Business tourism: what is it

The new law on tourism will take into account the lessons of the pandemic

The document is planned to be developed by the end of the year, the emphasis in it will be on increasing the domestic tourist flow

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The government instructed Rosturizm to develop a new sectoral law within a year, the need for which has been discussed for several years. The current rules for the tourist market were adopted in 1996 and are focused primarily on protecting Russian travelers abroad. Now the country faces another task - to develop domestic resorts.

Why change the rules

The new law should take into account the needs of society, business and regions, says the head of the State Duma Committee on Physical Culture, Sports, Tourism and Youth Affairs Boris Paikin. “It should focus on the development of domestic and inbound tourism, - said the deputy. “These two areas will allow not only to radically improve the quality and availability of tourist services in our country, but will also have a multiplier effect for the development of the regional economy and the creation of new jobs.”

State Duma Deputy Speaker Irina Yarovaya also spoke about the fact that the current law is "hopelessly outdated" at an online conference in RIA Novosti in the summer of 2020. The document does not even contain such concepts as "domestic tourism" and "tourism cluster". As Yarovaya emphasized, the pandemic has created new opportunities, including for the active development of travel in Russia. “We have a unique country, very interesting balneological zones, recreational, which must be formalized in legal status, the register of which must be open,” said the vice speaker.

According to the Association of Tour Operators of Russia, in 2020 among the most popular holiday destinations for Russians, in addition to the Black Sea coast, were the Caucasian Mineral Waters, Baikal, Altai and Khakassia. At the same time, the regions were not quite ready for a large influx of tourists: there were not enough parking lots, hotels and recreation centers, canteens and cafes.

Head of the Federation Council Committee on Social Policy Inna Svyatenko is sure that it is important to provide tourist facilities with infrastructure, service, and good advertising. “The law should take into account the norms on regulating the activities of hoteliers and guides-translators and regulate the work of tourist information platforms that already exist,” the senator explained to Parlamentskaya Gazeta.

According to the plan of legislative activity, published on the government website, Rostourism and other interested departments will be engaged in the development of the bill. The concept of the document will be drawn up by a working group that has yet to be created.

There will be more tourists in Sochi and Altai

At the annual press conference on December 17, 2020, President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia will create a government commission for the development of domestic tourism. On the same day, Sergei Krivonosov, deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Physical Culture, Sports, Tourism and Youth Affairs, said that United Russia, together with Rosturizm, would develop measures to support the tourist industry. “The main goal is to double the flow of tourists to the tourist centers of our country,” the party’s press service quoted the deputy as saying. The State Duma is already considering a bill on auto tourism, which establishes uniform rules for the construction of roadside motels, campgrounds and cafes. Other proposals relate to reducing the tax burden and issuing concessional loans to companies operating in the tourist business.

Also, the State Duma will soon consider a draft law on the development of ecological tourism, which proposes to include this direction in the list of priorities for the development of the tourism industry. Rostourism supported the initiative, the press service of the co-author of the document, a member of the Duma Committee on Labor and Social Policy Svetlana Bessarab, reported on January 13.

The concept of "Business tourism" has appeared relatively recently. Such trips allow not only to attend conferences, exhibitions and other business events, but also to visit interesting places and sights in their free time. Most often, business trips involve ambitious people, for whom movement is life, the desire to receive new information, make new acquaintances, and, of course, travel. In the article, we will reveal in detail the issue of business tourism: what is it.

Traveling to exhibitions

Attending exhibitions in different countries is the main industry in business travel. Up to 30 thousand exhibitions are held in different countries every year. Many businessmen come to these events, who share their experience with foreign colleagues, learn about new products and sign contracts.

It should be noted that in a particular industry it is known in advance about the event. Therefore, in a travel agency it is easier to buy a ticket and book a room. Unlike conventional tourism, you do not have to choose a place to travel, look for advantages and disadvantages. In any business trips, the dates are strictly fixed, so if there is a problem with the flight or hotel accommodation, there is a risk of not getting to an important event.

It is recommended to prepare all travel documents in advance, this may include:

Pass and other important papers.

It should be borne in mind that a large number of documents will arrive at the exhibition event, which means that it is necessary to book a room at the nearest hotel as soon as possible. It is also important to prepare all documents in advance so as not to disrupt your business trip. Not getting to the event, the company can lose significant profits and lose a client.

What is shown at business exhibitions? In particular, manufacturers worldwide present new cars, military equipment, and aircraft. This includes household appliances, smartphones and much more. It is extremely important to visitors and potential customers to show how good the presented product is.

For example, you can cite the Lebourg air show, to which aircraft from different manufacturers were brought. In addition, the event hosted an air show with the participation of aerobatic teams.

There is also an exhibition for farmers, which is held year after year in Hanover. The latest technology for farms and agriculture is brought here for the presentation.

Attending a fashion show

Fashion shows are also considered a type of business travel. The large-scale exhibition brings together representatives of fashion houses, modeling agencies, and perfumery houses. Shows involve bright and spectacular shows. Thousands of spectators, influential people and celebrities come to such events. Successful fashion show deals involve multi-million dollar contracts.

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