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How to realize yourself in the event sphere

The material was prepared by the team of the Knyazev group of companies headed by Sergey Knyazev *

A few words about the event

In Russia, the event industry has moved from the stage of inception to the stage of solid formation and active development: it is becoming more and more popular and in demand. During the crisis, companies began to increasingly turn to events to increase sales and show themselves in all their glory in front of consumers, fewer and fewer people spare money for private events, be it a wedding or birthday. If you want to distinguish yourself from competitors, create a non-standard event, be remembered by your clients or simply surprise your friends - contact the event agency! But who are these professional magicians working for the good of everything unusual?

Despite the actively growing excitement around this interesting area and the number of people willing to work in it, the so-called event manager profession has not yet been registered in the All-Russian Classifier of Occupations. Accordingly, unfortunately, no university trains specialists in this area. Of course, you can come to an event, having graduated from any institute of culture or television, where you will undoubtedly be introduced to such courses as "Organization of mass events", "Directing pop and mass performances", or, for example, from PR, tourism and hotel business ... However, this is what is called "beating around the bush." Likewise, the countless number of courses that the Internet is teeming with can be characterized.

In a word, having understood the main problem of the event, the organizer of the events Sergei Knyazev, back in 2005, founded the first and only author's school of event-managers in Russia. After graduating from this school, the graduate receives a diploma, which is highly valued in the event field. In addition to lectures and seminars, that is, a theoretical block, students also perform practical tasks: they solve various cases and, as an exam, organize their own, real events with finding clients and working out a scenario. The school turned out to be in great demand, and gathers activists from different cities of Russia at their desks. Indeed, practice shows that agencies that have a clear specialization of event managers take the first place, which increases their salaries three to four times.

Separately, in the event, I really want to bring out a direction that is still young both for our country and for the whole world - MICE. MICE is the art of organizing events abroad. At the moment, this is a tidbit, one of the most exciting and promising business areas in the world, which is just gaining momentum. Since this area of ​​the event market is not fully formed, we advise you to pay special attention to it. By the way, in the Russian market, the gap of ignorance in this area has already been partially eliminated: a specialized training program has been organized at an offsite business school in Geneva and London. Event never stands still, so it is useful for even an experienced specialist to improve their knowledge, and having visited several foreign companies, you can learn a lot of useful things and be several steps ahead of your competitors.

Are eventors born or made?

Will everyone be able to realize themselves in the event-sphere? The question is quite difficult, especially given the young age of the profession, but still there are special requirements for candidates applying for work in this field that will help you answer this question.

As noted by Tatiana Voytkevich, General Director of the group of companies “Event-Info. nyazev ”, training at the school of event managers is a solid foundation for further development and helps people decide whether they are interested in the event at all. However, it is not enough just to unlearn at the event school. Tatiana emphasizes that it is motivation that is very important, how a young specialist explains his desire to work in an event, whether he has an insane craving for this area. A candidate can work for 5 years in a bank, but during all this time organize countless birthdays, anniversaries and other events on his own initiative, and even in the absence of direct experience in the holiday industry, interest the employer.

In general, the following basic requirements for applicants can be distinguished:

  • higher or incomplete higher education;
  • confident computer skills;
  • experience in organizing corporate or private events (participation in organizing holidays at the previous work, events that are interesting specifically for you, such as flash mobs or photo shoots of friends. The more you tell about yourself and your hobbies, the better);
  • the ability to work with documentation;
  • the skills of identifying promising potential customers;
  • personal qualities (initiative , stress resistance, the ability to generate ideas, the ability to work with people, the desire to work for a result, and not sit at the workplace for the allotted time);
  • work experience (a very important indicator, but does not come to the fore).

Organization of holidays is such a popular service that even on the periphery this niche has been occupied for a long time. And therefore, a novice entrepreneur needs to carefully study the market, determine the target audience and develop not only the direction, but also how his agency will differ from everyone else.

Business specifics, its relevance

The entertainment business is one of the most dynamically developing today - the number of its clients is constantly growing. The services of such companies are usually used by those who do not want to organize the event on their own. An event agency is a profitable business that does not require large investments. At the same time, a competent organization is very important.

An enterprise will be successful if the desire and ability to inspire is supported by experience, knowledge and connections. The holiday program should be individual for each client, and this will require the makings of creativity. In addition, you have to work with a large number of people - animators, presenters, musicians, guest artists. And you need to be able to negotiate with everyone.

Description of the agency's goods and services

Most often, event agencies are approached by people who want them to organize and hold some significant event. In addition, today in the field of entertainment there are many areas that are in demand by the consumer, but are not sufficiently represented on the market: team-building, organization of quests, parties for adults, corporate events, various promotional actions.

Event-activity is one of the areas of BTL ("indirect" advertising). It overlaps with advertising and marketing activities in many ways. Therefore, such a business implies active communication with third-party organizations, including PR-offices, artists, promoters, and the media.

Market and Industry Analysis

Today, event service for the most part leaves much to be desired. Most firms only act as intermediaries between customers and musicians, and the price level does not correspond to the quality of the services provided. The lack of an exclusive scenario and insufficient material base allows us to offer only a standard set of options.

The work is focused on improving the quality of services and consolidating companies - unprofitable agencies will be squeezed out of the market and absorbed by competitors, which will stabilize and legalize the business.

Target audience

The main clients of the company for organizing events are corporate customers, recreation centers and children's institutions, individuals.

All events and events, from small celebrations with the presence of several guests to large all-Russian and international conferences and forums, which are attended by thousands of people, are organized by someone. The specialists who organize events are called event managers. Read about what the work tasks of an event manager are and in which universities you can get the knowledge and skills necessary for work, read in this article.

Translated from English, the word "event" means an event, an event. An event manager is a specialist who organizes events and events of various formats and scales aimed at achieving various results, for example, improving the image of a company or product, building team cohesion, bringing together experts of a certain field to exchange experience, etc.

Where does the event manager work and what does the event manager do

Event managers are most in demand in event- and pr-agencies, consulting companies, cultural, leisure and exhibition centers, large companies with a developed corporate culture (here, specialists often hold intracorporate events for employees of the organization), government agencies (in event management departments), etc.

The main working task of an event manager is planning, organizing and conducting events. The main functional responsibilities of an event manager are quite numerous and varied, they include:

  • development of concepts, programs, event scenarios;
  • preparation of event presentations and protection of ideas to customers;
  • budgeting and budget control of events ;
  • search, negotiation and control of the work of subcontractors (presenters, artists, florists, designers, etc.);
  • search, invitation and negotiation with speakers, experts, VIP guests of events ;
  • writing texts about events;
  • promoting events, working with the media;
  • coordinating events.

Who is the event manager for?

Working as an event manager is interesting and exciting: there is an opportunity to meet and communicate with a large number of interesting people, realize your creative ideas, constantly learn and develop. Nevertheless, not everyone will be able to work in this area, because the workdays of event organizers involve strict deadlines, overwork, unexpected stressful and conflict situations (for example, the presenter fell ill and did not come, the lights in the building were turned off, the technical equipment was not set up) that need to be resolved in a short time.

Important personal qualities required to work as an event manager:

  • activity and mobility
  • stress resistance
  • excellent organizational skills
  • well-developed communication skills
  • ability to work in multitasking mode
  • creative thinking, ability to solve non-standard tasks

Organization of holidays is not easy. Although, it would seem, what is there to think? There is a date, a reason. It remains to determine the venue, menu, guest list and entertainment. If we cope with the first three points quickly, then we have to tinker with the program. There are many factors to consider. Who are the guests? What age and interests? It is unlikely that we will offer teenagers to guess songs of past years, and older guests to play hide and seek or go through a quest.

It is very important to think over not only the concept of the event, but also every detail. And most importantly, appoint a responsible person at all stages.

In this matter, I advise you to trust the professionals or at least those who understand this.

Luckily, event agencies offer a wide range of choices on any topic. They write a script for your ideas, plan, develop a design for the decoration of the room. They think over an entertainment program taking into account your wishes.

Such agencies embody your ideas into reality and know how to organize this or that "turnkey" event

History of formation

Today we are happy to entrust the development of the event to people who know a lot about it. After all, we have no time to do this. We have work, family, children. Lots of unresolved issues throughout the day. I am glad that the age of delegation has arrived. And, with pleasure, I use it.

Some 20 years ago, any date in the family or at work was organized collectively. At home, we set the table with sisters, aunts, sometimes neighbors came to help. The men pitched tents or erected canopies and seating areas. The women were engaged in cooking. Children inflated balloons and painted posters. The most active and talkative one was appointed as the presenter. Manage the evening and guide guests.

Almost the same thing happened in organizations. The activists came up with an idea, gathered a team, shared responsibilities and jointly held an event. This could be the opening of an institution, department, the birthday of a company or management. Professional holidays or joint vacations.

If we delve deeper into the origins of the formation of this direction, we will find ourselves in an ancient era. Where the conduct of battles or the meeting of warriors after a campaign against the enemy was a matter on a large scale. Costumed performances, dances, jokes and magicians, all this was included in the program of the evening.

What do we see today? Holidays with a twist begin to be celebrated from early childhood. Kindergartens and matinees at the school are held with the participation of invited animators. These are people who, for money, dress up as any cartoon character and amuse the guests. Well, what collaborations are offered for the adult population, where fantasy has no boundaries? You can please everyone. Conveniently? Of course. Fashionable? Undoubtedly.

Event Marketing

What is important in organizing events? How to hit the target and get maximum benefit for some and pleasure for others? Customer focus. This is what lies at the heart of the success of such companies. And here I am not only talking about well-run birthdays or conferences. But also real advertising campaigns. Standard rollers of powder and furniture on credit are already abhorrent to us. And presentations of goods or services with shows, prizes and gifts give the feeling of a holiday. And now, you have not noticed how you bought the product. At the same time, you yourself made such a decision, the seller did not sniff it, but simply gave the opportunity to experience the emotions that you will receive by purchasing a service or product. This kind of marketing is a tool that presents advertising as a gift.

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