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Travel agents were told how and with what to sell Tokyo

The demand for tours to Japan is growing rapidly. Tokyo remains the recognized leader among the cities of the Land of the Rising Sun in terms of the number of visits by Russians. How to correctly offer the capital of the country to different categories of tourists and with which regions of Japan it can be combined - in the material of the ATOR Vestnik.


94.8 thousand Russians visited Japan in 2018, which is 22.7% more than a year earlier and 74% more than two years ago. In total, in 2018, Japan received more than 31 million foreign tourists, which is 8.7% more than last year. Maiko Iwaki, a representative of the Tokyo Tourism Council, recalled this as part of the presentation of the country's tourism opportunities, which took place this week in Moscow.

The growth of tourist traffic, according to Maiko Iwaki, of course, is primarily due to the facilitation of the visa regime. The second important factor is the increase in the frequency and volume of direct air transportation from the cities of the Russian Far East.

“Positive dynamics encourages us to continue to actively promote the direction in the Russian market. We expect an increase in the number of flights from the central part of Russia (now Aeroflot and Japan Airlines operate 1 direct flight a day from Moscow), as well as further easing of visa rules, ”she said.

The expert emphasized that the country's tourism authorities intend to stimulate an organized flow, which now accounts for only 30% of the total number of Russian tourists coming to Japan.

“We want to promote the direction together with tour operators and travel agencies, teach them to sell a rather specific, but extremely interesting Japanese tourist product,” said Ms. Iwaki.


The expert advises travel agencies and tour operators, offering individual tours in Tokyo to tourists, to rely on the brand concept “Tokyo. Meeting old and new ”(Tokyo Old Meets New).

Two of Tokyo's strengths are four centuries of tradition dating back to the Edo era and an innovative present. Accordingly, customers choosing Tokyo should be advised to plan a program that introduces these two sides of the Japanese capital.

Modern Tokyo is such world famous locations as the Shibuya area - a very peculiar center of youth culture. There is an incredible number of shops and vibrant people here. And, of course, the “pride” of this area and the iconic place of the whole of Tokyo is the Shibuya crossroads. Here is the spirit of modern Tokyo: daring, fashionable, pop, bold, noisy and harmonious at the same time. You might have seen Shibuya Crossing in Lost in Translation and Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift.

Tourist business of St. Petersburg

Text writer: Elena Burkovskaya

Japan has always seemed closed, expensive and very far away. I imagined how I would get lost at the airport. The metro map was in a stupor. And a bunch of buttons in the Japanese toilet hinted that you need at least two higher educations to figure it out.

It's great that one day I just took tickets and was convinced otherwise.


The Japanese visa is issued free of charge, there are no fees (unless you decide to do it through an agency - then you have to pay agency fees).

A few years ago it was problematic to get a visa - an invitation from the Japanese side was required. Today there is no need for it, and the package of documents is almost no different from the Schengen. If there are no questions, your passport with a visa will be returned to you in 4 working days.

How to get there

From Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport to Tokyo International Airport (Narita) can be reached by Aeroflot flights. From Domodedovo - Japan Airlines. Usually tickets cost 35-40 thousand rubles, but there are also 30,000 round trip tickets.

Narita Airport is located 75 km from the center of Tokyo. The easiest way to get to the city is by Keisei Skyliner Express, which arrives at Ueno station. Travel time is 36 minutes.

1 458 ₽) is a train ticket from the airport to the center of Tokyo

Taxis in Japan are very expensive: the minimum cost of a trip from the airport (depending on the zone) to the center starts from 16,000 yen (≈ 10,000 rubles).

Tourist business of St. Petersburg Travel agents were told how and with what to sell Tokyo Demand for tours to Japan is growing rapidly. Tokyo remains a recognized leader among cities

Few CIS citizens had the idea to open their own business in Japan. But there are entrepreneurs who did not shy away from the Asian culture and mastered their own business in Nihon koku (the official name of the country). At the same time, knowledge of the Japanese language was not at all required.

Interesting fact! The Japanese are desperate workaholics. It is normal for them to spend 16 hours at work. And even after such a long day, they find the strength to drop into a bar for a couple of hours.

Specifics of doing business

The Japanese mentality is significantly different from the European perception of the world. The first thing that visitors immediately notice is the discipline of the nation and the utmost responsibility.

  • Business in Japanese is a long-term project. The structure of work and the profitability of the enterprise are calculated for decades to come.
  • The inner core of the Japanese allows them not to give up in the most difficult times of economic turmoil. Companies can be optimized to a minimum size, but they will not close until an extreme situation.
  • A career, or the Japanese dream, is exactly what every Nihon Koku resident thinks about. Citizens are ready to devote themselves without a trace to entrepreneurship or employment. For this, the Japanese are trying to study well and get a specialized education (not like in the Russian Federation, for the sake of a "crust" about higher education).
  • More than 60% of the Japanese economy consists of small and medium-sized businesses. Therefore, most of the population works for private companies. The success of the activity depends on the professionalism of the personnel.

You can learn more about starting a business from the video below.

Small businesses in Japan include:

  • Service organizations with no more than five employees.
  • Medium industrial or manufacturing firms with up to 20 workers.

Both categories of organizations are closely intertwined. The state protects small entrepreneurs from being taken over by larger companies. Therefore, private traders have confidence in the future.

The most important plus of opening small and medium-sized businesses in Japan is the almost complete absence of restrictions for foreigners. But you should familiarize yourself with the optimal forms of registration of a legal entity.

Forms of ownership

Most of the economy of the Land of the Rising Sun is based on small and medium-sized enterprises. Largest market segments:

  • Construction of houses.
  • Cargo transportation.
  • Retail.
  • Services.

Star Mica, a Tokyo-based real estate company founded by Goldman Sachs Group, plans to double its revenue by attracting foreign tourists through Airbnb.

The company owns about two and a half thousand apartments in Tokyo, which Star Mica plans to rent to foreign tourists next year. The Airbnb service will be used to find clients. This was stated by the president of Star Mica, Masashi Mitsunaga.

The company also acquired a stake in the Tokyo-based Squeeze Corporation, which provides assistance in arranging accommodation reservations and providing cleaning services for individuals and legal entities.

The company's management expects to profit from the growing tourism boom in Japan. Indeed, already last year the number of foreign tourists increased by 46 percent and reached twenty million people.

A huge flow of tourists has led to a shortage of hotel rooms. This, in turn, has driven the rise in popularity of private apartment rentals through Airbnb. But this trend has caused a lot of indignation not only among hoteliers, but also in the highest echelons of power. The thing is that the current Japanese legislation does not provide for the possibility of renting out their own accommodation to tourists. The number of complaints against such tenants is also increasing. A similar trend is characteristic not only of Japan, but also of other countries of the world. Regardless, Star Mica is seriously considering using Airbnb to rent out its owned apartments. Masashi Mitsunaga points out in this regard that, for example, during business trips to Kyoto or Osaka, it is almost impossible to find a free hotel room. Therefore, renting a home could at least slightly solve the housing problem. He also stated that the company is not going to violate the law at all. “As long as the activities using the Airbnb service are outside the legal framework of Japan, we are not going to use it or violate anything. But I am sure that the legislative regulation of the issue of renting private housing will take no more than two or three years, and most likely the adoption of the relevant legislative act will take place next year, "Mitsunaga said. The president of the company also explained that income from rental apartments brings in about 6-7 percent per year of their market value, and using the Airbnb service could double those numbers.

The growth of the real estate market and the colossal demand have almost reached their peak. This situation will get worse. That is why Star Mica focuses on short-term renting of apartments.

Shinichi Tatebayashi, CEO of Star Mica, noted that the idea of ​​starting the company did not come to him by accident, but thanks to his own experience in solving housing problems in Singapore. Then revenues, thanks to the use of Airbnb, more than tripled. According to Tatebayashi, Squeeze received approximately ¥ 420 million in sponsorships in May (including from Star Mica and JAFCO). This money will go towards expanding Squeeze's operations.

According to research conducted by the Mitsuho Research Institute, if the situation on the housing market does not change, then by 2020, that is, by the date of the Olympic Games, Japan's hotel room deficit will reach 41 thousand numbers!

According to Star Mica, Airbnb has tried in vain in the past to restrict its operations in the United States. For Japan, this could be a real chance to get out of the crisis in the hotel sector. Therefore, the leadership of Star Mica will seek the adoption of regulations that could legalize the rental of private housing.

Based on materials from online publications.

Can I get a Japan visa with a reservation from Airbnb? Read the answer.

Sarah Takeda was confident that she was able to start a nice small business by renting a tatami room on Airbnb. But she, like other property owners alike, is beginning to realize that Japan's premier property search site is growing rapidly and will soon become another hot spot in the economic battle.

Hoteliers have already embraced numerous complaints from ordinary residents that a lot of outsiders have begun to appear in their sleeping areas as a result of illegal rentals.

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