Business communications center tourism

Business communications center tourism

  • In addition, as part of the Day of the Leningrad Region, a working meeting was held between Mr. Chen Zhigang, Vice President of the Chinese Business Center, and Alexander Drozdenko, Governor of the Leningrad Region, during which the parties discussed the participation of Chinese exhibitors in the jubilee International Exhibition-Fair "Agrorus-2021" and the provision by the Chinese side of preferential conditions for Russian exporters to participate in the largest CP exhibitions
  • On June 23, as part of the preparation of the International Agro-Industrial Exhibition-Fair "Agrorus", the first online conference was held "International cooperation in the crisis and post-crisis period", dedicated to the restructuring of logistics and the search for new markets and sources of supply of raw materials and ingredients. The speakers were Alexander Varenov, Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Agroindustrial Complex of the Leningrad Region, Xia Ping, Deputy Chairman of the Committee for the Promotion of International Trade of the City of Xi'an (PRC), and Liu Chuanwu, President of the business consulting structure Huahe International. Project metrics: 204 broadcast views, number of published publications - 31, coverage of publications - 7086 visits, number of social media subscribers - 4561 people.

On August 26, an ONLINE conference with Chinese buyers "Russia-China ECO Day" will be held within the framework of the 29th INTERNATIONAL AGRICULTURAL EXHIBITION-FAIR "AGRORUS"

On August 26, an ONLINE conference with Chinese buyers "Russia-China ECO Day" will be held within the framework of the 29th INTERNATIONAL AGRICULTURAL EXHIBITION-FAIR "AGRORUS"

We invite SUPPLIERS OF ENVIRONMENTAL FOOD PRODUCTS to take part in the ONLINE conference and negotiations with Chinese buyers "ECO Day Russia-China" AUGUST 26, 2020.

"Russia-China ECO Day" is:

  • An opportunity to get acquainted with the most promising market for the supply of sustainable products

In 2019, China officially announced the need for foreign supplies to the national food market, an acute shortage of environmentally friendly and high-quality products in the country

  • One-of-a-kind professional online event for the industry
  • Profiled conference "with results" is not just a conference where you will give a presentation, it is an opportunity during the conference, agree on cooperation with an individual conversation

Key buyers from China who are interested in FOOD products from Russia.

  • Participation without geolocation restrictions thanks to the online format. Now you can participate in the event from anywhere in the world. The main thing is to have access to the Internet
  • Access to new contracts in 1 day, without the cost of expensive business trips and long journeys.

St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry invites you to take part in negotiations with Chinese supplier companies

July 27-31, 2020 St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry invites you to take part in negotiations with Chinese suppliers of metal tools and equipment in an online format.

Business communications center tourism


Communication and business communication trainings are aimed at increasing professional and personal effectiveness.

The skills of receiving and transmitting information, feedback, maintaining a constructive position in communication, correct advocacy of interests, these and other skills are acquired by those who have attended trainings in communication and business communication. Without this foundation, it is difficult to imagine the development of an employee or a leader. The knowledge gained at the trainings "Business Communication", "Effective Communications" is important for a business person and is recommended for passing by all employees of the company.

You will learn important effective communication skills that will help you reach new heights! ·

Communication and Business Communication Trainings: SCHEDULE/ONLINE CLASSES IN MOSCOW

Date of full-time and online training

Professional competence of the secretary and assistant manager

The list of programs is not limited to this list. Depending on the tasks of your business, the content of courses and trainings can be determined individually. Ensure a bright future for your company by training your employees with the market leader in corporate training!

Didn't find the training topic you were looking for? Offer it to us

Students who have completed communication trainings at the DITAD Vocational Education Center are issued a certificate of advanced training or a certificate of training in the established form.

Communication trainings and seminars on business communication are held in the mode of intensive interactive interaction between the presenter and the participants. The programs use mini-lectures, discussions, business and role-playing games, video analysis, individual assignments and tests that allow you to develop the necessary skills for effective communication. In each of the modules, participants receive an overview of the theory from the trainer, followed by a mandatory practice of specific skills that can be used in their professional activities. For effective assimilation of the material, participants use workbooks.

Communication and Business Communication Trainings in Moscow

The modern rhythm of life presupposes a constant transformation of traditional and familiar professions. Communication trainings help to learn to accurately understand the point of view of colleagues, business partners, as well as formulate your own position and communicate it to others through various tools. Having conducted communication trainings for your employees with our trainers and coaches, you can easily achieve that each specialist of the enterprise will become as motivated as possible and focused on effective results.

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