Filling out an application for a Schengen visa

What forms must be filled in on flights to and from Turkey

"Vestnik ATOR" publishes samples of questionnaires that Russians traveling to Turkey will have to fill out, as well as the address of the online form on the State Services and a questionnaire to fill out when returning home. These details will be useful for tourists when organizing a trip: the details are important to know.

As previously reported, on flights from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Rostov-on-Don to Istanbul (from August 1) and Antalya, Bodrum and Dalaman (from August 10), all arriving in These airports will be handed out to tourists on board the aircraft to fill out a questionnaire. Her sample is below.

Application form - in Turkish (upper part) and English (lower part) languages. If you do not know English, the airline's flight attendant will help you fill it out.

You will need to enter your first and last name, your passport number, a telephone number with an international code (+7 for Russia), as well as the telephone number of a person who can contact you.

You will also need to indicate the flight number, seat number, arrival date, address in Turkey where the tourist will live (as a rule, it will be enough to indicate the correct name of the hotel and the city/resort village where he is located).

There are also items related to COVID-19 in the questionnaire. You will need to check the box if you have one of the following symptoms: high fever, cough, sore throat, difficulty breathing. If they are not there, you don't need to put anything here,

You will also need to indicate which countries you have visited within 14 days prior to arrival (here most of the tourists will just need to write Russia) and tick the boxes in the answers to the question “have you been in close contact with a person suspected of having COVID-19 ”(there are three possible answers:“ yes ”,“ no ”and“ I don’t know ”).

Completed questionnaires are usually collected from passengers before passport control. They are then transferred to the Turkish Health Department.


Before registering for a return flight from Turkey, it is necessary, even before departure, tourists need to start filling out the online form of Rospotrebnadzor on the portal of public services. She already appeared there.

The form itself can be found at . osuslugi. u/400705/1/form or in your personal account, typing in the search for services the phrase "Providing information about the test results for a new coronavirus infection for those arriving in the Russian Federation from foreign countries."

The US ds 160 visa is the most difficult visa to obtain. The ds 160 form must be correctly completed, and the required package of personal documents must also be collected to successfully obtain a visa. The Ds 160 questionnaire is filled out both for those who will be interviewed at the US Embassy, ​​and for those who apply via the drop-box procedure.

How to correctly fill out the ds US visa application form

To fill in Ds 160, follow the link: . tate. ov/genniv/and fill out a Ds 160 non-immigrant visa application online.

The questionnaire must be completed online and sent to the embassy prior to the interview. Each applicant must bring the Confirmation page to the interview, otherwise it will not take place.

The document is filled out for each applicant, including minor children. The questionnaire number is entered into the applicant's profile.

First, select the city and country where you will be applying for a visa. This city should correspond to where you will be interviewed. If the city of application and the city of the interview does not match, you will simply not be allowed until the interview.

After the city is selected, press the "STARTANAPPLICATION" button.

Your profile is assigned a unique number. Remember it and write it down for later editing the questionnaire. Also remember the answer to your chosen question when filling out the questionnaire. The questionnaire is stored in the system for exactly 14 days from the moment of making changes to it.

A certain time has been allocated for entering information. If you did not meet it, the questionnaire crashes and information appears that the time to fill the page has expired.

All unsaved data is lost. Therefore, before filling out the questionnaire, prepare and put all your personal documents next to you.

USA Visa ds - rules for filling out the form

Only English is used to enter information into the questionnaire. After the profile has been assigned a unique number, we go to the PersonalInformation section.

Every year thousands of people download visa applications on their own and do not get to Europe on time due to incorrectly executed documents. To quickly obtain an entry permit, it is very important to correctly fill out the application form for a Schengen visa in 2021. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to fill it out correctly even online: this is despite the fact that all consulates of the European Union require the submission of standardized questionnaires, which practically do not differ among themselves in different countries.

Schengen visa application procedure

The procedure for filing and the list of required documents should also be viewed on the consulate website, so you will always be sure of the relevance of the information that is updated every year. A sample of filling out an application for Schengen is available on the website of any visa center or consulate. After collecting the required certificates and documents, you should download and fill out the questionnaire yourself or contact specialists, a travel agency or a visa center.

On the territory of the Russian Federation, the largest number of EU consulates are located in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Remember that to apply through the consulate, you must make an appointment in advance, usually several weeks or months in advance. Visa centers do not require an appointment.

Basic rules for filling out the questionnaire

An application for a Schengen visa can always be filled out either in English or in the national language.

The Schengen visa application form is filled in by pen or online, through the consulate's website. Some states provide the right to choose, others require the mandatory use of the online form. Which pen to fill out the Schengen visa application form is important: you need to use a black pen.

If you downloaded the form and decided to fill it out yourself, pay attention to a few simple rules. They require mandatory compliance when using handwritten and online forms:

Sample filling, page 1

Sample filling, page 2

Sample filling, page 3

Visa Application Form DS-160 is one of the most important documents for passing an interview at an embassy and obtaining a non-immigrant visa. To fill out the US visa application form correctly, you need to know a lot of nuances: from the passport number to the phones of the former employer. A sample of filling is presented below. The questionnaire is sent exclusively via the Internet, and in order to make an appointment at the embassy, ​​you will need to provide the barcode of the document.

What is DS- Questionnaire?

DS-160 is an online application, without which it is impossible to obtain an American visa. To be completed online on the official website of the Consular Electronic Application Center: . tate. ov/genniv. This questionnaire replaced forms DS-156, DS-157, DS-158 and DS-3032, which are no longer needed. After completing DS-160, all that remains is to contact the embassy or consulate to schedule an interview date.

The form is filled out regardless of age. If a group of tourists is traveling, then for each of its members, including children, you will need to fill out their own questionnaire form.

In what language is the questionnaire filled in?

The questionnaire is filled out exclusively in English. If this is difficult, then it is better to use the help of intermediaries or a google translator. Translations of questions are available in many languages ​​in the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the site when filling out the questionnaire, as well as when you hover the mouse cursor over the English text.

Visa applications in any language other than English will be rejected.

Application Guidelines

There are certain rules to follow when preparing your DS-160. You need to be prepared for the fact that you will have to answer the questions in person online. If you distract yourself from filling in for more than 20 minutes, do not save the page, then the information will be lost. You will also need to upload your photo taken during the last six months to the site.

To work with the questionnaire you will need:

  • passport ;
  • already planned travel route;
  • exact dates of the last five visits or trips to the United States (they can be seen in the passport );
  • curriculum vitae and some other data (SEVIS ID for students, a copy of I-129 for temporary employees, information about the employer, etc.).

Most of the questions are required to be answered, if the data is not required, then this is always noted in the questionnaire. The system will not allow you to send a DS-160 questionnaire with unanswered mandatory questions. Even if the applicant ignores filling in the fields related only to the purpose of the trip, the system will also not accept the application.

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