Business tourism in St. Petersburg

Business tourism in St. Petersburg

Business Tourism MICE in St. Petersburg: Investment in the Development of Your Business

Perhaps one should not ignore the fact that business tourism is an integral practical part of any commercial activity. It is difficult to trace the origins and the beginning of the formation of this type of business travel, but surely every modern business person remembers the unconditional and unquestioning importance of business trips during the economic formation of the country.

Most likely, it is this kind of business and purposeful travel that became the progenitors of modern business tourism. Today, business tourism is a really effective lever in the struggle for the planned economic development of the company, and a lot of practical examples of the implementation of this type of travel not only in Europe, but also in Russia are more than a clear confirmation of this.

Several Key Aspects and Destinations of Business Travel

Modern business tourism is a fairly broad concept that includes the special specifics of the provision of tourist services. At its core, it is an individual tourism, since any purposeful business trip, one way or another, implies an exclusively private approach and taking into account certain goals of the traveler himself or the company he represents. This includes scheduling meetings, and booking hotels and places in vehicles, transfers, entertainment and more.

Often, business tourism is not the ultimate goal, since in most cases it is "diluted" with a number of cultural and entertainment events: shopping, visiting places of historical importance, business lunches and business dinners, etc.

Activities and tasks that make up the list of priorities in business tourism are: - Attendance at seminars, exhibitions, congresses, conferences, etc .; - Conducting business meetings, negotiations; - Participation in intensive tours and team building programs; - Accommodation in hotels and inns of the city of arrival; - Cultural and entertainment program, recreational and excursion activities, etc.

St. Petersburg - Northern Business Tourism Center of Europe

As for the city on the Neva, the prospects for the development of St. Petersburg as one of the largest business centers in Russia are obvious. There are a lot of prerequisites for this, and one of the most significant is the willingness of the municipal and state authorities to contribute to this in every possible way. For example, the leadership of the Committee for Tourism Development has set quite achievable goals for the city - by the end of this decade to reach a stable position in the twenty best business centers in Russia.

Business Life of St. Petersburg Today

Modern St. Petersburg compares favorably with the rest of the industrial centers of Russia. In addition to a fairly well-developed infrastructure, the city is famous for its international forums, conferences, congresses and meetings. St. Petersburg can safely "hang the tag" of a window to Europe - a lot of international events, exhibitions and other major business meetings enable guests of the Northern capital to profitably use this point of business tourism in order to develop their own business.

In general, we can say that special attention is paid to each social and commercial sphere in the city on the Neva: the educational sphere is developed here - there are a lot of universities in the city, commercial - a large number of banks, including Russian branches of foreign companies.

Business tourism in St. Petersburg

Review of the current state and main trends in tourism development in St. Petersburg

An overview of the current state and main trends in tourism development in St. Petersburg was prepared by the Department of Strategic and Investment Consulting of MKD Partner JSC.

The purpose of preparing this Review is to provide information support for decision-making on the organization of group tourist trips and various events in St. Petersburg.

The document is aimed at organizers of group tours, exhibitions, conferences, business, cultural, sports, social events.

In preparing the material, data from Petrostat, the committees of the St. Petersburg Administration, generalized media data, data from Internet sites, own research of MKD Partner JSC and other sources were used.

St. Petersburg is the administrative center of the Northwestern Federal District of the Russian Federation.

The city is located on the coast of the Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea. The geographical coordinates of the city center are 59 ° 57 'north latitude and 30 ° 19' east longitude.

St. Petersburg area (including administratively subordinate territories) - 1439 sq. m.

Population (as of January 1, 2010) - 4 600.3 thousand people. [1] St. Petersburg is the northernmost city in the world with a population of over one million.

Distance from St. Petersburg to the nearest large cities in Europe (by road), km: [2]

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