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6 Ways to Improve Your English for Travelers and Travel Workers

Each person who comes to our online school has their own, individual goals and wishes, because how many people - so many opinions (So many men, so many minds). If you are learning English for yourself or for travel, the choice of your topics for communication can be very diverse, the main thing is that it is interesting for you. But what if English is not just a useful hobby - but a necessity for, say, getting a position in the company of your dreams, promotion? Or a prerequisite for such long-awaited courses in England or America? It is to achieve success in these narrowly focused areas that our school has developed a number of special training programs that will certainly be useful to you (will be in handy).

The first thing you should know about is that special courses require your language proficiency at a level not lower than Pre-Intermediate. Only in this case will you have enough educational skills and knowledge to master the specialized program. If your level is Intermediate or higher, you can combine classes with a Russian-speaking teacher or native speaker. The staff of our school will be happy to help you determine your level to start learning.

Business English

The 21st century has brought a new term into our lives - globalization. Very often this term is used to describe the process of economic integration. World markets and companies from all sides do business together and blur geographic and linguistic boundaries precisely because of the English language. The specialized course "Business English" involves the study of business vocabulary and the development of communication skills in the business sphere. It lasts from 6 to 9 months, taking into account 2–3 lessons weekly. This course will help you:

  • replenish vocabulary with special business terms, idioms and expressions;
  • competently use grammatical norms for effective oral and written communication in various situations of business communication;
  • improve the understanding of oral speech during business negotiations and related situations.

The advantages of studying business English at the EnglishDom online school of English are:

  • emphasis on the use of case methods, oral presentations, discussion topics, writing business letters;
  • modeling practical situations in English from your field of activity;
  • acquaintance with the business of major large companies;
  • improving situational language skills through practical video examples;
  • using modern teaching materials and the possibility of changing the course, taking into account the individual needs of the student.

18 English idioms about colors with examples

Specialty Courses

These courses are designed specifically to improve the skills of employees in certain areas of activity. Our school offers at an intensity of 2-3 lessons per week for 6-9 months of lessons with a Russian-speaking teacher or native speaker to perfect your knowledge in the following areas:

Knowledge of Business English or Business English is a frequent item in vacancies. What is it, why is it required and how to teach it?

To organize working moments with foreign colleagues, you need absolutely not the English that we learned at school, but its business version. If your company somehow communicates sideways with colleagues abroad, sooner or later you will need to improve your business English for growth and development here.

Business English differs from General English in topics, vocabulary, and grammar remains the same.

Business English will help broaden work prospects in general. You will learn how to communicate with foreign colleagues, clients and partners without intermediaries. In addition, both your English-speaking colleagues and your boss will appreciate the way you easily and naturally maintain a business conversation during negotiations.

NB: Business English is best taught when your level is pre-intermediate and above.

How to learn Business English?

(It won't be easy, but we believe in you!).

There are many low-quality business English textbooks on the Russian market: some of them are so boring that only the most persistent and motivated can use them, while others contain translations and exercises with errors.

In such a situation, it is best to use manuals and materials from English-speaking countries.

Useful sites:

  • Esl. bout. om - the site contains a large number of articles devoted to the study of business English; tips, advice and examples for writing business letters, writing a resume, important information about preparing for international exams. You can test your knowledge with interesting and helpful Business English exercises and tests.
  • Writing-business-letters. om - as the name implies, it is dedicated to the peculiarities of composing business letters. On the site you can find 7 free lessons on writing business letters, as well as examples of ready-made official letters on various topics.
  • English-test. et - the site contains links to tests, exercises and lessons for all levels. The most popular of them are exercises for writing business letters, writing a resume, preparing for an interview, as well as tests for knowledge of idiomatic expressions.
  • Businessenglishsite. om - the site contains a large number of exercises and tests to test your knowledge of business English. The exercises on the site are divided into categories such as general business utterances, medical English, financial English, marketing English, and the like. The site contains exercises to test reading and listening skills.
  • Businessenglishresources. om - this site will be useful for both business English students and teachers. Contains many business vocabulary and examples of business English grammar features. There you can also find exercises to consolidate knowledge of business vocabulary and grammar.
  • Eslgold. om is a site that contains many thematic articles to expand your business vocabulary. Contains a large number of its own exercises and links to exercises on other sites to test your knowledge of Business English.
  • Breakingnewsenglish. om is a feature of this site: texts for reading, exercises for performing - these are not fictional stories or works of art, but actual news of the world. News texts are adapted for different levels of knowledge. Each "news" is supplemented by grammar tasks, listening and other types of exercises.


If it is more convenient for you to study the textbook, then you must first select it.

Hollywood loves making films that take place in luxury hotels, because hotels and travel are one of the most exciting things in the world.

New locations. New acquaintances. Hotels, hotels and hostels where funny and dramatic events take place.

And all this is in different languages!

Whether you are a traveler or a worker in the tourism industry, the main language for you, of course, will be English. Having a good command of English will not only help you in your daily communication with different people - it will make your trip more enjoyable and your career in the hospitality business more successful.

Of course, finding time to learn a language can be difficult at times. But don't worry, today we're going to show you six easy ways to learn English for tourism. They take very little time each day.

Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take anywhere. Click here to get a copy. (Download)

Choose a good English for Tourism textbook

Whichever way of learning English you choose, in order to get a decent result, you will have to invest a lot of time and effort. The good news is that any English for International Tourism course is usually pretty straightforward, meaning you don't have to memorize dialogues about world politics or read texts on nuclear energy.

Get yourself a good travel English textbook. One of the most popular textbooks in this area is “English for International Tourism“.

The tutorial exists for three levels: “low-intermediate”, “intermediate” and “high-intermediate”. This means that before studying one of the versions, you need to know at least a basic level of English. If you have mastered the basics (pronunciation, reading, easy grammar), this tutorial series is ideal for learning how to communicate in the travel and hospitality industry.

We made a selection of Business English courses for those who want to grow professionally, start their own business or improve management efficiency.

The International House World Organization began teaching English teachers in 1953 in Spain. Today it is a network of 160 schools in 50 countries.

Headway textbooks published by Oxford University Press and CELTA teacher certification courses have been developed here. The level of the teachers of the school is high, because they teach both students and teachers of English.

The British Council has recognized International House in London as the best.

International House London

In Business English courses, students will learn how to hold meetings and conduct discussions, including by phone or online. Learn how to make presentations, write reports, negotiate and deliver a speech. Also, students are taught the principles of business networking.

You can also study topics to choose from with a teacher: marketing, sales, HR, management, administration and medicine. On the first day of class, students will be discussed with their interests and preferences in order to create a suitable training program.



  • breakfast or breakfast and dinner;
  • up to 60 minutes by transport to school;
  • weekly change of bed linen and towels;
  • single, double rooms with a shared bathroom.

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