Business tourism Greece

Business tourism Greece

Today the economy in Greece is quite stable. Therefore, a lot of our compatriots go there to work. In this article we will tell you what documents you need to work in Greece and what vacancies for Russians exist in this country.

What vacancies are in demand in the country

It is worth noting that in order to get a high-paying job in this country, you need to learn the Greek language. Knowledge of German and English will be a plus, but without knowledge of the national language in Greece, you will not find a good job.

Athens is the main business and financial center of the country. Some foreigners may even get a managerial position in one of the large companies, but this is more the exception than the rule.

The main area of ​​work in Athens is tourism. Working in Crete is more suitable for people traveling to Greece for the season only, without planning to stay for more than six months. Let's take a closer look at what vacancies there are in this country.

Skilled Job

Professionals with higher education can try to find a job in the following vacancies:

  • Pharmacist ;
  • Doctor ;
  • Nurse;
  • Technologist ;
  • Agronomist ;
  • system administrator;
  • programmer;
  • software developer, etc.

Qualifications and work experience here will be mandatory requirements for a candidate.

Unskilled Job

Vacancies and registration of a work visa for Russians in Greece

It's a crime to go to Greece just to see the sights at a frantic pace or, conversely, lazily wallow on the beach. In this country one should enjoy: food and wine, sea and midday heat, communication with locals and nature, antiquities and silence, discos and fun. All at once - it will not work in any other way here anyway.

Winter guests of Greece will find comfortable cool weather, no summer "bust" of tourists, a huge number of attractions and a well-developed tourist infrastructure. In addition, in winter, "fur-tours", beautiful nature and the opportunity to spend a wonderful vacation on one of the most beautiful islands in the country, Rhodes, do not go anywhere. The prices in spa hotels that have significantly decreased during the off-season period nicely complement the picture; in addition, it is in winter that you can gnaw on the granite of science without being distracted by the treacherously shining sea under the sun's rays.

Regions and resorts of Greece

Beaten and old, but true: Greece has it all! This amazing Mediterranean country has collected, it seems, absolutely all the benefits of the tourist world. Dizzying peaks, sheltered on their slopes with first-class ski resorts like Vasilitsa or Kaimaktsalan, here side by side with the wonderful beaches of the Peloponnese and Halkidiki. Well, a relaxed vacation on the countless Greek islands, so popular with tourists, is easily complemented by an impressive "excursion". Moreover, the latter is enough even in the dusty corner of Greece - from Athens to some tiny piece of land like Patmos. It is simply impossible to describe in a nutshell the main wealth of the country's regions, therefore on the page "Cities and Resorts of Greece" we briefly but succinctly told about the main directions and interests of the blessed homeland of Odysseus.

Time difference with Moscow


In Mediterranean Greece, summer is hot and dry, and the number of sunny days per year exceeds 300. The hottest period lasts from mid-July to mid-August, so those who like to relax at a moderate temperature are better off here in May, June, September and October in Crete and Rhodes. The islands are always hotter than Northern Greece. Athens has approximately the same average temperature as on the islands, but in the latter the climate is milder and the heat is more tolerated.

It can be chilly at night in early and late summer due to the constantly blowing breeze. The holiday season on the islands starts earlier and lasts from April to October. In Northern Greece, the season lasts from May to September. The mildest and most comfortable periods for staying in the country are May-June and September-October. Read more: the climate of Greece.

See also the current weather forecast for the main Greek resorts for 10 days and the analysis of the weather in the country by month.

Visa and Customs

A Greek visa can be issued at the consular section of the Greek Embassy in Moscow (3 working days), at the Greek Visa Application Center in Moscow (3 working days), at the Consulates General of Greece in St. Petersburg and Novorossiysk (4-10 working days). Do not forget that in order to apply for a visa, you must purchase an insurance policy in advance for the entire duration of the trip.

The economy of Greece has stabilized, and more and more of our compatriots are considering this country in terms of employment opportunities and permanent residence. This article will tell you how Russians can get a work visa to Greece.

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