Business during a pandemic: more than 17 profitable businesses operating during a crisis

Trends for 2020: eternal life, planetary colonization, space tourism, heading and uberization

Certain areas of business did not suffer during the coronavirus period and even turned out to be profitable. We have prepared an overview of more than 17 types of businesses that are in demand and profitable during a pandemic. Almost a year has passed since the beginning of the crisis - this is enough to take stock and draw conclusions about which business was successful, withstood the recession and what entrepreneurs should do in 2021.

Although the pandemic has dealt a serious blow to the Russian economy, not all industries have been at a loss: on the contrary, some types of business are showing impressive growth.

Types of business in demand during the crisis of 2020 - 2021

Food Delivery, Dark Kitchen & Frozen Food

Courier delivery of groceries, ready-made meals and convenience foods has helped many restaurants and cafes survive the lockdown. Modern technologies of deep freezing - at a temperature of -47 degrees and below - help to preserve the taste in its original form.

The first stores have already opened in Moscow, where they sell only products of careful, high-tech freezing - "Fresh Frost". The niche in Russia is still free, the frozen food and convenience foods market does not exceed 14%, while in the USA the figure reaches 75%. The main advantage of “frozen” supermarkets is the long shelf life of products with full preservation of consumer qualities.

Dark Kitchen is another innovation on the Russian market. This is a professional restaurant kitchen that only works for delivery. The format has gained popularity in the West due to quarantine measures.

Laboratory Diagnostic Services

Another promising area during the viral crisis. Private diagnostic clinics provide prompt service and can be located in dormitory areas. To open a laboratory under a franchise, the owner does not need to have a medical education.

The volume of initial investments ranges from 600 thousand to 2.5 million rubles. Laboratory specializations also differ. For example, the DNKOM model of work involves taking biomaterials at the medical office (franchisee), courier delivery to the main laboratory and analysis by specialists (franchisor). The AlfaMed medical center uses the “mini-clinic at home” format, includes the selection and training of medical personnel.

Pharmacy business

The pharmaceutical business is one of the most stable niches. There is always a demand for medicines, vitamins and dietary supplements, and during the pandemic, sales increased many times - including due to protective and disinfectants. Opening a pharmacy from scratch is not so easy - you need a license, and it takes 1.5-2 months to collect documents and obtain the appropriate permits.

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In this collection of business and social trends, we will get acquainted with uberization and heading, assess the possibilities of social entrepreneurship. Let's look at the latest trends in social change, the possibility of coexistence in the future of man and artificial intelligence, the success of AI in art.

We will pay great attention to futurism: the development of a "cure for death", the colonization of planets and space tourism. At the end of the review, we will get acquainted with the 10 most likely future scenarios.

Eternal life

The dream of eternal life has excited the minds of people at all times. But modern man wants even more: not only to live forever, but also never to grow old. World technological and medical corporations are working on this task today. Startups with new “immortal” ideas have become an important component of the trend of eternal life in the 21st century.

Today science can already offer real ways to prolong life in a quality manner:

• gene therapy; • treatment with stem cells; • senolytic agents; • manipulation of signaling pathways that regulate cell self-renewal.

Among the most successful and high-profile projects:

• Calico is a Google project whose main task is to provide people with not only a long, but also a healthy life with the help of innovative technologies. Bill Maris, founder of Google Ventures, believes that a person can very well live to be 500 years old. • SENS Research Foundation is a research laboratory for British gerontologists. • Ambrosia is a somewhat "vampire project": it offers plasma transfusions from young people to the elderly. • Alcor Life Extension Foundation - research on cryopreservation (freezing the body of a deceased person in liquid nitrogen). • Russian transhumanistic program "Russia 2045" with the fantastic idea of ​​implanting the human mind into avatars - artificial bodies that can exist forever.

Planetary colonization

If people live for a very long time or even become immortal, the question is logical: will the Earth be engulfed in a crisis of resettlement, a struggle for scarce resources? The solution is to colonize other planets. In the present reality, autonomous settlements on Mars and the Moon are already being planned. SpaceX wants to colonize the "red planet" by 2050. This is not only about romantic dreams of space: climatic changes can force earthlings to leave their homes.

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