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Tips for tourists in Italy are collective work and the result of personal experience. They are needed primarily by independent travelers, since group tourism is more protected and tested: many recommendations and answers to questions can be obtained on the spot - they, so to speak, are included in the "package" of the tour operator.

But sooner or later, everyone will want to take an independent journey according to their own rules. The following lines are dedicated to the Samtourists.

Choosing a hotel in Italy

If you do not want to use the services of a travel agency or tour operator, we remind you that the choice of a hotel (a purely personal question, on which there is no definite advice) will largely affect the estimate of further expenses. Therefore, try to get as much information as possible about the hotel name, star rating and exact location in your area, and cancellation policies. Choose a hotel in the right location and in the right price range, because this will largely determine your budget calculations for a day, a week, or more. It is possible that you will save a couple of hundred euros and be able to book the coveted tour of Rome. This is a plus.

There is one simple rule for calculating a tourist's daily expenses, which, of course, can serve as a guideline, but by no means a recommendation:

NB. The amount of daily expenses is equal to or higher than the cost of a daily hotel stay.

If you are staying in an economy class hotel (up to 3 stars), then most likely your daily budget will correspond to the style of a thrifty tourist (70 - 150 euros). If you can afford 4 stars or higher, then this means that your daily expenses can exceed 150 euros. In any case, you have the right to dispose of financial resources as you please.

Read on for useful information:

Tourists in Rome: Tips

An experienced tourist does not need advice, so we appeal to beginners. We will also add video tips from the Rome guide:

Rome for a tourist - a series of dozens of events, bells ringing from an unknown church, seeming chaos, streams of cars and motorcyclists, the smell of antiquity, pizza, local residents, a soothing police presence at key points, beckoning alleys and courtyards. This is not a cause for fear.

You need to go with the flow and demonstrate to the Eternal City that you are in solidarity with it. Rome adores its admirers. This is your strength. A tourist in the Eternal City is more important than a local signor with a residence permit. This is worth taking advantage of.

A Russian tourist in Italy feels generally confident and free. Italian law enforcement officers are unlikely to fine you for throwing a cigarette butt on the pavement, but conscience is the best regulator. It is completely forbidden to smoke in public places - here they can be fined a good 200 euros, especially if on the complaint of some non-smoker, a pregnant woman or a mother with a child.

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About me: Higher philological education. Work experience over 20 years.

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About myself: For the last 12 years, my life and professional activity are closely connected with Italy, where I moved permanently in 2011. Knowledge of the language, local customs, traditions and specifics of doing business "in Italian" gives me the opportunity to competently and efficiently provide you with assistance and assistance.

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About me: Hello! I am glad to welcome you to my page. My name is Vita. In December 2005, I arrived in Rome, and I still live here. Then I did not think that the Eternal City would become my second home. I did not fall in love with him right away. Somehow slowly, imperceptibly, our amazing acquaintance began.

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About me: Dear travelers! As a licensed guide, I will be delighted to introduce you to Rome, its surroundings and the Vatican. See you in Rome, Nadezhda.

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About myself: "You fall in love with Rome very slowly, little by little, but for the rest of your life" - Nikolai Gogol. This is really so, having visited Rome once, people come back again. This eternal city-museum with a unique sunny atmosphere, architecture and art makes us fall in love with itself. We admire cathedrals.

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Rome is called the "Eternal City" for a reason, because it has been attracting millions of tourists from all over the world with its uniqueness for many years. You can truly get to know the aroma of this ancient and unique city by visiting unusual excursions in Rome.

Excursions in Rome in Russian

Unusual excursions in Rome in Russian are conducted by photographers, artists, designers, writers, art critics and people of other creative specialties who will tell about the city in a professional and easy way. All offered excursion options are suitable for both adults and children, as well as the most demanding independent travelers. If you are visiting the Italian capital for the first time, then you should take a sightseeing tour of the iconic places and sights of Rome: unique medieval churches, majestic ruins, baroque fountains and squares.

Of course, every traveler, visiting Rome, dreams of seeing the Vatican, visiting St. Peter's Basilica, and then relaxing in the authentic Trastevere quarter, admiring the medieval streets. For those who have already been to Rome, but want to continue to discover it in new manifestations, it is worth visiting the unusual city quarters, penetrating the secrets of Italian gastronomy, or visiting the surroundings, enjoying the beautiful nature, clean air and amazing home cooking in small cozy provincial towns.

Unusual excursions in other cities of the world

Sightseeing tours in Rome

A guided tour of Rome for everyone starts with different things: for some - with diagrams and drawings of a textbook on the history of the Ancient World, for others - with enthusiastic flipping through the pages of Senkevich's "Kamo Hryadeshi". Many people remember Rome at night from "Roman Vacation", "Sweet Life" and "Nights on Earth". Sightseeing thematic excursions from local residents are intended for those who want to understand how Rome works, what to see and where to visit first of all.

The first booked tour of Rome may seem like walking through a labyrinth, in which the guide's story will serve as a guiding thread. Unwinding, starting from the Forum, the ruins of the palaces and temples of the Palatine, the Capitoline Museums, the triumphal arches, the Trajan's Column, it will lead you dozens of different routes - to the gardens and villas of the Borghese and Medici, to the gloomy catacombs, to the huge Colosseum overlooking a bustling avenue. to Rome at night and finally to the Vatican.

Excursions to the Vatican are not just a tour of the papal residence, but rather a short course on the history of the most valuable and longest-lasting art in the papal treasury. Under the supervision of the guards of the Swiss guard, you will find yourself in a city within a city, in a separate dwarf state. How long you stay in this beautiful place depends solely on your love for art. A fascinating walk through the Vatican will acquaint tourists with the main masterpieces of the collection of the museum complex in 3, 5 or 8 hours, after which they will definitely want to return to this sacred place - the cradle of Catholics.

Tours of Rome Museums and Cathedrals

The Italian capital loves to impress tourists with its grandeur and uniqueness, as well as amaze with the vastness of ancient squares and buildings. The main tourist attractions are the Vatican's St. Peter's Basilica and the Colosseum, where the well-guarded imperial treasures are collected, and exploring them is extremely exciting.

The museums of Rome are practically countless - the classic collection of the Capitoline Museums, the quintessence of antique and Renaissance art - the Vatican Museum, the revived Bernini marble - the Borghese Museum is famous for its large collection of works by the sculptor, and the Pasta Museum and the Criminological Museum are extravagant and non-standard. The museums of Rome are numerous and varied and nothing human is alien to this city.

Rome (Rome) is one of the largest and most interesting for tourists and the most ancient (history counts about 29 centuries) European cities, one of the centers not only in Italy, but throughout Europe.

The Eternal City is believed to have been founded by the brothers Ram and Romulus on April 21, 753 AD, although many historians claim that its history has deeper roots.

In addition to the city itself, no tourist will miss another complex of attractions - the Vatican.

Tours and attractions in Rome

The sights of Rome are divided into eras, antique, middle, baroque and Renaissance. Accordingly, tourists take tickets, most often, thematically. For example, it is preferable to take a ticket to the Palatine (the place where Rome was born), the Colosseum and the Forum (it costs 12 euros) in the Forum, so as not to stand in a huge queue at the Colosseum.


Palatine. Birthplace of Rome and ancient Roman civilization.


The Flavius ​​Amphitheater, named after the "Colossus of the Sun God" sculpture, was built in 80 AD under the emperors Vespasian and Titus. According to legend, if the Colosseum collapses, then Rome will also disappear. Once there were gladiatorial battles, and now tourists take pictures with the Romans, dressed in the costumes of ancient legionnaires.

A ticket to the Colosseum costs 9 euros and can be reached by metro line B, the station is called the Colosseum.

Fori imperiali.

Rome is a city where time stops, where eras unite and cultures and peoples intertwine. A well-known proverb says: "All roads lead to Rome." We will also go on an exciting journey to the place where empires flourished and died, where the treasury of world masterpieces was constantly replenished, where the keys to the Catholic paradise are still kept.

Getting lost in the labyrinth of old narrow streets, counting Roman fountains, capturing views of Rome from its hills, making wishes on bridges across the Tiber, queuing at the Vatican, getting to know the "special feeling of Rome" - it's so easy to feel inspired here and the charm of Italian life! Excursion tours to Rome will slightly open the veil of centuries-old secrets and take you into the whirlpool of the bustle of the Eternal City.

North Caucasus - only experienced accompanying guides.

Multi-day tours

The Eight Day Tour "Roman Vacation" is a great option for your first acquaintance with Rome. This tour takes you through the city's most iconic landmarks and museums. Tourists will get acquainted with the most ancient Roman monuments - the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, see the Capitoline Hill, visit Piazza Venezia, Piazza di Spagna, and throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain. The program includes a visit to the Vatican Museums complex, an excursion to the Borghese Gallery, an excursion to Tivoli and Villa D'Este, a visit to the Baths of Caracalla, Circus Maximus, to the Palatine Hill, as well as a walking tour of the picturesque Roman district of Travestere. The tour assumes free time for independent walks and is designed for 8 days/7 nights. The tour price includes airfare, transfer, accommodation in a hotel of the chosen category, meals - breakfasts, medical insurance, excursions according to the program; additional fees are paid on no-leave, visa, entrance tickets to museums, tax on stay.

Rome City Break

A great escape from your daily routine is to head to Rome for the weekend. A weekend in Rome tour will color your life with bright colors and fill it with new impressions.

In a few days spent in the Italian capital, you will have time to walk through the most iconic places of the Eternal City, see legendary historical monuments, visit several exciting excursions and even have time to go to your favorite shops.

The cost of a tour lasting 4 days/3 nights includes airfare, accommodation in a hotel of the selected category, meals - breakfast, transfer, medical insurance, excursion services; Visa, travel cancellation insurance, and residence tax are paid additionally.

Rome and beyond

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