Holidays in Morocco

Holidays in Morocco

Every year Morocco reports on the growth of foreign tourist traffic, meanwhile, the results of statistics on the Russian market, to put it mildly, are not encouraging. According to experts, Morocco in recent years has been desperately fighting for Russian tourists, but so far unsuccessfully. What are the reasons?

According to official Moroccan sources, 12.3 million tourists arrived in Morocco in 2018, up 8% from 2017. Basically, the main European markets for the country, such as Italy and France, are growing.

As for the Russian market, the statistics are not encouraging here. According to the country's official data, Morocco received about 50 thousand Russian tourists last year. Thus, the Russian share of the total foreign tourist flow in Morocco is extremely small: less than 0.1%.

It is noteworthy that the data of the Federal Border Service of Russia, which, however, takes into account only boarding passes on direct flights, is even more modest - just over 13 thousand for 2018.

The picture is also not encouraging this year. The total flow of foreign tourists to Morocco continues to grow - from January to August this year, the number of tourists in Morocco reached 7.5 million, which is 8.2% higher than the data for the same period last year. Russian tourist flow continues to fall steadily.

In the period from January to August, about 32 thousand Russian tourists arrived in Morocco, by the end of the year we hope to get a figure of 45 thousand Russian tourists, which, unfortunately, does not reach the level of last year ", - said Samir Soussi Riach, director of the National Moroccan Tourism Office.

"In the period from January to August, about 32 thousand Russian tourists arrived in Morocco, by the end of the year we hope to get a figure of 45 thousand Russian tourists, which, unfortunately, does not reach the level of last year." - Samir Soussi Riach, director of the National Moroccan Office for Tourism, told ATOR Vestnik.

Meanwhile, according to the Federal Border Service of Russia (takes into account only direct flights), for 9 months of 2019, 8,482 Russian tourists arrived in Morocco on direct flights (a drop of -25.5%).

Morocco in the summer did not meet the expectations of tour operators

The interest of Russian tourists for trips to Morocco has not yet demonstrates positive dynamics for several years, tour operators are noted in the direction.


The fact that Anex Tour, the only tour operator, who had a charter chart azur air to Morocco, has optimized the volume of carriage, leaving one flight at 10/11 nights. "We flew to Morocco from May to September. Demand in the direction corresponded to the planned volumes and did not exceed last year's indicators, "said Anex Tour tour operator press service.

"Tourists for the summer period was less, since there were fewer charter flights to Agadir. In addition, the tour operators have rolled out a little earlier than planned. The reason is that many popular accommodation options in Agadir were not available. This happened due to the growth of demand for Morocco from Western Europe, the markets of the Arab countries, as well as the strengthening of the position of the domestic market, "explains Philippe Obruchev-Mironov.

Not only charters, which were very little, were influenced for a decrease in the summer turmpotok, experts say: less people became less than tourists and on regular flights that perform 3 times a week National. RoYal Air Maroc.

Tour operators told what prevents Morocco from stopping the decline in tourist flow from the Russian Federation

Morocco is one of the states of Maghreb in the North-West Africa, which in antiquity was called the "the most long-country solar sunset" (al-Magrib al-Aksa). The total and official name of the country is the Kingdom of Morocco, on Arabic al-Mamla Al-Magrybia, and the shortened name Morocco appeared thanks to one of the ancient capitals - Marrakech, which means "red" or "beautiful." Morocco all causes various associations. So, travelers say that this is a "cold country with hot sun", historians call it a "sheriff state", well, and poets are "the edge of the Golden Sunset". Despite the fact that the state is in Africa, since 1984, a member of the African Union is not. The current capital of the country is the discount. The country area is 710. thousand square meters. km, population - over 35 million people.

Mysterious Morocco has long chosen travelers. On the one hand it is washed by the water of the Mediterranean Sea, and on the other - the Atlantic Ocean. Land boundaries run in the south-east with Algeria, and in the south - with Western sugar. On the territory of the Mediterranean coast there are two Spanish regions - Ceuta and Melilla. From Europe, the country is separated only by the Gibraltar Strait. The main rivers - Cebu and Mulua. The first flows into the Atlantic Ocean, and the second into the Mediterranean Sea. The Atlas mountain range passes through Morocco. The Atlas Mountains stretch from the ocean coast to the coast of Tunisia. The highest point, Mount Toubkal (4167 km), is located in the southwest of Morocco. Islam is the state religion of the country and most of the population is Sunni Muslim. Despite the fact that the official language of the state is Arabic, French and Spanish are spoken in some areas. So, in the north of the country, French prevails, and in the Tangier region, Spanish.

The indigenous population of the country is Berbers. The Arabs appeared only in the 7th century AD. e. In the Middle Ages, Moroccans, they are also Moors, inhabited vast territories of North Africa, Spain and Portugal. They were considered fearless warriors, brilliant scientists and architects. In the 16th century, the Moors were driven out of Europe, and the port cities were captured. In connection with an attempt at colonization in the 19th century, part of the territories of Morocco passed to Spain and France. In the 20th century, a wave of uprisings against foreign domination swept through, and on March 2, 1956, independence reigned in the country. Today, the head of state is King Mohammed VI, who has ruled since 1999. The adopted form of government is a constitutional monarchy.

Morocco's favorable climate, its strategic position, and rich resources have repeatedly attracted the attention of European colonialists, which led to eternal rivalry. Before the arrival of the Arabs, the Phoenicians, the Romans, the Greeks, the Visigoths, and the Vandals tried to rule over the Moroccan lands.

Since 1649, the country has been ruled by the Alaouite dynasty, which established its own civilization and Islam. Thus, Morocco is a mixture of Berber, Arab and European cultures, which manifests itself in the way of life, architecture and even the landscapes of the country.

Capital: Rabat Area: 710,850 km 2 Population: 35,740,000 (2017) Language: Arabic, Tamazight Of. website: . isitmorocco. om/en

There are four imperial cities - Rabat, Marrakesh, Fez and Meknes. They live in a medieval rhythm with narrow streets full of merchants, snake charmers and fortune-tellers, with ancient monuments and squares. Just two hours from Rabat, you can find pristine Berber villages with their forests and measured atmosphere. Beautiful landscapes in combination with the Berber way of life open up not far from Agadir in the town of Tafraout. Another indisputable image of the Arab world is the oases of the Sahara.

How to get to Morocco


From Moscow to Casablanca, the national Moroccan airline Royal Air Maroc operates a regular flight three times a week. During the summer navigation (from May holidays to November), tour operators set up charter chains in Agadir of various durations - from 7 to 14 days.

As for connecting flights, the best option would be to fly with Air France via Paris, which has direct flights to Casablanca, Marrakech and Rabat. For residents of Russian regions, the best option would be Turkish Airlines flights, which connect Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Rostov, Ufa, Sochi and Novosibirsk with Casablanca with a connection in Istanbul.

There are also many other options for connecting flights in European hubs - you can choose the most suitable one in terms of price or connection time using the form below.

First-hand news

Rest in Morocco is like opening an old grandmother's chest in a dusty attic - full of all sorts of wonders and wonders. Snake charmers, Berber tribes, camel caravans in the desert, webs of narrow streets of ancient cities and endless expanses of the ocean. It is as if you yourself become the hero of the legends about Aladdin, as if you find yourself on the pages of books. Just fly to Morocco, start your day with a cup of aromatic mint tea and go to watch, absorb, feel this magic ...

Collected in one place all the useful information that will help you organize a trip to one of the most colorful countries in the world. Here is the experience of our trip and our reviews.

Holidays in Morocco - general

Morocco is located in the northwest of Africa, in the north it is washed by the Mediterranean Sea, in the east it borders with Algeria, in the south - with Mauritania, and in the west it is washed by the Atlantic Ocean. Here, in an amazing way, French, Arabian, African cultures have intertwined. Mosques side by side with patisseria, of which baked goods smell so delicious, there are women in bright outfits and black guys with dreadlocks. Natural landscapes are also very diverse - mountains, ocean, lowlands, deserts ... In general, everyone will find something to their liking.

Russians do not need a visa to Morocco if the period of stay is less than 90 days. All you need is a foreign passport, valid for at least 6 months after the end of the trip (a standard requirement in many countries of the world), and a completed migration card (it will be given on the plane or you can take it upon arrival). There is nothing complicated in the migration tool, just write all the data legibly in printed English letters.

Morocco is a Muslim country, although not as strict as Iran, for example. I expected to see women in chadors, but it turned out that many walk without them. Skinny skinny jeans are also the norm. Still, the general Muslim dress code is respected, a short skirt should be left at home.

Many European tourists are dressed quite openly, but this applies to the main tourist cities. I recommend dressing modestly in order to respect customs and not attract prying eyes. Anya wore pants, a T-shirt, sometimes a shirt - no problem with that.

Morocco is also called light Africa, it is quite civil here. I can only confirm this. And in fact, it looks less like Africa, more like the Middle East.

In Morocco, the two main languages ​​spoken by the local population are Arabic and French. Almost all inscriptions, direction signs, announcements are duplicated in these two languages.

Only people associated with tourism, or those who have lived and worked in Europe, know English. There were times when we could not explain ourselves in English, it was a small surprise.

However, French is not such a difficult language, you learn basic phrases in a few days. If I could give myself some advice from the past before traveling to Morocco from the future, it would be “Learn spoken French!”.

Morocco is a country that you want to plunge into, as in an oriental fairy tale. See the fabulous blue city, cedar groves, citrus orchards and other attractions. Let's talk about what you need to know before traveling to Morocco: prices, features, food, accommodation.

Start of the journey

Morocco is adjacent to Spain, only 14 km away, so you can get there in two ways: by plane from the nearest Spanish airport or by water by ferry.

Plane tickets are pretty cheap if you don't fly across Spain.

If you travel to Morocco via Spain, you need to obtain a Schengen visa at one of the Spanish visa centers located in Russia. In Morocco itself, a visa is not required, when crossing the border, you are stamped in your passport. Russians can stay in the country for 90 days without a break.

A migration questionnaire is also filled out on the plane, which is handed over to the customs officer.


Morocco's currency is the Moroccan dirham. The rate to the ruble is 1: 6.8.

It is better to take plastic cards with you, which are accepted everywhere. Although you can pay in cash too. They also accept dollars and euros, but it is unprofitable to pay with them.

You can change money in banks, however, they are open only from 8:30 to 16:00 and have a lunch break.

If you want to spend your vacation in an exotic location with the beaches of the Atlantic, it is worth considering tours to Morocco. This state, located in North Africa, attracts tourists from all over the world with its picturesque cities, desert, Atlantic, Mediterranean Sea and many excursion places.

The Arab-African country of temptation is not a member of the African Union. It is worth noting that in its heart modern Western technologies are combined with millennial oriental traditions.

Vacationers in Morocco often face this when the roof of an old mosque can be seen behind the facade of a five-star hotel, and a beach with beautiful landscapes is located near a modern-style spa.

When to go on tour in Morocco?

The travel time is determined by the traveler solely on the basis of his vacation requirements.

This is due to the fact that this country is suitable for:

  • spending time on the beaches: from May to October this resort is great for relaxing on the Atlantic coast;
  • a ski resort in the Atlas Mountains in winter;
  • getting vivid impressions from excursions, which are also worth going for in winter - then the tourist will not experience the sweltering Moroccan heat;
  • enjoying the local cuisine at any time of the year, etc.
  • The maximum number of tourists visiting Morocco is from mid-spring to October. Then the water in the Atlantic Ocean reaches the most comfortable temperature for swimming.

    Further, the period from the beginning of November to the end of March is characterized by a significant decline in the flow of travelers. Another outbreak of tourist visits occurs annually in the pre-New Year period and at Christmas.

    Choosing the time of year for a trip to Morocco should also be based on climate change. Throughout the country, the climate is seriously changing due to large Atlantic relief differences. Close

    The Mediterranean Sea is subtropical and mild, and freezing temperatures occur only in the mountains (up to -15 o C), where snow on the peaks can lie for more than 5 months a year. When it melts, it fills the mountain lakes and rivers of Morocco, along which there are many oases with date palms.

    Morocco Resorts

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