Business Etiquette

Business etiquette in Russia

Ethics and etiquette

Business and professional life needs organization and order.

Business communication regulates business etiquette. It is designed to organize the interaction and behavior of people at work, in the performance of their official duties.

Ethics is a system of moral and ethical norms accepted in society.

Etiquette is a set of specific rules and laws of behavior adopted in society.

There are many types of etiquette: everyday, diplomatic, military, guest and others.

Business etiquette is one of the components of ethics. Without knowledge of the rules of business etiquette, it is impossible to achieve success in the chosen field of activity.

Compliance with all the rules and norms of communication in a professional environment guarantees respect and authority among colleagues. The correct choice, the appropriateness and timeliness of the word, gesture, posture, other ethical sign reveals the business and personal qualities of a person from the best side.

The rules of business etiquette must be observed as they:

  • contribute to the formation of a positive image;
  • promote successful negotiations, business meetings;
  • safety net in case of force majeure, awkward moments;
  • enable more successful and faster achievement of goals.

Violation of generally accepted rules of entrepreneurship and business conduct makes it unsuccessful. Unethical entrepreneurs fail to establish themselves in the marketplace.

Etiquette includes universal universal moral and ethical standards:


Business etiquette is an established procedure for conduct in the area of ​​business and business contacts. Everyone knows that any employee of the company is the face of the company, and it is important that this person is at the same time attractive and professional, benevolent and adamant, helpful and independent.

Modern business etiquette is a deep knowledge of decency, the ability to behave in a team so as to earn universal respect and not offend another with your behavior. By the culture of behavior of an employee of the company and by his ability to communicate with clients, one can judge the entire team of this company.

Knowing the rules of business etiquette helps to avoid mistakes or smooth them out in accessible, generally accepted ways.

Therefore, the main function or meaning of a business person's etiquette can be defined as the formation of such rules of behavior in society that contribute to mutual understanding between people in the process of communication.

The second most important function of business etiquette is the function of convenience, that is, expediency and practicality. From the smallest detail to the most general rules, business etiquette is a system close to everyday life. After all, the most important principle of etiquette is this: it is necessary to act according to etiquette not because it is so accepted, but because it is more expedient, more convenient, more respectful in relation to others and oneself.

Business ethics is one of the main "tools" for forming a company's image. In modern business, the person of the company plays a significant role. Organizations that don't follow business etiquette have a lot to lose. Where business etiquette has become the norm, labor productivity is higher and results are better. Entrepreneurs all over the world know the basic tenet of business: good manners are profitable. It is much more pleasant to work with a company where business etiquette is observed.

While mastering a civilized market, modern entrepreneurs should know that only 10-15% of those wishing to establish themselves in the market world achieve their goals. Business is built not only on an economic basis, but also on an ethical one. Just as it is inadmissible to violate the generally accepted rules of entrepreneurship in commerce, so it is inadmissible to violate the rules of business etiquette. Compliance with the rules of business etiquette is one of the essential elements of your professionalism.

Businessman abroad

In business circles abroad, there are a number of strict rules of etiquette, without knowing which you can look ridiculous in the eyes of your partners.

During business hours, it is customary in the business world to wear suits that are not too light. It is not recommended to wear colorful or dark shirts. The shirt should be white or light (blue, beige, pinstripe, slightly noticeable check). It is advisable to choose ties for a business setting that are not too bright and without catchy patterns. At the same time, they must match the color scheme to the suit and shirt.

It is also not recommended to wear shirts with short sleeves in a business setting, as it is considered elegant if the cuffs of the shirt are visible from under the sleeves of the jacket by about 2 cm.

A navy or dark gray pinstripe suit is the most common type of suit for every occasion. The fact is that a manager abroad often does not know in the morning where he will be invited in the evening and whether he will still be able to return to the hotel or home in order to change.

In the theater, as well as on special occasions, it is advisable to wear dark clothes. Although it is no longer accepted to wear black suits, with the exception of mourning ceremonies.

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In the modern world, if you are in business, you need to know the basic rules of business etiquette, business correspondence, communication with business partners.

Every employee in a business or office must be familiar with the basics of modern business protocol and business ethics so that they are adequately perceived by colleagues and business partners or clients.

Business etiquette is a set of rules and regulations adopted in the field of business, which regulates the principles of business communication in the world.

The rules of business etiquette, depending on culture, religion, some moral norms in different countries, may have some exceptions, but the basic norms of business communication are universal.

Business Etiquette

The following rules just need to be followed because they are:

  • will form the image of a business person with whom you can do business;
  • will help you behave correctly during business negotiations, meetings, conferences;
  • will help you to get out of difficult or controversial situations correctly and beautifully while communicating with business partners;
  • the opportunity to show your subordinates by example how to communicate with partners;
  • gives you confidence as a person and a leader and will increase credibility.

Principles of Business Etiquette include the following rules of conduct:

Time is one of the most valuable resources and it is not renewable.

If you want to be a successful business person, learn to value your time and the time of your partners.

Try to never be late for business meetings or guests, as business people pay special attention to this.

Success in financial affairs depends not only on professional knowledge, but also on the ability to communicate with people. The business environment has developed norms and rules of conduct. They relate to subordination according to position, status and age. These rules are called business etiquette.

Distinctive features of business etiquette in Russia

The peculiarities of business etiquette in Russia are explained by the fact that Russia is a multinational country, each subject of which has its own traditional rules of conduct. The canons of decent behavior differ in the European and Asian parts of the Russian Federation. Foreigners who have visited different regions can make a completely different opinion on what are the national features of business etiquette in Russia.

Although there is no generally accepted Russian etiquette style of behavior, a sense of tact, politeness and goodwill should be observed in all situations. Russian companies do business in cooperation with many foreign and domestic partners. Business presupposes knowledge of the basic rules of etiquette and the peculiarities of the country with whose representatives negotiations are being conducted.

One of the Russian peculiarities is the address to the interlocutor or colleague by name and patronymic and to “you”. The concept of an etiquette smile does not exist in Russia. A sincere smile is perceived as a manifestation of joy.

Accepted handshakes at the beginning and end of the meeting. At the same time, you should not try to personally greet a large number of people present. In business meetings, gender does not work - women have equal rights. In this case, the position they hold is more important.

Another distinctive feature is Russian hospitality. Important negotiations end with a buffet table in the office or an invitation to a restaurant. At the same time, guests are given memorable souvenirs. Excursions to interesting places in the city can be offered.

Basic Rules of Business Etiquette

The degree of formality depends on the status of the delegation. Heads of enterprises or top managers come to conclude mutually beneficial contracts. At the same time, a previously drawn up protocol is observed, with which all participants must be familiar. Even with a good knowledge of the English language, practically recognized international, the presence of an interpreter is required at the meeting.

The moment of meeting the delegation at the airport is important. You should first check the weather forecast and, if necessary, prepare umbrellas. If the head of the company makes a visit with his wife, then it would be good form to present her with a bouquet.

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