Corporate tourism

Outsourcing in the field of corporate business travel

Annotation. The article is devoted to outsourcing of business processes in the field of corporate travel services. The essential features of corporate business tourism are revealed, the basic tasks of specialized agencies serving corporations are determined. The outsourcing functions of a corporate business tourism agency are described, as well as the impact of information technology on its competitive position.

Keywords: outsourcing, business tourism, agency, corporation, business partner.

The market for business travel services is a relatively recent phenomenon, and its emergence is largely associated with the globalization of the economy. As an independent direction in business, business tourism was first formed over a hundred years ago in the United States, in Europe - in the 50s, in the 90s in Russia [1]. The formation of the market was marked by the emergence of specialized agencies serving business tourists, the most successful agencies were at the origins of the emergence of the market and are now represented in almost all countries of the world. These include American Express, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Kuoni Group, Hogg Robinson Group.

Modern business tourism includes not only the formation of travel packages for businessmen, but also a whole range of services for organizing corporate events (MICE segment - Meetings - meetings, I - incentives - incentive corporate events, C - conferences - conferences, E - exhibitions, events - exhibitions, events). Almost all successful business travel agencies offer a range of consulting and organizational services to improve the travel and event planning process and optimize their clients' budgets. In the context of corporate services, business travel agencies acquire the status of not only travel agents, but also business partners of corporations.

Many authors, for example I. Balabanov, O. Smirnova, I. Zorin ., Chimitdorzhieva O., considering the specifics of business tourism, rely on the business purpose of the tourist's trip [2, 3, 4, 5]. In our opinion, the key feature of business tourism as a specific segment of the tourism industry is that business trips and events are initiated by companies, organizations, corporations. When we talk about the business purpose of a trip or event, it is necessary to focus primarily on the purpose of the corporation. The individual preferences of a business traveler are considered only through the prism of corporate goals and objectives. Therefore, the term "business tourism" needs to be clarified and its two types should be considered:

1) individual business tourism (in this case, not having essential features); 2) corporate business tourism, which can be presented as a specific segment of the tourism industry.

Outsourcing for solving problems of business tourism

With regard to the field of business corporate tourism, it is most appropriate to consider a corporation in the broad sense of the word, as an association, which can include both legal entities and state enterprises, non-profit associations, unions, parties. Due to the fact that the volumes of travel initiated by corporations are usually large, the leaders of such companies are aware that business travel is a significant part of expenses that must be optimized within the framework of a certain travel policy. To solve highly specialized tourism problems, the corporation invites a partner on a competitive basis, thus implementing an outsourcing scheme.

Outsourcing literally translated from English means attracting external resources to meet your own needs. In business practice, this term is used when placing long-term orders to receive the necessary services from other enterprises or when transferring some functions to a third-party firm [6].

According to research by Gartner, the business process outsourcing (BPO) market grew 6.3% in 2011, and one of the factors contributing to its development is the presence of a modern highly efficient communication environment.

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