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For hotel and hotel staff, basic knowledge of English is often not enough to communicate with foreigners about booking, accommodation, accommodation. It is necessary to take a special English course for the guest service. It includes phrases and sentences that will be needed by maids, administrators, room service workers, their correct use. Especially for the staff of the guest business, our school has developed a course "English for hotel workers"

What will the English for Hospitality course give you?

What form of training?

Distance learning form - individual lessons via Skype. These classes include developing your speaking skills on a specific topic, listening to the teacher and audio recordings, writing texts, answering the prospective questions of visitors, playing situations that may meet with clients in a hotel. The main focus is on developing communication skills with foreigners on topics related to the hotel business.

Who is this course for?

This course is necessary for you if you work as a maid, administrator on the floor or a specialist at the reception who is engaged in the settlement and accommodation of foreign guests by number. In addition, this course is perfect for beginner guides or those who wish to acquire this profession.

This Skype English course includes the following sections:

  • professions in tourism,
  • hotel complexes,
  • work with hotel guests,
  • room reservation,
  • moving around the city,
  • sightseeing.

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How long is the course?

Course length will vary depending on how often you can work with a tutor per week and your level of spoken English. The course is designed for 120 academic hours. We offer you 3 training options, you choose the most suitable for you:

If you study twice a week for 60 minutes, you will need 9 months to complete this program.

Employees of airports and hotels have to deal with foreign speech more often than other professions. The hotel staff meets, sees off and solves the problems of people from all over the world. English is considered international for communication, so most of the clients can be spoken in this language. An employee can count on career growth or an initially good place when hiring if he has a conversational level of communication. In addition, the role of the English language in the hospitality industry has become critical to development over the past few years. This happened due to international events held in hotels and inns, which provide an influx of customers. Without knowledge of the language, the demand for the services of a hotel worker will be significantly lower. Clients are willing to pay only for quality service. Let's take a closer look at the topic in the article.

Hospitality: Reasons to Learn English

All hotel employees should know English at least at the beginner's level, but those who, on duty, have to contact customers, will have to learn it at the highest level. The hotel management, in order to master the hotel business and be in demand in international market relations, has to carefully treat the selection of personnel, giving preference to those who know English. Some of the reasons why those seeking a place in a promising hotel will have to learn the language include:

• the need to contact by phone and personally with clients from different countries for ordering a room, meals, cleaning, resolving controversial issues, providing assistance or simple communication; • be able to respond to requests and resolve conflict situations with foreign citizens; • be able to resolve different situations with suppliers and other third parties abroad at the request of the client or work need; • work with foreign partners; • communicate with hired or permanent staff who speak another language.

Professional Hospitality English - Tutorial to Help

Basic English may not be enough to communicate in the hospitality industry. To master the skills of conversation and solving various situations in a foreign language, you will need to study the literature or take specialized courses in professional English for the hotel business. The employee's career and the quality of his communication with visitors may depend on how correctly the information is selected.

See the website: Bebris English to automatism

Textbooks, specialized literature available on the Internet and in bookstores are an easy and economical way to master the necessary skills without spending time. Such materials should be carefully designed and based on recommendations that hotel staff may need in their work. One of the best teaching aids - you can download Goncharov's "English for the hotel business" at our Tap to English.

The book examines the classic situations that hotel employees from different service sectors, management, and common phrases and dialogues that can be used in life are presented.

• meeting guests; • providing information; • restaurant and bar service; • paying bills; • apologizing and resolving conflicts; • talking by phone; • room service; • courtesy forms; • eviction; • transport logistics.

Business English for Hospitality: Additional Learning Tools

You can learn English for work in the hotel business on your own, without being distracted from your studies, work or taking care of your family. The list of services that will help save time and provide the necessary knowledge includes the 5 most accessible:

• applications on the phone; • subscription to mailing lists from specialized resources; • videos on YouTube; • audiobooks, electronic and printed literature; • professional webinars.

English for Tourism and Hotel Industry = English for Tourism and Hotel Industry Beizerov VA Buy book delivery by mail, read reviews, download, ISBN ----

Book title English for Tourism and Hotel Industry = English for Tourism and Hotel Industry Author's full name Beizerov V. Publication year 2011Publishing PhoenixCatalog sectionLanguageBook seriesWithout tutorISBN978-5-222-18674-9Article O0058656Page count347 pagesBinding type oligraphic format of publication 84X108/32Weight of the book513 gBooks available—

The book is out of stock. Perhaps the next edition will appear after a while, however, it is difficult to indicate the exact date now.

Annotation to the book "English for Tourism and Hotel Industry" (Auth. V. Beizerov)

The proposed practical guide structurally consists of 32 lessons, appendices. Each lesson includes the original text or dialogue (dialogues) for reading, translation and subsequent analysis and discussion, a lesson vocabulary, as well as a number of assignments (from easy to difficult).

The practical guide "English for tourism and hotel business" is intended for workers in the tourism and hotel business, service workers, students of higher educational institutions studying in the specialties of the tourism profile ("Tourism and hotel business", "Marketing in the field of tourism"). The materials of the book can also be used by students of economic and linguistic specialties of universities (when studying courses "Business English", "English"). This manual can be recommended for use in secondary schools (for students of relevant specialties), as well as for use in optional classes in gymnasiums and lyceums.

Read the book online

For information purposes, individual chapters and sections of the publication are presented, which you can read online directly on our website.

Russian language lessons. 4th grade

The book can be delivered to, as well as to any other city in the country by Russian Post or a transport company.

Preparation for exams in Finnish universities in Business, Tourism, Engineering, IT

How to build a career and business in the USA - vocabulary, instructions and templates (in English with Russian subtitles)

UPD: We've updated the intensive

Now you have access to three additional lectures on marketing, SMM, capital and investments. From them you will learn the most useful vocabulary for conversations about building marketing strategy, finance and stock markets. Now this is not just a solid course, but a real business candy.

The leaders of the intensive are the founders and heads of departments in American companies. LinguaTrip. om is an online platform for booking language courses abroad and admission to foreign universities, has been in existence for five years, serves 100,000+ clients monthly. Jacobi is a developer of an innovative platform for managing investment portfolios and building visually convenient analytics, on the market for six years.

Intensive Leaders

Co-founder of LinguaTrip. om. Attracted investments in Silicon Valley for the development of the company in the USA, received a grant from the US government "Opportunity Award". Leads a multicultural team of 100+ people from different parts of the world.

Head of North America Sales at Jacobi Strategies, a technology investment company headquartered in San Francisco, California. Prior to joining Jacobi, she innovated in the private and institutional departments at Citi. She received the Citi Leaders in Excellence award for her work and was recognized as a Progress Maker. Elena has 13 years of experience in strategic planning, business development, sales, profit making and financial analytics.

“I have been living and working in the USA for about five years. Over the years, I have managed to get my hands on in hiring employees, fundraising, business negotiations, attracting investments - everything that helped to increase the volume of my business. Now I am ready to share my practical experience with you. "

What the intensive will give

Let's talk about the structure of successful resumes and cover letters, share our examples. Let's also describe how American startups win the love of investors.

We will give creative and super-practical tasks on networking, business correspondence and self-presentation. No theory for theory's sake! We will teach you how to compose a tailor-made CV, introduce yourself, ask questions to an HR manager and present ideas in the form of capacious pitch desks.

Business English for life

On business and without water: clear lists of useful English phrases for work and interviews, business small talk, taboo topics and special business abbreviations.

  • ISBN: 978-5-98111-140-2
  • 352 pages
  • October 2010
  • Philomatis
  • English

Out of stock

This study guide is intended for professionals in tourism, as well as for students of special educational institutions who speak English at the Intermediate (intermediate) level and wish to expand their vocabulary on topics related to various areas of work in the industry tourism. This book is the first textbook in our country for the study of English in the field of tourism.

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