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A microscopic extracellular lifeform is taking over the world and making its own adjustments to this year's summer vacation. But this is not a reason to despair - it's time to explore the beauty of your native land. There are a lot of weekend travel companies in Ufa, and this summer they are clearly in the black. You can choose a trip of any complexity, any format in Bashkiria and its closest neighbors. My son and I have already gone on a hike for rock crystal once. And this time we also decided to stop at a mineralogical excursion. Let's go in the direction of Taganay, for grenades!

Bolshoy Iremel, Bolshoi Shelom, Suktash - these names are well known to those who like hiking in the mountains of Bashkortostan. But this summer my son and I decided to start not by conquering the Ural giants, but to go to the very south of our republic, to the Meleuzovsky district. Let's go!

"The top of stinginess: do not share your impressions of a tourist trip!" - says the famous tourist proverb. My son and I love to go hiking. And we are always happy to share our impressions. I - with articles on UfaMama with readers, and my son - with children's stories with friends and relatives. But last weekend we got the first negative experience for many years. Writing disapproving posts is not a very pleasant experience. But I still decided to do it in order to tell all outdoor enthusiasts about who you don't need to go camping with.

Weekend tours are a very fashionable hobby these days. Firms that take those who want to taste all the delights of active tourism to nature are now multiplying like mushrooms after a rain. We, in due time, chose 2-3 checked personally for ourselves and always went only with them. We have never had any claims against any of them. But this time something went wrong ...

In our blog "Tourism and Rest in Bashkiria" we continue to acquaint you with interesting weekend itineraries that you can visit with children. This time we will go to the Salavat region of our republic and visit the Idrisovskaya cave, the Yangan-Tau sanatorium and the Kurgazak spring.

“How to get rich by digging in the mud?” This puzzle was invented by my son after going for a rock crystal last weekend. Having dug up a whole handful of, in his opinion, "diamonds", he was going to go with them to the store for sweets. Ah, this childlike spontaneity. Yes, we didn’t "dug up" material wealth on this trip, but we got a lot of impressions, talked with wonderful people, found new friends - and this, you see, is much more valuable. And today I want to share with the readers a story about a trip to the Matinskoe rock crystal deposit. What if you also want to feel like a real getter of "jewels" ?!

“And what is it that pulled you to the ground? Is it still a long way to old age? " - my aunt commented ironically on my desire to have my own dacha. “Now this is the vector of development for many. Call of nature - you can't turn away! " - I joked. An acute lack of nature is what modern man suffers from. This is the conclusion made by doctors and psychologists. We are sitting under office and house arrest 24 hours a day. We work under artificial lighting. We breathe the air of conditioners. And if we go out for a walk in the park on weekends, then we stomp along the concrete paths and admire the inscriptions "Don't walk on the lawns!" And it is not at all surprising that many modern young families dream of acquiring a small house and a piece of land in order to at least occasionally rest from the noisy metropolis. And someone even chooses life outside the city.

Tourism in their native republic is incredibly popular among young people today. Over the past couple of years, many travel companies have opened in the city, organizing weekend trips around Bashkiria. And the organizers simply have no end to clients! What exactly do people go to nature for? For new impressions, for new acquaintances and, of course, for a portion of physical and moral strength.

Our children are especially sensitive to the inferiority of urban life. They express this in the form of allergies, frequent colds, poor academic performance. It would be nice if doctors wrote out a prescription for treatment by nature ... But all is not lost. The new tourist season is just beginning! Let's go for health ?!

The Pavlovskoye Reservoir is a well-known and favorite vacation spot for Ufa residents. After the dam, the Ufa River is incredibly wide, with picturesque rocky shores and endless wild forests. There are many recreation centers here. But apart from them, there is something to see in the Pavlovskaya hydroelectric power station area. On the last weekend of the outgoing summer, UfaMama decided to take a ride along this simple but very beautiful route.

Bashkortostan is a magical land. Everything is in our republic: high mountains, and dense forests, and endless steppes, and wide lakes, and deep caves, and crystal clear waterfalls. Unless there is no sea. Although my little lake Aslykul stubbornly calls the sea. And I don't argue with him.

Restrictions in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, a ban on travel abroad caused a real tourist boom in Bashkiria this summer. The number of vacationers in nature has tripled, but the conditions for normal recreation have not been created. About why the tourism industry in the region has not been developed - in the material UFA. IF. U.

A pearl in the mud

The largest lake in the republic, Aslikul (area 23.5 sq. m.) is located 142 km from Ufa. This is the territory of the natural park of the same name, which was created in the Davlekanovsky district in 2011, its area is 47.5 thousand hectares. The reservoir is called the "blue pearl" of the republic. It is included in the Red Book of Bashkiria and is included in 150 regional natural monuments. Officially, the natural park is not open to the public due to the high alert regime in force in the region due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, this does not prevent tourists from coming here to rest. The whole problem is that it is impossible to do this in a civilized manner.

“Employees of the nature park refuel cars with their own money, leaving for work in compliance with order, in order to somehow preserve the life and safety of people,” the appeal said. - The leadership of the Directorate for Specially Protected Natural Territories from June 19, by verbal orders and instructions, forced the inspectors and residents of the village of Alga to go out on weekends and holidays, promising them that they would issue them in accordance with labor relations and pay for fuel and lubricants. Until now, there are no orders and contracts for hiring people ”.

Two weeks have passed, and the situation on the lake has not changed at all. On a day off, July 18, a stream of cars moves to Aslikul from the village of Yangi-Turmush, an inspector stands at the entrance and collects a fee for visiting the natural park: 90 rubles. per car and 150 rubles. per person per day. In fact, the money should be spent on landscaping and creating a comfortable stay. But there are no beaches or campgrounds here, not to mention the sufficient number of toilets with cesspools. Unable to withstand long lines, tourists relieve themselves in the bushes or in the lake. The reservoir itself can hardly be called a pearl - it is overgrown with reeds, turning into a swamp, the banks are overgrown with tall grass. Cows are walking in free pasture. Tourists have pitched several hundred tents on the banks, nearby are barbecues and barbecues, leaving trash behind. After complaints from the park staff, containers appeared, but they are overflowing. But are tourists only to blame for the lake becoming dirty?

One toilet for all

“This weekend, July 18-19, 600 cars arrived at a small area near the village of Yangi-Turmush, 400 more without overnight stay,” says Airat Safikanov, a local resident, deputy chairman of the Green Coast regional public organization. - This is one and a half to two thousand people. Where do they all go? In one old toilet, from where the liquid waste goes into the lake. When I asked this question to the new director of the park, she could not find what to answer. And if you count across the entire coastal strip? From this Aslikul has been blooming for many years. And how much waste remains on the shore! "

The activists brought the ASG, bought a netting, poles, held a gathering of the villagers and turned to the Alga village council to determine the boundaries of the territorial public administration (TOS). But at the meeting, the deputies of the village council made a personal subsidiary farm at 6 Central Street, where it is simply impossible to install toilets, garbage sites for separate collection. Naturally, no work is being done there. Nobody supported the initiative.

The authorities do not hear

Misunderstanding arises not only with rural, but also with regional authorities. Igor Pelipenko, chairman of the Green Coast public organization, member of the All-People's Front, says that the activists have well-thought-out plans for the development of TPSG. But everything rests on officials. Eight months have passed since the project of the recreation center with a rescue station, a sealed sewer system, and eco-routes was sent to the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic, which has the territory on its balance sheet. But there is still no answer. Although in two or three years the project would have already been implemented - there are investors for this.

According to the public figure, the natural park is responsible for garbage collection and literally chokes in it: after all, five inspectors cannot cope with this. He is sure that a whole system needs to be built here so that it is always clean around the lake. When problems began due to the influx of tourists, they began to look for the guilty ones, to blame each other. Although everything is simple: you don't need to take money from the park for the maintenance of the bureaucratic apparatus, but invest here! This is not a pandemic, the problem has not been solved for decades.

A push for development?

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