Business tourism is an important and rather complex branch of the tourism business. High responsibility, attention to detail and the ability to quickly and efficiently navigate in case of possible roughness during the trip - these are the key skills that a manager who organizes a business trip should possess. Business tourism differs from other types of business primarily in the monetary component of the issue: sometimes the multimillion-dollar profit (or, conversely, loss) of the company depends on how successful the trip will be, so the risks are increased here, and carelessness and reckoning are categorically unacceptable. Like any other type of tourism - from sightseeing and beach tourism to shopping and medical tourism - business tourism has its own important organizational features that subtly depend on the direction, season, goals and many other factors of the trip. We will tell you about the key intricacies of organizing business tourism.

Let's go to the exhibition

Exhibitions are one of the main segments of business tourism. Up to 30 thousand exhibitions of various topics are held annually in the world, where businessmen can communicate with colleagues, learn about new products in their industry and conclude contracts.

As a rule, professionals of each separate business area are well aware of the time and location of thematic exhibitions and come to the travel agent with a specific request: I want to go there on such and such dates. Such preparedness greatly simplifies the task, but at the same time complicates it: the dates are strictly fixed, being late by a day or problems with resettlement will negate all the advantages of a personal visit.

When organizing a business visit to an exhibition, it is important, first of all, to take care of the formal possibility of a client visiting this exhibition (having a visa, obtaining a pass, buying a ticket, accreditation, having the necessary documents), about living near the exhibition complex and about accessibility air or train tickets for the required dates. You need to book such a trip as early as possible: imagine that in addition to your client, another couple of tens of thousands of businessmen with similar goals are planning to stay in nearby hotels. Similarly, it is better not to delay the application for a visa and a visit to the exhibition complex - if the deadlines are pressed for one of the points, it is highly likely that the trip will fail, as we have already said, possibly depriving the businessman and the company of a solid profit.

Private business trip

Organization of a private business trip is much more grateful than exhibition tourism. Firstly, as a rule, there are no clear dates on which your client simply must be there. Colleagues and partners are usually willing to make progress in planning meetings, realizing the complexity of business - the world of high speeds and time pressure. Secondly, the schedule of the trip itself can also be moved, and appointments can be changed, in contrast to the obligatory exhibition "chaos" at the stands and exhibitors and the need to adjust to the schedule of meetings with a potential partner. Finally, private business trips do not need to be carried out at peak dates (and clients themselves tend to avoid the rush), which means you have more opportunities to book the most suitable hotel and comfortable flight.

If travel dates for the business traveler are flexible, it makes sense to check the schedule of exhibitions, cultural events and sporting events in the region in order to choose a quiet time to travel.

However, organizing a private trip is fraught with other difficulties - in particular, the need to fill a client's time-limited visit with the most useful pastime possible. This means that the planning should be verified by the clock, and in case of cancellation of any event, this time should not be lost.

Congresses and conferences

Organization of congresses and conferences is a large-scale work in which, willy-nilly, you have to rely on partners - exhibition complexes and hotels. If during a private business visit, almost all responsibility lies with you, you cannot do without close interaction, which means that your partners must be one hundred percent reliable.

A conference or congress is a large-scale business event for specialists in a particular industry, usually bringing together colleagues from all over the world or at least from a specific region.

At the same time, each participant of this event is required to actively contribute to the common cause - making a report, lecture or presentation. At least several specialists usually go to conventions together, so you will be dealing with a group. It is necessary to book air tickets for one flight, in an organized manner to settle customers in one hotel, and also to provide access to events. Of course, you need to make sure in advance that visas, if required, are available for all conference participants.

Service description

Ariadna-Group is engaged in servicing corporate clients in the field of business and individual tourism, the MICE industry, in Russia and abroad.

Our clients are companies from all regions of Russia.

Corporate service across the entire spectrum of business tourism is one of the most priority and dynamically developing areas in our company.

Today it is relevant and prestigious to transfer the organization of business trips and corporate events to the full service of a company whose employees know all the details.

  • the quality of travel arrangements for business purposes.
  • optimization of travel, event and travel expenses.
  • exemption of employees of the client company from non-core workload.

We value quality and professionalism, therefore our employees:

  • Have specialized higher education
  • Undergo annual training and professional development
  • Have additional European professional education.

We serve events from 1 to 1000 people.

Business tour: range of services

Employees of the company carrying out a business trip can inspect the branches of the organization, establish and establish the necessary business contacts, take courses for advanced training and perform other tasks. The schedule of such a trip is usually very tight and the question arises of how to combine tourism and business, if there is absolutely no time for rest during a business tour? To have enough time for everything, you should contact the professional company "Ariadna event & travel", whose employees will competently draw up a schedule for the necessary work and time for rest.

Why should you entrust the organization of a business trip to professionals?

Ariadna-GROUP provides services in all areas of business and corporate tourism that may interest you.

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