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In this article, we will look at the main benefits of doing business when using a company in Dubai.

The main benefits of doing business in Dubai are:

  • no taxes;
  • 100% ownership of the company;
  • confidentiality;
  • security.

Against the backdrop of a weakening ruble and ongoing sanctions, jurisdictions such as Cyprus, Hong Kong, the Baltic States, and the British Virgin Islands are causing more and more concern among businessmen. For example, Hong Kong and the British Virgin Islands signed disclosure agreements with Russia in 2018. In the British Virgin Islands, which have traditionally been used by entrepreneurs, a special register of beneficiaries is being formed. The Baltics and Cyprus, which are in the orbit of the EU and the United States, are trying to create many obstacles to Russian business, including: blocking accounts, endless inquiries regarding the sources of capital origin and transfers, and others.

Recently, there has been a significant increase in the number of businessmen with complaints against the banks of Cyprus and the Baltic states. As a rule, such businessmen decide to transfer management and holding companies to other jurisdictions. One of such jurisdictions is the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai Tax Benefits:

  • full exemption from taxes (except VAT) - no taxes on real estate, property, capital gains, income of individuals and legal entities;
  • no restrictions for the return of capital and profits.

Dubai Corporate Advantages:

  • confidentiality ;
  • there is no public register that would allow to establish the company's shareholders;
  • no need to rent a real office (for certain types of companies );
  • information about the company's shareholders is not available to others.

Financial Benefits of Dubai:

  • developed banking system;
  • security of your finances and investments;
  • fixed exchange rate of the UAE against the dollar (has not changed over the past 20 years);
  • personal safety.

Dubai's logistics advantages:

Benefits of Doing Business in Dubai in 2020

Opening a business in Dubai in 2020 is one of the best decisions a novice or current businessman can make. Ask why? Because Dubai is one of the most popular business areas in the world. Thousands of big investors, political stability and a diverse economy across the Middle East speak volumes about the soundness of business here.

It is important to note that from 2017 to 2020, the Dubai Economic Development Department issued 4,692 “instant” licenses for doing business in the Emirate (of which 3,448 were issued for commercial activities and 1,244 were in the professional category ). This suggests that the flow of investors who wish to open a business in Dubai is only increasing every year. And each of them sees the prospect of developing their future business. We've prepared a guide that will tell you why you should start a business in Dubai in 2020 and which business ideas work best.

Many companies around the world have begun to establish their presence in Dubai and have opened their branches here. There are various reasons why investors are willing to invest in a business in Dubai. Here are some of them:

  • Political and economic conditions. The Dubai government annually improves the political and economic conditions for business development, thus attracting even more investment to the country. The growth of the economy on all sides provides the best in infrastructure, residences, education, health and recreation. As Dubai is considered to be a friendly place for businessmen, it is not difficult to start a business from scratch here. And the high level of security makes it one of the favorite places for investment, because the security of the business and the invested funds is an important argument for an entrepreneur.
  • Great infrastructure. The Emirates has a well-developed infrastructure with a good public transport system, which makes it possible to get anywhere in the city in a matter of time. There is also an international airport and a seaport, which provides communication with all countries of the world, and allows you to engage in all types of international trade.
  • Availability of free trade zones. Free Zones are areas where expats can invest in business without partnering with an emirate sponsor. For an investor, this is complete freedom of doing business, the opportunity to use various services provided by the free trade zone.
  • Availability of seats with international standards. If your business involves regular business conferences, then Dubai is a great place for these purposes. Fascinating conference rooms will help your partners make the decision to work with you.
  • High standard of living. In the United Arab Emirates, it is determined not only by the income of residents, but also by the rapid development of all spheres: education, medicine, economy, security, etc. In Dubai, you can not only do business, but also spend leisure time with your family in various entertainment centers and on the ocean. If you want to ensure a decent future for yourself and your children, then you are here.
  • Permanent residence permit for foreigners. By investing in a business in Dubai, you can obtain a residence permit in the UAE and carry out all activities in the country as its resident. Also, your family has every right to obtain a residence permit and permanent residence in the UAE.

Before starting a business in Dubai, you must decide on its type of activity (below we have given the 9 most popular business ideas of 2020). It is important to know that a business can be professional, commercial, or industrial. And the license that you receive directly depends on its type.

After you have decided on the type of business, you need to choose a property. If you obtain a license in one of the Dubai Free Trade Zones, then you are 100% the owner of your business. If outside, you need a local partner (it can be an individual or a company).

Next - location. The recognition of your company directly depends on it. You need to make it easy for clients to find you. When choosing a location, it is important to note that there are certain areas where a particular type of business is popular - for example, in JLT, Media City and Internet City, there are a number of media and technology companies.

To start a business, you will need a Dubai residency visa. Initially, you apply as an investor, and then you can apply for visas for employees.

And most importantly, after completing all the previous steps, you will only have to register a company - this process consists of several levels of legal participation. Depending on the type of activity, the package of documents for registration may differ slightly. Since the process of registering a company is quite time consuming, we recommend that you contact our specialists who will assist you in forming a package of documents and registration, directly, of the company itself. To do this, sign up for a free consultation or write to the e-mail: info @ offshore-pro. nfo.

Every investor asks the question - “What business to open in Dubai”? After all, investing in any business idea is an important and risky step at the same time. We have selected for you the most relevant business ideas in 2020 that will require minimal costs and are in high demand throughout the UAE, so that you can make the right decision.

  • Advertising. Foreign investors who are planning to start a business in Dubai have a wide range of highly profitable industries. But, as you already know, in order to be in the first place, you need good brand awareness, and this, in turn, depends on quality advertising. The correct marketing and advertising strategy is 80% of the success of any business. Through advertising, a businessman will attract many more potential customers. Accordingly, given the fact that a large number of new companies are registered every day in Dubai and the UAE as a whole, the advertising business is a rather profitable direction. Opening a marketing or advertising agency, you obviously will not go wrong, because the 21st century is the century of digital promotion.

The marketing and advertising sector is quite developed in Dubai and companies that operate in this industry have different ways in which they can offer their services. The procedure for registering an advertising agency is the same as for any other company.

Key Benefits of Doing Business in Dubai

Dubai is the second most important metropolis in the UAE. It is one of the ten largest world business centers. Every year millions of tourists from all over the world visit it, coming here for the best shopping, incredible architecture, oriental luxury and gorgeous beaches.

The Dubai Travel Guide can be updated almost every year, as new unique objects are constantly opening here and all with the prefix "the best" or "the best". If you build a skyscraper, then only the tallest. If you make a hotel, then add seven stars to the name and it doesn't matter that according to the standard the maximum should be five.

Many people associate Dubai with large-scale events known all over the world. The city has more than once become a platform for economic forums, meetings and exhibitions. In 2020, an EXPO will take place here, for which a new airport was opened and an entire area is being built up.

Dubai can be fully considered the “heart” of the UAE. It sits between metropolitan Abu Dhabi and tranquil Sharjah. Despite the traditional views and strict religious rules, Dubai is the most open of all the emirates.

On the streets of the city there are locals, both in national clothes and in ordinary jeans. Today's youth gravitate towards the west, and almost the entire population is fluent in English.

Dubai is a great example of good resource management. After all, just half a century ago, in its place was a desert with a small Bedouin settlement. Thanks to its oil reserves invested in infrastructure development, Dubai now resembles the city of the future, and its indigenous people enjoy life without bothering with hard work.

Despite the fact that Dubai is located in the middle of the sands, and the temperature in summer is kept at around + 40 ° C, they are trying to make the city as green as possible. Palm trees, many different shrubs and flowers are planted throughout the city. Their condition is carefully monitored, and fresh water is supplied to each plant for irrigation.

To this you can add reverent attitude towards sources. Walking around the city, fountains of all possible shapes are very common.

An addiction to gold plays a significant role in the life of Arabs. In addition to the standard jewelry stores, there are vending machines with gold bars. They are installed in large hotels and shopping centers in case someone urgently needs to buy a couple of them.

After visiting Dubai, there is a general impression of it as a city constantly competing with the whole world. In part, this is a certain component of the national character. It is especially evident on the roads. Rarely do you find so many expensive supercars anywhere else.

How to get to Dubai

Dubai is located on the shores of the Persian Gulf, surrounded by not the most friendly countries for mass tourism, so the only convenient way to get to it is by plane. Fortunately, on its territory there are two largest airports in the world - Dubai International Airport (DXB) and the new Al Maktoum Airport (DWC).

When choosing a vacation spot in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai resorts are often chosen. The reason is that there are many city and beach hotels, you can visit local attractions, go on an excursion, plan shopping. But before booking a room, it is recommended to study the features of Dubai - resorts, their infrastructure, location.

Dubai is the entertainment capital of the UAE

Dubai differs from Abu Dhabi in the best infrastructure for tourists and independent travelers. The conditions for a quiet and active holiday have been created here, you can rent a room or apartment at a low or medium price. Many shopping centers have been built, there are several markets - gold, spices, clothing, food. This makes it possible to organize a varied vacation, which will not be boring.

The entire city is divided into specific areas. Each resort in Dubai has its own specifics. On the coast, it is convenient to sunbathe and swim in the Persian Gulf; buses leave from city hotels on excursions to attractions. Prices in the latter are lower than in beach hotel complexes. With the right organization of recreation, you can optimize costs by leaving money for shopping and souvenirs.

Features of resorts in the Emirate of Dubai:

  • Public transport. The main way to get around the city is by taxi. It is possible to plan a trip to the Dubai Metro, but the station network is not yet large enough to cover all areas of the city.
  • Possibility of hiking. The surrounding architecture can only be enjoyed in the resort areas of the city. The working style of the buildings and general furnishings are common in any metropolis.
  • Prices for hotel accommodation, meals. In the coastal resorts of Dubai, they are the highest. An alternative is to book a room in city hotels. Buses often leave from them to the city's public beaches.

When choosing a resort in Dubai, priorities are needed - will it be a beach or sightseeing vacation, shopping. If the main "stake" is on the beach and the sea, you should book a hotel room on the first beach line. in all other cases, it is enough to rent an apartment in a city hotel complex.

Major Resorts in Dubai

Before choosing a resort in Dubai, it is recommended to study the city map. In addition to the location of hotels and shopping malls, you need to find out where the nearest metro station is Dubai. Additionally, reviews of tourists about the resorts of Dubai are analyzed - photos, staff work, the attitude of local residents, the presence of interesting places, attractions.

Downtown Burj Dubai, Downtown

This is a business district of the city with little entertainment infrastructure. There are business centers, luxury residential buildings and skyscrapers here. An exception for tourists is shopping. At this impromptu Dubai resort, you can make bargains, especially during sales and discounts.

Downtown Burj Features:

I visited Dubai for the first time back in 2015, when to visit the UAE it was necessary to apply for a visa in advance. Now this country has become visa-free for Russians and with the advent of the FlyDubai low-cost airline, direct flights have appeared from many cities of Russia. In February 2018, Fly Dubai organized a promotion (or there was an error in billing) and it became possible to fly from Russian cities to Dubai for 3200 rubles for a round-trip ticket. But you can also go on a tour! Here is the price chart for this month's tours:

I have prepared this FAQ on Dubai in order to answer many basic questions as closely as possible, share life hacks and coupons for various discounts so that visiting one of the emirates does not cost you a pretty penny, as well as to have a rest comfortable, rich and interesting.

New rules for entering Dubai in

Dubai is open to foreign tourists from July 7, 2020. And here are the new entry rules for foreign tourists after the coronavirus pandemic:

  • Certificate of absence of COVID-19, made no later than 4 days before your flight to the UAE.
  • A completed "health declaration" in which the tourist notes that he does not have certain symptoms.
  • Insurance policy that covers COVID-19 treatment. You can register it online using the link.

Dubai in

Dubai will start with a small shock that happened to me right after leaving the airport: I was in the deepest shock from the hot climate. I still remember my first feeling: "I entered the bathhouse." And by the way, it was September. yet this peculiar smell of the Arabs hit the nose immediately after leaving the airport. In general, Dubai met me in a very specific way.

How to get from Dubai airport to the city? It's simple - by metro. It is both budgetary and fast. In forty minutes you will already be admiring the Burj Khalifa. Leaving the metro into the city, the first thing that caught my eye was the incredible cleanliness and lawn. This is, damn it, a desert, and everything around is in green tones! The irrigation system also attracts attention: hoses are connected to each flower. It is worthwhile to immediately understand that it is difficult to walk on foot. In principle, there is no infrastructure for walking routes. But on my first visit I was without a license, so I traveled exclusively by metro and taxi. And I tried to walk on foot until I realized that it was very difficult.

For travel by metro or buses, you can issue a travel card: Red Nol ticket. It is sold only at special machines or at the box office of the Dubai Public Transport Network (RTA). The pass costs 2 AED (

36 rubles). It can be topped up for a maximum of 10 rides.

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