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Organization and conduct of corporate tours

The modern tourist market in Russia offers a large number of corporate events abroad. So, for example, corporate business tourism is becoming widespread, in various formats of implementation:

  • Departure to another country and participation of employees in training seminars, exhibitions or professional conferences. At the same time, part of the day is spent on professional activities, and the remaining time is devoted to collective cognitive recreation, for example, hiking to museums, exhibitions or visiting concerts.

Purpose of corporate tourism

First of all, corporate recreation gives the company's employees confidence in the future and understanding that they are taken care of, because not every company, even one that can afford such events, makes such a generous gesture. If such a collective trip is possible and is included in the budget of the company, then everyone understands that things are going well in the organization, it is growing and developing. At the same time, management thinks not only about profit, but also the needs of employees.

In addition, professionally planned and impeccably organized collective outing tours form a cohesive team spirit and improve the interaction of all parts of the company. Such a motivational trip is an effective and economical option to motivate employees for the best performance at work.

What services can be included in the organization of a corporate event abroad?

Conducting collective trips abroad requires a professional approach from travel agencies and a clear organization of the following events:

  • Selection of the optimal location for the exit;
  • Development of a detailed scenario, concept, plan;
  • Purchase of tickets, booking hotel rooms, conference - halls, excursions, restaurants, transport rental and other important components;
  • Ordering professional guides, translators and accompanying persons;
  • Insurance, visa and medical support for corporate parties abroad.

Features of the organization of the event

When forming the budget for such a trip, it should be borne in mind that the cost of rest will depend on the number of days and participants in the corporate tour, the number of excursions, meals, additional services and will still cost less compared to the standard ways of motivating employees - bonuses and a constant rise in wages.

In order for a corporate visit to give the expected results, its competent organization is necessary. In the travel agency "Yuzhnoe Siyanie", professional event managers and psychologists are involved in writing a script for a team rest, who develop a recreation program, taking into account the specifics of the activity. You can be sure that even people who are constantly in a stress state will be able to relax.

Corporate events abroad

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The concept of MICE represents the basics of business tourism, that is, various kinds of motivational, developmental or training events that are organized for partners or employees of the company.

Your business trip will be carried out at a qualified level, the basis for this will be our vast experience in organizing business trips of various categories of complexity.

Successful experience in processing various types and categories of visas allows us to provide corporate visa support at a high level.

Finding dates and comfort spots in the rail industry is a troublesome and time-consuming business that a business person already lacks.

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