Development of a development strategy for the organization of the tourism sector

How was the discussion of

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At the present stage, travel companies need especially competent strategic development to offer high-quality, in-demand services that could meet the current market situation, trends in its development, as well as the specifics of a particular business. The main stages of this work are to comprehend the ways to achieve competitive advantages and, on their basis, to develop measures, the purpose of which will be to strengthen the competitive position of the enterprise.

The relevance of the topic is based on the following facts: the current level of development and globalization of the tourism market indicate that tourism has become an integral part of the life of a civilized society. The world gross domestic product (GDP) of the contribution of tourism is about 5%. The total number of jobs that are directly or indirectly related to tourism is estimated at 6-7%. In connection with the increase in the standard of living of the population, the relevance of the issues of developing a development strategy in the field of tourism at the level of individual tourist organizations and business structures increases. The degree of social orientation of economic development is the main criterion for the level of a country's development.

The concept of long-term socio-economic development of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2020 provides for an increase in the standard of living of citizens, including through the development of infrastructure for recreation and tourism, as well as ensuring the quality, accessibility and competitiveness of tourist services as one from the main directions of social policy. The main factors that contribute to the formation of a new socially oriented economy are the development of entrepreneurship and fair competition in the tourism industry.

An obvious leap in the development of Russian domestic and international tourism is indicated by the growing number of entrepreneurial structures in the field of tourism, the penetration of foreign tourist and hotel chains into Russia, the entry of Russian tourist firms into the international market, a high degree of manifestation of integration processes in the market tourist services.

All these factors lead to the formation of a highly competitive tourism market. And today, a competent development strategy is of particular importance, which covers the correct management of all aspects of a travel company: marketing, work with personnel, finance, PR and advertising. The study of competition issues in tourism is especially relevant recently, in connection with the involvement of most representatives of the tourism industry in the competition.

That is why the issues of development strategy in a highly competitive environment need a detailed scientific examination, identification of patterns and general trends in their formation and development. The development of a strategy by a travel company was considered by foreign and domestic scientists. However, the specifics of competition at various levels in the tourism sector are still being studied.

This is due to the lack of an integrated approach to the study of the category of competition, competitive environment and competitiveness in tourism. In addition, the scientific literature practically does not cover the theoretical and methodological problems of the formation and maintenance of competition, the competitive environment and competitiveness of Russian tourism.

Tourism activity is the object of research.

The subject of the research is the development of a strategy for the development of the organization of the tourism sector.

The purpose of the thesis is to develop a strategy for the development of the organization of the tourism sector, contributing to an increase in the efficiency of management of a tourism organization.

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CHAPTER Development of the development strategy of the travel agency "Luxur"

Strategic planning of the development of a tourist product in the travel agency "Luxur"

The marketing component of the company's activities, in particular, the advertising and PR-activity of the agency, was chosen as a direction for improvement. In this chapter, we'll look at the main channels a company uses to find customers. Among the main ones are [18]:

  • Exhibition activities.
  • Presentation activities.
  • Corporate site. Direct mail.
  • Working with media.
  • Distribution of press releases.
  • Sponsoring activities.
  • Advertising tours.

Let's look at each of these areas. Exhibition activities of the company "Lux Tour". Below is a list of exhibitions in which the company takes an active part. And also photos from these events: "Resorts and Tourism"; "Hunting. Fishing. Relaxation. Spring"; "Hunting. Fishing. Relaxation. Autumn"; Intourmarket (ITM); Moscow International Exhibition MITT/Travel and Tourism; Exhibition “Rest without Borders. Summer"; Exhibition INWETEX. Below are photo reports from past exhibitions in which the company took part.

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"Islands, beaches, sea and more ..."

Every year the company arranges director tours for employees and agencies, where it talks about plans for the near future. Most often, such events are held in Turkey (Dalaman). Time: Autumn (October) - Spring (May). Corporate website of the company. The corporate website of the Lux Tour company is a free round-the-clock channel for providing up-to-date information to website visitors, clients, partners and employees of the company in unlimited volume and format.

Direct - mail. Direct mail is a direct marketing tool, which is a direct mailing of advertising, informational correspondence in order to attract and retain the attention of potential or existing customers. In its PR-activity "Lux Tour" uses mailing of letters by e-mail, or e-mail-mailing. This type of mailing of advertisements and information materials is valuable for its efficiency, but it has its own limitations. Among them - mailing by e-mail can be carried out only to those customers who have given their consent to this or subscribed to the newsletter on their own. Direct mailing is characterized by a variety of purposes, among which the possibility of attracting an additional number of customers stands out. Also, targeted mailing is carried out, the purpose of which is to retain regular customers, it consists in distributing congratulatory letters on the upcoming holidays to a previously defined base. Often, the goal of direct mail is to spread information about the brand itself, to increase the loyalty of potential buyers to the selling company and its products before industry exhibitions and on the eve of promotions. The figure shows an example of the text of a weekly on-line mailing list for partners and clients of the company:

There was no dialogue with the authorities, but representatives of the regions and the market were allowed to speak

There was no dialogue with the authorities, but the representatives of the regions and the market were allowed to speak - we are telling how the meeting “Strategy of tourism development until 2035 in the interests of the regions of the Russian Federation” was held.

At the plenary session dedicated to the discussion of the tourism development strategy until 2035, there were no empty seats on the Intourmarket - given that, as announced, Sergey Galkin and Zarina Doguzova were supposed to participate in the meeting, market representatives were waiting for answers to many questions. But the authorities did not appear, and the meeting took place in the format of hearing proposals from the regions and discussing a resolution. The exception was the issue of visas - a representative of the Foreign Ministry explained in detail the principles of abolishing the visa regime and the real prospects for introducing electronic visas, by the way, without Fan-ID.

The tourism development strategy until 2035 is now being developed by the Ministry of Economics, and the information that leaks into the public space - in particular, the marketplace and e-visas - still raises many questions from market participants. So the interest in the event was understandable. Rostourism was represented at the meeting by the head of the Department of State Tourism Projects and Tourism Security Yevgeny Kudelya, and as for the Deputy Minister of Economic Development Sergei Galkin, the moderator of the meeting, Svetlana Anufrienko (TAPR), said that all the voiced wishes and proposals would be passed on to the Deputy Minister.

Nevertheless, a number of regions were able to express their position on the development of the tourism industry. We will tell you how the meeting "Strategy for the development of tourism until 2035 in the interests of the regions of the Russian Federation" was held.

Svetlana Anufrienko opens the meeting. In her address, she says that it was decided to specially gather representatives of the regions so that they could express their proposals. In addition, everyone was asked for proposals in advance.

“We are talking about systemic measures, but very often very local proposals were sent that reflect local problems or just an emotional attitude that cannot be inserted into the strategy,” says the moderator. "But our task is to set strategic guidelines." The text of the resolution is already available to the meeting participants, she clarified, but adjustments from market participants will still be accepted within a week.

“Now there is a task to double the volume of tourism, as well as a task to identify problem areas and growth points. And the material that we will develop as a result of this meeting will form the basis of this work, ”added Svetlana Anufrienko. Also, according to her, the Government will soon host a meeting with the participation of the Heads of the regions, who will discuss the development of tourism in the subjects entrusted to them.

Basically, the discussion boiled down to the experience and proposals of individual regions, and much of what was said at the meeting was voiced earlier. But there was also new information for the market, in particular, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It's not about visas

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