Business in Thailand: an overview of the business climate

How do Russians now get to Bali and Malaysia

Russian tourist flow to Malaysia at the end of 2019 increased by 10-11%, experts say. We found out what is interesting for Russians in Malaysia and due to what the demand for the destination may increase in 2020. More news: Malaysia has opened its free online academy for travel agents on the ATOR Academy portal.


According to the director of the Moscow office of Tourism Malaysia, the tourism attaché of the Malaysian Embassy in Russia, Mr. Jeffrey Munir, according to forecasts, in 2019 the flow of tourists from the Russian Federation will be at least 80 thousand tourists.

“I am glad that Russian tourists are more and more interested in Malaysia. In 2018, 72.8 thousand Russians came to us, which is 7.7% more than in the previous year. In January-September 2019, 60.5 thousand Russian tourists visited Malaysia, which is 11.6% more than in the same period last year. We look forward to growth in Q4 2019 as well. Russians do not need a visa to Malaysia, a tourist can stay in the country for up to 30 days, simply by receiving a stamp at the airport, ”said Mr. Munir.

According to him, within the framework of the Visit Malaysia 2020 campaign, Tourism Malaysia held a road show in several cities of Russia, and everywhere "a full hall of tourism industry specialists gathered." This interest in the product gives the Malaysian side reason to expect positive dynamics in the tourist flow in the future.


Experts note an increase in the number of requests for tours to Malaysia. Philip Obruchev-Mironov, head of the group of sub-mass directions of the Intourist tour operator, says that this is facilitated by the emergence of new connecting flights, bypassing the transfer in the capital Kuala Lumpur.

For example, with one change, you can fly to both the beach resorts of Langkawi and Penang, and to territories that are interesting for their cultural and natural component (Sabah and Sarawak).

Margarita Goncharenko, head of the outbound tourism department of the KMP Group, agrees with this point of view. In her opinion, Malaysia attracts with beautiful nature, interesting reserves and a rich selection of excursions. The expert calls another plus of the direction a visa-free entry for Russian citizens.

In general, market participants assess the demand for the direction as stable, sales are generally in line with last year's volumes. Perhaps the best positive trend in the direction is recorded by representatives of the tour operator Space Travel: + 30% year-on-year.


Tour operators are ready to expand the range of tours to Malaysia

Despite the fact that neither Indonesia nor Malaysia is open by air, and the resorts of these countries do not officially accept foreign tourists, certain categories of travelers can still get there. Let's figure out how and how exactly, and whether it is justified.

Let us remind you that in the last review we examined in detail the conditions and rules for the entry of tourists and other categories of Russians to Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. Continuing the topic, let's talk about other popular countries in Southeast Asia.


Is Bali open to tourists? With this question, as representatives of the tourist retail say, customers turn to them almost every day. Alas, Bali is still closed for tourists.

However, Russians still have the opportunity to enter the popular Indonesian island.

We are talking about entering Indonesia with an e-business visa, which allows business travelers from any country in the world to enter. Such a visa is issued for 60 days, after which it can be extended for another 120 days (you can thread it for 30 days, an additional payment for every 30 days is $ 90). The cost of a visa is $ 750.

An expert on the Russian travel market, who wished to remain anonymous, said that such a visa became available for Russians relatively recently. Host companies in Bali took advantage of this opportunity. They began to send Russian tour operators proposals to issue such a visa not only for business travelers, but also for Russians who want to combine real-life business goals with a vacation in Bali. Now you can apply for such a visa from the tour operators PAX, ART-Tour, Ambotis.

Let us remind you that a visa must be issued through a travel agency (receiving company) in Indonesia - either directly or through a Russian tour operator. The host company will "sponsor" the tourist, vouch for him and request a special permit for a business visa in the Indonesian capital Jakarta.

In order to obtain such a visa, it is necessary to provide an invitation from the Indonesian side, a medical certificate from a doctor translated into English, an insurance policy with full coverage in case of a need for treatment for COVID-19, a letter of guarantee of readiness quarantine if necessary. The day before departure, you must pass a PCR test for COVID-19. The invitation from the Indonesian side is drawn up by Indonesian travel companies.

When crossing the border, the tourist declares that he flew to Indonesia with a business purpose, for example, to negotiate with Indonesian entrepreneurs. After completing the business part of the visit, you can go on vacation.

First-hand news

"The Land of Smiles" attracts foreign investors not only by the hospitality of the local population, but also by its favorable location in Southeast Asia. The tourism potential of this country has already been studied quite well, but has not yet been fully realized. In addition to tourism, there are other areas in which business in Thailand looks like a very attractive idea.

Promising areas for cooperation

In search of an answer to the question of how to open a business in Thailand, define your needs. If the Indochina peninsula beckons you with its coastline, warm climate, magnificent views and a delicate attitude to human weaknesses, then an atmospheric lifestyle business in the form of a small restaurant or hotel is ideal. On the other hand, the possibilities of this country are not limited only to tourist resorts. A new economic development model called “Thailand 4.” has now been launched. The modernization of the industrial sector is coming, the promotion of Thai brands to the international market, as well as the development of special economic zones. Given that the government is pursuing a consistent policy aimed at liberalizing foreign investment, business in Thailand is becoming an interesting strategic investment.

The most superficial analysis of imports and exports suggests that in the coming years Russian enterprises will supply medical equipment, aviation equipment and components for the power industry to Thailand. The supply of petroleum products, fertilizers for agriculture, and rolled metal products will also continue.

Investment climate

In general, starting a business in Thailand is not so difficult. A clear procedure for registering a company, the ability to submit documents in electronic form, One Start One Stop centers designed to help foreign investors - all this makes this jurisdiction very pleasant for entrepreneurship. But there are also some difficulties.

Thailand does not have a separate legal form for legal entities with foreign capital.

However, as a general rule, only 49% of the shares can be owned by a foreigner.

Exceptions to this rule are made only in special cases. Therefore, you will have to look for either reliable Thai partners, or resort to dubious schemes from a legal point of view. About the same difficulties exist with the ownership of land and real estate - only rent is available for foreigners.

Some difficulties arise due to language and cultural barriers. Thais, especially those living far from tourist resorts, speak rather mediocre English, and in addition, in a controversial situation, they may deliberately refer to a misunderstanding or misinterpretation of words. And all legally significant papers must be drawn up in Thai. Therefore, business in Thailand for Russians is possible only with the involvement of a qualified translator.

Government regulation of business in Thailand

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