Business idea of ​​opening a travel company

Business idea of ​​opening a travel company

This article discusses an interesting business idea: event tourism, which will be close to entrepreneurs who have organizational skills and know how to drive a car.

What is event tourism

Event tourism is the trips of people to all kinds of events and festivals in another city or country.

Let's consider this business idea by the example of trips to all kinds of events in Russia.

Promising types of event tourism

The largest flow of tourists falls on weekends and holidays.

Maslenitsa, Defender of the Fatherland Day, Easter, New Year's holidays - this is the time when the organizer of outing tours is given the opportunity to earn a lot of money.


First, we decide on the subject and place of travel. For example, consider an outbound tour from Moscow to the village of Morozovo near Sergiev Posad (about 100 km of the way one way).

The historic Medieval Festival Ritter Weg is held there annually. A trip to this event, for example, will be of interest to lovers of history, legends, and knightly all-around.

So that the first trip does not become the last, it is necessary to provide comfort and an interesting program for tourists. A comfortable trip is already 50% of success, so you need to buy or rent a minibus. For a start, a used bus (preferably foreign production) with 20-30 seats is suitable.

Suppose we will transport people ourselves (this will save money on driver services). The bus should be equipped with air conditioning, comfortable seats, and ideally a TV.

Next, we develop an excursion plan (right by the hour). In Morozovo, this can be a visit to a festival, renting a tent in a camp, a guided tour, you can include additional services (photo session, horseback riding).

Event tourism as a business idea

  • 1 To start a travel business
  • 2 Calculation of earnings at a travel agency
  • 3 The amount required to start a business
  • 4 Equipment for a travel agency
  • 5 Documents for opening a travel agency

It's hard to find someone who doesn't like travel, so this business idea remains relevant.

Although people have learned to book their own tickets and reservations, there is always a need for travel agents.

Of the minuses in the tourism business, one can note the ever-growing competition in connection with the entry of new firms into the market that specialize in providing the same types of services.

Therefore, you can give advice to beginners in the field of tourism - to arrange promotions and provide discounts, which can significantly affect the increase in the number of clients in your company.

Starting a travel business

Starting a travel business is easy.

This will require start-up capital, staff with experience in this area, funds for organizing an advertising company, as well as office space.

The following stages of opening a tourism business can be distinguished:

  • At the first stage, it is necessary to determine the direction of the travel company. These can be vouchers to sanatoriums, excursion tours to European countries, which, due to certain circumstances, are in great demand among the population, recreation on the seashore, and so on. You can also organize tours in Asia, for example, tours to China are in good demand, you will have to work with visas for clients, how much a visa to China costs you can see by following the link. Based on the direction of activity, it is recommended to calculate the required start-up capital and staff;
  • Write a business plan for your travel agency, which represents the main goals and objectives of the company, and also contains information about the sources and means of achieving them. The business plan indicates the staff, the amount of capital invested, as well as the estimated payback period;
  • At the third stage, it is necessary to find a suitable premises for a travel agency. You can choose either an independent office or premises in any of the business centers. The most suitable option would be to locate the office in the city center or not far from it, so that it is in a crowded place;
  • Organization of an advertising campaign. Properly organized advertising will help significantly increase the flow of potential clientele, as well as make the masses of people know about your agency;
  • Register a travel company as an individual business entity.

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