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Rural tourism as a business

Not every city dweller can pamper himself with a country house. However, many people want to spend time enjoying fishing, mushroom and berry picking and are willing to pay for this pleasure. Let's take a look at how to set up such a business.

What is rural tourism

Rural tourism is an option for recreation away from the noise of the city, the opportunity to enjoy simple activities, in peace and quiet. In addition, it is part of a healthy lifestyle that has become more and more popular lately.

Agriturismo can choose from a wide variety of activities, including picking fruits and vegetables, horseback riding, honey tasting, learning about wine and cheese making, or buying handmade gifts from farm gift shops and farms. Therefore, the unification of tourism with agriculture looks quite promising.

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How to develop rural tourism

Buying a house in the countryside provides excellent opportunities for earning money. However, you should be aware that not every village is suitable for earning money. The terrain must meet the following requirements:

And of course, it is necessary to provide holidaymakers with all kinds of entertainment. These can be:

  • picking fruits and vegetables;
  • horseback riding;
  • chopping wood;
  • picking mushrooms; <
  • homemade wine tasting;
  • a zoo with pets, you can suggest feeding them.

And much more that city dwellers are deprived of in everyday life.

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Material on the topic: "Business ideas of tourism" with full explanation and justification.

Tourism for children: an interesting business idea for hiking enthusiasts

Children's tourism is quite a lucrative idea for business. This service is relevant, since the level of urbanization is currently very high, the attachment of the younger generation to high technologies, modern gadgets and comfortable living conditions make a tourist trip interesting, exciting and unforgettable. Such events are unique for modern children, have recreational, health-improving, cultural and educational significance. It is worth noting here that in this case, children's tourism means exactly tourist trips, since travel agencies and tour operators are involved in the organization of full-fledged travel, and excursions are conducted by excursion agencies. Hence, the specifics of organizing a children's tourism business is that the main tourist routes are laid within the city limits or in the immediate vicinity of it. Also, such tourist trips are characterized by a short duration of the event (1-3 days), a short route.

The main target audience is children aged 12 to 18 years. Younger children can only take part in the hike with an accompanying adult (parent or guardian). However, the upper age limit is blurred, which makes it possible to organize trips for all age categories at no additional cost. The basic rule when forming a group should be approximately equal age of all participants. For example, if the presence of a child under 12 years old accompanied by an adult is expected in a group, then the entire group should be formed on the basis of a similar composition. Groups over 18 years of age must not include children. This is necessary to prevent potential conflicts, preserve the atmosphere of travel.

Currently, there is a small number of companies involved in organizing children's tours on the market, which is caused by the lack of awareness of the population about the potential service. In most cases, these are government agencies.

Premises, equipment and inventory

An office is needed to organize children's tourism. The leased office area should be about 30-35 sq. ... This is due to the need to place both office equipment and furniture for the implementation of organizational tasks (PC, printer, components, tables, chairs, filing cabinets), as well as shelving and storage space for inventory. There are no special requirements for the location of the office; it can be located both in the central part of the city and in a residential area. The average rental price for a space of 30 sq. ... is about 12,000 rubles per month. The cost of utilities (electricity, water supply, sewerage) is about 3,000 rubles per month.

Equipment and inventory for hiking is formed based on their specifics (hiking, water, mountain).

Any type of hike requires the following equipment and supplies:

All of the above equipment is collected in a backpack and is an individual set for one participant. Accordingly, the total number of such kits should depend on the potential number of participants in the hike. It is optimal to have 10 backpacks with all the contents.


Each backpack is also equipped with the necessary set of food products intended for the duration of the route. All participants are given a complete route plan and navigation aids. Each participant selects the necessary clothing and accessories independently, based on the preliminary instructions of the guide (based on the maximum weight of the backpack, usefulness, etc.).

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