Finland for locals: Finnish way of life, traditions, family values, leisure

Finland for locals: Finnish lifestyle, traditions, family values, leisure

Helsinki: Memory of Presidents

Monuments to eight former presidents of Finland have been erected in Helsinki. Heated discussions took place around almost each of these monuments. Basically, they discussed the question of what the monuments should be - realistic or abstract. As a result, you can find both in Helsinki.

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Jyväskylä * Jyväskylä

Finland in cities and regions.

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Hamina Fortress

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About Finland * Video

Overview video about Finland (translated into Russian).

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Virolahti * Virolahti

Mountain sheep

Despite the different cultures, northern Finland is much closer than it seems. This country has a fairly large percentage of the Russian-speaking population, which may become another argument for Russians to start a business there. We will tell you about the pros and cons of entrepreneurship, the secrets of obtaining a visa and the procedure for successful business immigration to Finland in this article.

Business climate

A big plus for emigrants in the country is political stability, the absence of bureaucracy, open taxes and the economy. Entrepreneurs meet a well-established relationship between businessmen and the country. The downside is significant taxes.

Attractive and demanded industries: electricity, construction, industry, metalworking, services.

The state itself does not provide subsidies, so they must be looked for in European countries.

In Finland, you can count on benefits if you are going to create your own business in the field of shipowners, metalworking, and are also exempted from the return of import duties and VAT on exports. Sometimes the state pays up to 30% of all costs if you develop industry.

How to open a business in Finland for Russians

For many entrepreneurs, Finland may seem like a paradise in which everything is prosperous - from the environment to the political and economic situation. The standard of living in the country, which is also a member of the European Union, is really high. But along with the advantages, there are also pitfalls, which are worth remembering for a businessman planning to open his own business in Finland.

Only a resident of the European Union, a citizen with a residence permit in this country or an entrepreneur whose co-founder is a local resident can open a company in Finland.

Before drawing up a business plan, you should carefully study the Finnish legislation, which differs significantly from the Russian one. Difficulties may arise in understanding some of the nuances associated with the fulfillment of contractual obligations.

The Finnish government is eager to support small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. The country has a developed system of subsidizing start-up businessmen.

If a citizen planning to open a company in Finland has no other sources of income, he can count on payments from the state, the so-called start money. This kind of subsidies for the personal needs of the entrepreneur are taxed.

✅ Mountain sheep. Photo, description, origin of the species, features, character, habitat, nutrition, reproduction, natural enemies, protection ✔

Finland has long been popular with travelers. It is of great interest to tourists from different countries. Its wide range of attractions and entertainment attracts people from all over the world at all seasons. To find out more about Finland, you should find out what Finland is like for the locals.

Northern Aurora

Aurora Borealis, Northern Lights or Northern Aurora can be seen in several places in Finland. One of these places is the city of Sodankyl in Lapland. During the Northern Aurora, tourists from all over the world come here to see this wonder of the world with their own eyes.

It is not always possible to become a witness of an unusual natural phenomenon in Lapland. The appearance of Aurora, unfortunately, depends on many natural factors.

It is impossible to predict the miracle of radiance. Scientists have proven that the appearance of aurora depends directly on solar activity. As a result, science was able to establish some patterns of the phenomenon.

The ideal night to shine is frosty and clear. The time of year is a period of time between autumn and spring equinox. It begins on September 21 and continues until March 21. This is due to the fact that in the northern latitudes the darkness comes early.

The exact time of the offensive Aurora depends on the country. In latitudes more northern, shine can be seen from December to April. It is best to observe the phenomenon in the period of time from 21. 0 - to 23. 0. At this time it is most actively.

Become a witness to the appearance of Northern Aurora, you can, visiting the city: <


  • Kilpisvyarvi - here it is possible to observe a phenomenon of 3 nights when the glow continues 4;
  • Rovaniemi - in this region you can see the radiance every 2 night.

Even if the radiance appeared, with an unclear sky it will not be able to consider well.

Santa lives here


Korubenko Love Konstantinovna

Finland is a progressive and economically successful country that attracts many entrepreneurs from around the world. Every year all new foreign companies appear every year. The advantages associated with foreign investments are forced by entrepreneurs from abroad to come to this country, although in business there is their underwater stones.

This article presents a phased instruction on the opening of your case in Finland, significant nuances and key features of this topic will be disassembled, the valuable implementation recommendations are disassembled, possible difficulties on the way and ways to overcome them.

business climate situation in the country

Finland has an open economy, thanks to which she manages to hold leading positions in the international ranking of the most competitive states. Foreign investors are interested in simple business culture, high labor productivity and government business support. Every year about 160 new foreign organizations appear there.

Businessmen apply a way of business incubators to compile a future business project, registration of the organization, attract investors. Consultations on the types of investment for, acquiring prepared companies and organizations of joint ventures are held by the National Company Invest In Finland.

Foreign businessmen can count on a positive attitude from the state, it is even interested in providing the same benefits to foreign entrepreneurs on its own.

For whom the opening of the business is real

Entrepreneurs from any foreign states can implement the opening of a new case in Finland. Citizens of the EU, Switzerland, the EEA do not need to deal with a residence permit. Foreign investors from another country will definitely have to apply for a residence permit in order to do business in Suomi. Businessmen from abroad are interested in setting up branches, subsidiaries, and independent organizations.

During the establishment of joint stock companies, at least one shareholder must be a resident of the European Union. Finland is characterized by fairly high living costs.

To build your own business in this state, you should have a sufficient amount of finance. For example, founders of private enterprises need to have an amount equal to approximately 30,000 euros for the first year, in accordance with more modest standards.

Going on vacation to any of the countries, I want to know as much as possible about it. It is important to think carefully about the route and the list of interesting places to visit. Today we have compiled a travel guide for tourists in Finland. We will tell you about the country and its climate, where to stay and what to bring as souvenirs.

Tourist Information

Traveling to Finland requires some knowledge about it. The official name sounds like the Republic of Finland. The country is located in the north of Europe. Russia, Norway and Sweden have become close neighbors. It is washed by the Baltic Sea, the Gulf of Finland and the Gulf of Bothnia. More than one third of the territory is located in the Arctic Circle.

The state covers an area of ​​almost 339,000 square kilometers. It is located in the UTC +2 time zone, in summer time +3, which coincides with Moscow time.

Suomi's landscapes are recognizable all over the world. Thanks to countless lakes and woodlands.

The largest number of water bodies is located in the central part. There are 188,000 of them in total. The largest lake is called Saima.

The water region is saturated with islands, there are only nine thousand of them less than lakes. The forest belt occupies 72 percent of the territory. This puts Finland in first place in the European Union for the number of forests.

The population is 5,600,000. the main denomination is Christianity. 88% attend the Evangelical Lutheran Church, and only 1% Orthodox. Female population 51%, male 49.

The capital is Helsinki, the main center of culture, science and education is located here. The next in importance is Tampere. It is the industrial capital of Suomi. According to statistics, every second native resident considers it the best city to live in.

Rauma and Porvoo attract tourists with historical sites, old buildings and manors.

Savonlinna annually gathers all opera lovers; in summer, a festival is held in these places.

Turku was previously the capital of the state. It was there that the first university and printing house were built and the first newspapers were published.

Lahti is famous for its sporting achievements. The world championship in winter sports has been held on the territory seven times.

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