Green tourism in Ukraine

Business travel agencies in Russia

How the first business travel agencies appeared in Russia

The pioneers of business tourism in our country appeared no more than 25 years ago, when corporate and business tourism began to stand out in terms of scale and sales volume against the background of other areas of the travel industry.

Most modern business travel agencies come from conventional travel agencies that sold package tours to individuals. As the demand for comprehensive corporate services from legal entities grew, the agencies realized that it was necessary to open a new direction and conduct a diversified business.

In addition, customers-customers (various enterprises and companies) began to impose increased requirements for the quality of service, the level of professionalism and efficiency of agency employees, the agency's adaptability to unpredictable changes in already booked trips. Working with individual business travelers required a completely different approach. Any business trip is not a package tour, and a business traveler is not a leisure tourist. Each trip is organized on a turnkey basis, taking into account an individual set of services and requirements of the client.

Having acquired sufficient experience in the business & mice travel segment (organization of business trips and corporate events), many agencies subsequently consolidated the diversity of the business legally by transferring business travel services to subsidiaries. This is how full-fledged travel intermediaries for legal entities appeared, which today we call “business travel agencies” or “business travel agencies”.

Not all agencies have gone through such an evolution, some have emerged right away for the target business audience. Nevertheless, the heads of these companies, for sure, have extensive experience in tour operator activities. And due to the low business margins in the business travel segment, many still have three components in their portfolio of services - travel business, mice tourism and business tourism, and get the main profit from mice and package tours.

Since then, the business tourism market has not developed much in terms of the number of players; in the conditions of the unstable Russian economy, the agencies present are trying to enlarge, acquire financial stability and stabilize.

It is even more difficult to understand the rating of agencies in the business travel segment. Today, there is scant information on the Internet about the current players of this market and there is practically no assessment of their conscientiousness and reliability from independent experts.

Coverage of the topic can be found only in the electronic magazine Buying Business Travel Russia, which publishes quite interesting articles and facts about business tourism for corporate buyers, and in the results of the Buying Business Travel Awards Russia & CIS - an annual professional competition among participants in the business tourism market. However, the criteria for evaluating these sources cannot become universal and measurable for all corporations (corporate customers).

What is the difference between a TMC agency and a BTA agency

Russian business travel agencies call themselves differently, very often in the English manner, for example, business travel agency or corporate travel agency. When searching on the Internet, along with traditional agencies, you can come across TMC companies.

Business tourism can be called a venerable and ancient occupation. However, today, with the replacement of merchants and missionaries by company managers, the standards of business travel have changed radically. An entire industry is working to make business travel more efficient and less costly.

Preliminary price. Check with the manager.

Types of business travel

Habitual business trips are individual trips to which company representatives go with a specific purpose. They are being replaced by activities aimed at performing a wider range of tasks. The concept of MICE direction includes:

  • meetings - meetings;
  • incentives - motivational events;
  • conferences - conferences;
  • exhibitions - exhibitions ...

The abbreviation covers the entire range of travel-related business activities. No area of ​​business in the market today can do without training, establishing new contacts and increasing employee motivation. Effective organization of corporate tours allows you to solve several problems at once.

What is included in the budget for organizing business trips and business tourism

A business meeting and a large conference cannot be compared in terms of cost. The total budget of the event consists of the following components:

  • renting a room;
  • the cost of tickets and air tickets;
  • paying for accommodation and meals for participants;
  • renting a sound and projection equipment;
  • video and photography;
  • services of speakers, translators;
  • the cost of handouts: information and souvenir products;
  • treats for coffee breaks.

Additional expenses related to the entertainment program, rental of transport for participants are also included in the budget.

Green, or as it is also called, ecological tourism is a very special area of ​​recreation for people overloaded with everyday problems, everyday life and hardships of urbanism. This type of recreation is aimed at solitude and communication with nature, living in a rural environment or other ecological territories. The main goal of green tourism is to abstract from the noise of the metropolis, to plunge into the measured world in which our ancestors lived.

Here it is worth dividing the concept of green tourism into two subtypes:

  • Active rest in the form of a hike in the forest or mountains.
  • Accommodation in the countryside, the so-called rural tourism.

Today, hiking in the mountains or living in a tent in the forest is often a real feat for a person, because we are accustomed to automatic systems, computer technology, transport and elementary living conditions that provide us with comfort. Not many are ready to give up all this and live on their own for some time in the mountains or in the forest, and nevertheless, green tourism in Ukraine is gaining new levels of popularity today. For the purposes of safety, safety net and drawing up a competent route, organizers engaged in this type of tourism are hired. The customer must have certain requirements for them:

Rural green tourism is a slightly different concept, in this case a tourist lives in an eco-village or just a rural area, plunges into a similar lifestyle and, under the guidance of the organizer or independently, makes horseback riding, outings, cycling in the woods or small hikes. In Ukraine, there are a lot of places intended for this type of tourism, but in both of the above points, tours in the Carpathians occupy the leading positions.

Summer Carpathians

Of course, green tourism is best done in late spring or summer, maximum - in early autumn, because even long walks become a problem in cold weather. There is a huge demand for the winter Carpathians among another category of tourists who prefer skiing and winter sports, but in the summer season the Carpathian slopes are just open for ecotourists and hikers. The advantages of green and rural tourism here are crystal clear air, pristine scenic nature and delicious cuisine prepared exclusively from natural products. You can swim in mountain lakes and rivers, try your hand at collective kayaking, go horseback riding, hiking or cycling, riding an ATV, as well as go on an excursion or in the mountains, this is what summer holidays in the Carpathians are famous for.

Video - Ecotourism in Yaremche, Carpathians

As far as accommodation is concerned, the choice is very rich:

Rest in Western Ukraine will be an unforgettable experience for you, at the end of your trip you will understand that you have received much more from it than you yourself expected!

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