Cases in tourism by example

Cases in tourism by example

Situation 1. Nikolay P. - leading specialist of a travel agency. Six months ago, on the recommendation of Nikolai, Sergey was accepted into the agency - a promising young man, a student of the last year of study at the University of Tourism and Service (RGUTiS), and also the son of his friend. After several months of work, Sergei began to use for non-official purposes the means of material, technical and information support of his unit and did not even hide this fact in front of other employees. Nikolai worries that this information may reach the CEO. Nikolai understands that this problem will fall on his shoulders, since he is responsible for Sergei's actions. In addition, it was on his recommendation that Sergei was hired. Assignment: Help find a way out of this situation. Suggest a solution to the case by answering the following questions: 1. What should Nikolai have done when he found out that Sergey uses the means of material, technical and information support of the post for non-official purposes. 2. Which method of management in relation to Sergei as a method of influence would you give priority in this case? Justify the answer. 3. How can Nikolay organize his work so that such situations do not happen in the future? Situation 2. Mikhail Shmilovich formulated a typical set of quality indicators for a company providing services: - number of customer complaints - customer satisfaction index - return/retention rate of existing customers - ease of establishing contact - courtesy of service personnel - responsibility of service personnel - cost of quality (ratio of costs for quality to loss due to poor quality). Assignment: 1. What do you mean by the indicator "consumer satisfaction index". Justify the answer. 2. Suggest activities to ensure and improve the quality of tourist services and increasing their satisfaction. Situation 3. One employee of a travel agency experienced a decrease in motivation to work. At first he tried very hard, did a lot of work, worked without a break for lunch. He often brought various suggestions to the manager to improve work efficiency. Over time, the employee realized that his activity did not lead to anything. The leader, instead of approving, constantly scolded and criticized. As a result, the employee began to work in the same way as all his colleagues, "from call to call." Task 1. What do you think, what mistake the manager made when interacting with this employee? 2. What would you do if you were a leader? How would you improve the motivation of your employee? 3. What theory of motivation is present here?

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    Case Marketing strategy of the travel company "Pomor-Tour" of the Arkhangelsk region

    Collection of educational cases. Experience of Russian companies., St. Petersburg, 2003 - 232 p. from 161-191

    on the topic "Business Level"

    The case can also be used for discussion in study groups in the courses "Marketing", "Service Marketing", "Travel Marketing" when considering the following topics:

    Segmentation and Positioning

    Purpose of the case

    1. To enable students to understand the specifics of marketing in the travel market.

    2. Learn to weigh the pros and cons when choosing alternative marketing strategies in the travel market.

    3. Study the specifics of the marketing of territories and attractions.

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