Ethnic tourism in Armenia

Ethnic tourism in Armenia

Armenia has long been considered a country with great tourism potential. This confirms the recent trend - rural tourism. This type of travel is becoming more and more popular, because tourists discover unique cultural and historical monuments, get acquainted with national dishes and drinks and enjoy the beautiful weather even in winter. All the trending tourist products of Armenia are in our material!

Tourism potential of Armenia

Since 2016, the country has been implementing a project - "Development of Integrated Rural Tourism", which is funded by the Government of the Russian Federation and implemented within the framework of the United Nations Development Program in Armenia. The project helps Armenian rural communities to create an alternative source of income. A distinctive feature of the program is close cooperation with both business and community representatives, as well as with village residents. Working with the business sector contributes to the decentralization of the market, with community representatives - the creation of extra-budgetary funds, and working with rural residents - the better use of local resources, the development and expansion of existing tourism products.

About how to unleash the potential of rural tourism in Armenia, travel agent portal Profi. ravel was told by the coordinator of the project of the United Nations Development Program in Armenia "Development of Integrated Rural Tourism" Arman Valesyan.

- Tell us about the immediate goals, activities, tourism potential of rural communities.

- Interest in rural tourism in Armenia is constantly growing. A striking example and confirmation of the growing popularity is the village of Bjni. Within the framework of the program "Development of Integrated Rural Tourism", the following projects were implemented here: in cooperation with the Armenian Federation of Mountain Tourism and Mountaineering, a project was implemented, as a result of which three climbing routes were developed, and the Museum of the Bjni Fortress was created.

- Human resource engagement plays an important role. How would you rate the potential of specialists living in villages?

- Tourists will certainly be attracted by such a new unique format as community hotels. The idea of ​​their creation arose after long studies of various regions of the country. The first hotel was created in the Tavush region, at the moment they are working on the creation of a community hotel in Ditavan. It is assumed that any tour operator in Yerevan will be able to manage and ensure the stability of the hotel structure, and the staff will be recruited from among the residents of the village.

- Tell us what ideas are being implemented in Armenia for the development of wine tourism.

- Armenia has picked up one of the world trends - the development of wine tourism. The Wine Dvor project has already been implemented in Achajur (Tavush region) and Ashtarak (Aragatsotn region), work on the project is being carried out in Ararat, Armavir and Vayots Dzor regions. The idea of ​​the Vinny Dvor project is to create wine courtyards for those residents of the regions who are engaged in home winemaking. Such picturesque places will give tourists the opportunity to taste home-made wines, chat with locals, have a delicious meal, get acquainted with the peculiarities of the local culture, buy wine as a unique souvenir for family and friends.

- We know that you have many other travel projects. Could you tell us about them in a few words?

Many have probably heard of agritourism or rural tourism. For some people, this kind of tourism can be interesting and intriguing. Others find it boring and a waste of time. Give us a little time and we will introduce you to rural life and everything that awaits you there. But first, let's clarify what agritourism is in Armenia.

What is Agritourism?

Agritourism is a type of travel in the countryside, during which travelers are engaged in rural work. Agritourism has many benefits. One is that it can have a significant impact on job creation for rural residents and enable them to generate additional income. Agritourism is a great way to get to know agriculture. Thanks to agritourism, many villagers have turned their homes and farms into tourist destinations. By visiting them, you will have an unforgettable experience.

Agritourism is also relatively cheaper. Thus, by saving, you will contribute to the prosperity of local communities.

In a word, agritourism is a phenomenon that combines agriculture and tourism.

Agritourism in Armenia

Armenia is a country that has many resources for agritourism. Almost every village in Armenia has something to show and surprise. The villages of Armenia and the life of the villagers are something exotic and attractive to many tourists. That is why this type of tourism has a huge potential in Armenia. The development of agritourism in Armenia will reduce the level of poverty in villages and will contribute to equal territorial development. It will also help prepare local communities for effective tourism business management.

Having gone on an agritourism tour in Armenia, you will have the opportunity to travel to the most curious villages filled with the Armenian spirit and get acquainted with the life of the local population. During this trip, you can taste delicious natural homemade products and become part of various Armenian culinary master classes.

Agritourism also contributes to the development of sustainable tourism in Armenia, for which the development of ecotourism and ethnic tourism is also very important.

To get a clearer idea of ​​what Armenia has to offer agritourists, let's figure out what life in the villages of Armenia looks like.

Life in the villages of Armenia

Away from major roads and popular tourist destinations, the villages of Armenia are the perfect place to experience real, authentic rural life. As a rule, there are no supermarkets or large shopping centers in the villages of Armenia, and if people need to buy something, they have to go to the nearest large city.

What is Ethnic Tourism?

Ethnic tourism is one of the newer and little-studied tourism industries. Despite being a newly established industry, it is growing very rapidly. Such rapid development can be associated with technological progress and globalization, since with the development of technology, a person strives for traditional and exotic cultures.

Ethnic tourism is aimed at the disclosure of such cultures!

Ethnic tourism in Armenia

Speaking about ethnic tourism, one must understand what an “ethnic group” or “ethnos” is. An ethnic group or ethnos is a group of people with the same genetic code and origin. Օ Very often, the distinguishing factors of an ethnic group are culture, faith, language and traditions.

In ethnic tourism, ethnicity and tourism are closely related, and ethnic groups are represented as a tourist attraction. Many researchers have explained ethnic tourism as travel, when a traveler gets to know the indigenous population without any intervention. They mainly got acquainted with traditions, habits, various rituals and, of course, with the way of life.

Ethnic tourism in Armenia

Tourism has a big impact on nationality. One of the most significant influences is the ability to reinforce ethnic identity by encouraging ethnic culture, arts and festivals.

Tourism can often stimulate the revival of ethnic groups. Moreover, it gives some groups the opportunity to show the world their not very famous way of life.

Background of Ethnic Tourism in Armenia

During their thousand-year history, Armenians have created many cultural values ​​that are widely recognized in the civilized world. We have already emphasized that the main goal of ethnic tourism is to get closer to the culture and customs of this ethnic group. This means that Armenia's potential in this area is quite large. Let's note a few resources that will help the development of ethnic tourism in Armenia:

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