Commercial offer for sale of goods: sample

Commercial offer for sale of goods: sample

Main views

Their varieties include the following types:

  • Individual ;
  • Typical ;
  • Hot ;
  • Cold;
  • Combined ...

Each of the presented types meets its goals and is aimed at mass production or, conversely, at a specific potential client.

An individual letter is one of the most common and most effective. Quite often a commercial offer is made over the Internet and is formed by an experienced and highly qualified copywriter. "Filling" KM, is basically an extensive menu of services or goods that are needed by this particular person, and at this particular time.


Individual commercial letters are sent to each specific person, mainly to schedule follow-up negotiations or meetings.

Most often, it is advisable to make such an offer after the cold call, after which the person will already be prepared and will wait for the letter. An individual sales letter should contain as much of the client's individual information as possible in order to establish the necessary connection between the company and the consumer.

ICM generally begins with the phrase: “As you asked, I am sending you _____….”. After two to three days, according to etiquette, you can call the client and discuss services or goods with him.


Typical or mass commercial offers are sent without specifying the personal data of the consumer, in very large quantities. Such a letter aims to interest the client as much as possible, to draw his attention to your company. Among the advantages of such a mailing list are:

Sample commercial proposal for the provision of services; registration rules

To conclude a profitable deal for your business, you need to interest a potential partner. It is convenient to do this in writing - to draw up a commercial proposal for cooperation.

Prove the benefits of cooperation

A businessman must convince a partner that cooperation will bring both irrefutable benefits. It should also be explained under what circumstances he will receive it.

When drawing up a commercial proposal (KP), you should take into account the status of the enterprise and listen to the recommendations of experienced marketers.

Of course, promoted companies with well-known brands (Mercedes, Gazprom, Coca-Cola, etc.) do not need to make efforts and do their best to convince a representative of this or that company to cooperate with them. In this case, it is enough to fill out a letter with a summary of the advantages of your product or service.

For other businessmen, it is very important to observe some subtleties so that this proposal has the desired effect.

To write a successful commercial proposal for cooperation, you need to put yourself in the client's shoes

Important components included in the offer

When drawing up a document on cooperation, you must adhere to the standard requirements.

  • Use letterhead.
  • Write a competent appeal to the company representative.
  • Select original title.
  • Summarize the essence of the proposal.
  • Encourage the counterparty to take action.
  • List current contacts.
  • Show courtesy in the form of a preliminary thank you.

Use of stationery

Commercial proposal can be drawn up on a regular sheet of paper, this is quite acceptable. However, the use of letterhead with the company logo will become a kind of advertising element for your company and will eloquently complement the content of the letter.

Welcome text

A sample of a commercial proposal for the provision of services - the main types of services, design rules, goals and structure.

Any successful activity of a manufacturer of goods or a trading company includes both maintaining existing relationships and finding new customers. To increase sales, all possible methods are used: advertising (in the press, on the Internet, on the street, etc.), network marketing, personal contacts and participation in tenders.

One of the most effective ways to increase sales is to send commercial offers (offers) to potential consumers. The advantage of this method is that the mailing is carried out not "blindly", but on the basis of market analysis and search for potential buyers. Usually this method is used for contacts with legal entities and wholesale buyers. But, sometimes, a well-composed, bright, short and effective commercial proposal sent to an unlimited number of people brings success. The preparation of such a document is preceded by a deep study of the market and a thorough analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of competing goods/services. There is no ideal, so you must clearly understand the position of your product in the market. The opinion of some (especially novice) entrepreneurs that it is necessary to offer the lowest price on the market, and then it will be possible to increase it, is erroneous. This often turns off large and serious consumers who see a hidden financial threat or low quality in such an offer.

A special case is a commercial offer in response to a consumer's request to conclude a contract for the supply of a specific product. We will also consider this case.

In order not to become the hero of the bearded anecdote: "The negotiations ended successfully - the seller went to look for the goods, and the buyer got money", you need to learn how to correctly compose the text of a commercial proposal for the supply of goods.

It is easy to find many standard samples of commercial proposals for the supply of goods on the Internet. We do not recommend using them as a "blank".

Any proposal is a unique document and should be approached creatively. In doing so, it is important to adhere to some basic rules.


The proposal is best submitted on letterhead with full details of your organization. For these purposes, it is desirable to develop a special form with an improved design.


The document should be short, literate both stylistically and grammatically (grammatical errors repel the client), not contain a lot of special technical terms. If you know the commercial offers of competitors, then try to differentiate your letter from them. Do not take competitors' offers as a model.


You should not criticize competitors directly and focus on their shortcomings. It is important to highlight the competitive advantages of your product/service. The expressions “shock”, “unique offer” or “for the first time in Russia” acceptable in advertising are inappropriate to use in a commercial offer. If your product is patented, then this must be reflected in the text. Your letter shouldn't look like an advertisement, even if it does that function. Otherwise, it is highly likely that the recipient will send it to the trash can.

What makes a business proposal successful? In any area of ​​business, it is important to please counterparties, draw their attention to their own products and establish long-term contacts. The first instrument of cooperation is often a commercial offer. We will tell you how to prepare a good text and create an attractive letter for future partners.

Commercial proposal: main goal and what follows from it

The main task of any commercial proposal is to interest a potential counterparty in cooperation with you, to convince you of the superiority of your products or services over competitors' analogues. Accordingly, all of its content should be consistent with this goal. There is no need to tell the story of your company, to provide redundant statistics of success in the market, to tire you with the details of the production process - only what will help to conclude a deal (make a sale).

We will consider various examples of letters with proposals for cooperation, but most importantly, we will highlight the main signs of a successful letter and typical mistakes that force any counterparty to close the message without reading it.

How to send commercial offers

Currently, there are two main options for sending a commercial proposal: in paper form and in electronic form (by e-mail, in social networks or messengers). Of course, each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. But the compilation rules will be very similar, with the difference that the email opens up more possibilities for using media files (images, video and audio).

Commercial proposal structure

Any sample commercial proposal for cooperation should be clearly structured:

  • subject of the letter and greeting (if necessary);
  • presentation (in a paper letter, this function is performed by letterhead);
  • essence of the proposal , description of cooperation prospects, competitive advantages;
  • link to the application (if available);
  • contact details (phone numbers, addresses, pages on social networks).

A clear structure is essential for easy orientation of the reader within the text. A potential partner should instantly see the essence of the proposal, its advantages in the form of specific arguments and contact details of the sender.

Ready-made examples of commercial letters of cooperation

Let's consider in practice how to write a good letter of cooperation, which will be of interest to a potential counterparty. Before writing your own proposal, explore the various options on the Internet, and then write your own.

You should not use other people's letters, having corrected only your own data in them - this is a bad form. In addition, there is a possibility that your partner has already read this text and your reputation will be badly damaged. Therefore, the samples below are given only as an example, and not as a ready-made template.

I think you've noticed more than once that among recruiters there are those who have a high level of demand and earnings

Customers give them their preference, and with it money.

All masters have their secrets.

In this article, I want to share my most important secret - how I compose proposals that bring me 90% of orders (and often 100%).

First, put yourself in the customer's shoes.

Imagine a situation: you posted a vacancy and received 30 different offers and applications.

You open one by one and ... you see:

  • two paper clips of the attached files and the signature "Sincerely, Masha"
  • “I am ready to close your vacancy. Marya Petrovna. ”
  • “ I am interested in your project. Call: 8 (903) 89988898. Have a nice day! ”
  • “ Good afternoon, I've been recruiting for five years, a psychologist by training, my Facebook profile is . acebook. om/2233424455, I will be glad to cooperate! Anastasia "

And 20 others like that.

I don’t know about you, but I just erase such rubbish and move on.

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