, you need to apply for a visa that gives you the right to work. Although there are many options, the design itself can cause a lot of difficulties;
  • Secondly, a student in London or another city in the UK will only be able to find seasonal and short-term work. Otherwise, you will have to choose between work and study.

The main work visas are Tier 2 and Tier 5. However, these are not the only options. It is important to understand that working without a visa is illegal. In this case, deportation awaits the foreign citizen.

What kind of job can I get?

It all depends on whether the job is seasonal or permanent. Job opportunities for students in Scotland, England or other UK territories are varied. When it comes to seasonal employment, this is tourism and agriculture. Unskilled workers are engaged in harvesting, caring for animals. Workers in the tourism sector are also needed. In London and other tourist "mecca", the student can find vacancies of a waiter, bartender, administrator, animator, employee of an amusement park, festival, etc.

Studying in the UK, including the study of the culinary, hotel business and hospitality in England, is a guarantee of quality. Centuries-old educational traditions, high requirements and, as a result, high results, a classic approach, strict discipline - all this helps graduates to become truly in-demand and qualified specialists: training in tourism and hospitality abroad becomes a guarantee of a successful career. British universities are very demanding on their students: students here are incredibly motivated and persistent, because the cost of studying is high and the competition is very strong. That is why the hotel management, tourism and restaurant business in England and Great Britain is the choice of the strongest, most persistent and ambitious.

The original source of this material is in the link. For education abroad in schools, universities, camps, courses, please contact u/or by phone 8-800-775-54-97.

UK Hospitality, Tourism & Organizational Management

British Tourist Board provides data that today the hospitality industry in the United Kingdom is not only one of the most developed and profitable sectors of the economy, but also one of the fastest growing. In 2004 alone, 27.7 million people visited the UK, bringing in more than £ 13 billion to the state treasury - and these parameters are growing every year. More than 2 million people are employed in this area - this is approximately 7% of the total working-age population of the country. The growth of the tourist flow is facilitated by the development of business in the UK, sports opportunities (for example, golf in his homeland - in Scotland), natural beauty, historical monuments (Stonehenge, numerous palaces and castles), etc. ... ... That is why all kinds of such specialties are popular in British universities: golf management, event management, spa management, cruise management, culinary arts, hotel business.

UK Hospitality and Restaurant Management: Learning Specifics

The effectiveness of the British approach to education has been tested not only by decades, but by centuries of successful work. The quality of education is clearly demonstrated by the statistics of employment of yesterday's graduates: all investments made in higher education are justified in the first years after graduation.

  • Established partnerships with future employers

Top profile universities and faculties that organize training in cooking and hospitality abroad have long and fruitful cooperation with the best hotels, restaurants and tourist centers around the world. The best specialists and speakers, real professionals in their field, are regularly invited, compulsory industrial practice and internship are organized. For example, at the University of Surrey, the first two years are devoted to on-campus training, the third year students are fully put into practice, and they also devote 4 years to university studies, which allows them to graduate as experienced, qualified specialists with developed working relationships, contacts and ready-made opportunities for employment.

  • Teachers with rich practical experience

It is in such an industry as the hotel business and restaurant management that it is especially important not to lose the connection of the curriculum with modern realities and the current situation in the world. British teachers are, first of all, practitioners who have tested all the taught techniques, methods, approaches and theoretical laws by their own experience. Students view work in their chosen field from a variety of angles - from an ordinary employee to a top manager and a business owner.

  • Profile training from the first year

Usually, bachelor's programs begin with a general education course, single basic disciplines that are studied for 1-2.5 years. At the faculties of restaurant and hotel business, choosing the best hotel schools in the UK, the student immediately determines his future specialization and begins to study precisely specialized subjects, without wasting attention and time on other, less needed disciplines.

  • Regular internships and internships

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British business visa is required for business travel (meeting with a client, negotiations, attending a conference.). The visa is issued for 6 months, 2 years, 5 years and 10 years. You can make short trips to the UK for a total of no more than 90 days in six months.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Business Visa is issued for specific cases. The main purpose of a business trip may be a meeting with a client to discuss cooperation, negotiations between partners, signing a contract between Russian and British companies, participation in a conference.

Who needs a business visa to the UK.

By choosing UK. isas. onsulting when applying for your British visa, you get a professional work and a personal approach. The management of our company has more than 7 years of experience in a visa agency with the most difficult cases of obtaining British visas. We give honest advice and will always assess your chances of obtaining a UK visa free of charge. We take on the bulk of the worries, working remotely, you save your time!

(*): British business visa is issued for a period of 6 months, 2 years, 5 years and 10 years. Despite the length of your visa, we recommend that you do not spend more than 3 months in the UK every six months. We have encountered a large number of cases after a visa refusal, where for the immigration authorities it is considered an excuse not to issue a new visa if a person has spent more time in the UK than in their home country. On the official website of Gov. k this information is not specified.

We are fully preparing your documents for applying for a British business visa:

    We conduct a detailed consultation in order to determine which documents are needed in your case, We fill out the questionnaire in English in detail, We do a professional translation of the necessary documents into English, In certain cases, we upload electronically your documents. Or we provide detailed instructions with what documents you need to visit the British Visa Application Center.

After making a decision on your visa, you personally pick up your passport from the visa center, or receive it by courier.

In general, post-Brexit travel has changed a lot in terms of visa regulations, document requirements and the tourism economy. The good news is that for Russians, the answer to the question of whether a visa is needed after Brexit remains the same. A British visa is required to enter the UK, and a Schengen visa to travel to most EU countries. But there are still certain nuances.

Post-Brexit Tourism: Important Things to Know

What is Brexit

Brexit (in Russian, Brexit, or Brexit) is the UK's exit from the European Union. Acronym formed from the English words Britain and exit.

The UK left the EU on January 31, 2020 at 23:00 London time. The basis is the results of a consultative referendum on June 23, 2016, in which 51.9% of voters supported the UK's exit from the EU.

Do I need a post-Brexit visa to enter the UK?

So far, the rules for entering the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland for travelers from Russia have not changed - at least because of Brexit. The conditions for visiting London and other British cities are more influenced by the coronavirus pandemic that broke out in 2020.

At the moment, air traffic between Russia and the UK is temporarily frozen due to the spread of the British strain of COVID-19.

In general, there are moderate restrictions on Russians in the UK. Before departure, you need to fill out a special form, and upon arrival, sit in quarantine. The list of exclusions from the travel corridor is regularly updated. Otherwise, the rules for entering the UK are the same, you just need to get a British visa.

Subscribe to the UK Notice to avoid missing out on entry requirements for England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

Can I enter Ireland with a UK visa?

The Republic of Ireland (capital - Dublin) is part of the European Union, but is not part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland or the Schengen area.

A special Irish visa is required to travel to Dublin and the Rocks of Moher, where Harry Potter was filmed. You can do without it if you have a valid Standard British Visitor Visa in your passport, which you have already traveled to the UK with.

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