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Every year, millions of foreign tourists come to Munich for a short time. And the first thing they think about is not only “what to see”, but also “where to spend the night”. Consider the popular hotels in Munich and where to book accommodation in Germany.

Properties available for rent in Munich

There are a large number of websites dedicated to finding real estate in Munich. They offer rental services for apartments, rooms, and student residences. Also on the Internet you can find suitable accommodation options in hotels and hostels, get acquainted with free offers from couchsurfers.

Hostels and hotels can be booked for a short period (from one day), while the owners of apartments and rooms prefer to offer tourists and visitors long-term rentals. You can learn more about German real estate from the article "Renting a home in Germany".

Where to book your accommodation online

Online real estate aggregators are designed to sort and find the best rental deals. The most popular of them work not only with Germany, but also with the rest of the world and have bonus offers for their regular customers. All of them work in English and German, some are Russified.

List of popular booking sites:

  • booking. om is the world's most popular aggregator for finding rental ads. "Booking" has a user-friendly interface, guarantees the safety of your funds;
  • tripadvisor. u - known for its great deals and large database;
  • hotels. om - has high-quality customer support and often gives pleasant bonuses;
  • accorhotels. om is a large-scale hotel chain that compensates for the difference in price if you find a price slightly lower than the indicated one from competitors;
  • trivago. u is an aggregator site that conducts frequent sales and offers discounts, has a competent russification.

How to book

The first step is to choose the site on which you will book accommodation. Choose a city on the website, indicate the dates of the trip for which you need to book, and look for a suitable option by price or rating.

Many sites provide the ability to specify the desired price per night, the preferred area of ​​the city and the type of accommodation that you are willing to pay for (room, apartment, bed).

Popular & budget Munich hotels

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Baden-Württemberg is a land in southwestern Germany with the administrative center in the city of Stuttgart. It borders in the west with Saarland, Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse, in the east with Bavaria, in the south with France.

The largest cities are Stuttgart, Baden-Baden, Karlsruhe, Heidelberg, Freiburg. The most famous natural attractions are the Black Forest and the Bodensee and Titisee lakes.

Bavaria is a land in southeastern Germany with the administrative center in the city of Munich. It borders in the west with Baden-Württemberg, in the north with Thuringia and Saxony, in the east with the Czech Republic, in the south with Austria.

The largest cities are Munich, Nuremberg, Augsburg, Würzburg, Regensburg, Ingolstadt. The most famous natural attractions are the numerous lakes in the foothills of the Alps.

Briefly about Munich

Munich is the administrative center of the German state of Bavaria and one of the largest cities in southern Germany. Munich is one of the main cultural and tourist centers of the country, along with Berlin and consistently enjoys increased interest among tourists and travelers. This is facilitated by a large number of preserved historical and cultural sites, museums, and architectural structures. Munich is also considered the main starting point for traveling through the cities of Bavaria, its natural attractions, castles and palaces, which are very popular far beyond Germany.

Online booking methods. How to book. The most famous hotels in Munich. Budget hotels in Munich. Affordable hostels. Where to stay near Munich. Answers to frequently asked questions.

Guide in Munich | TOP-private Russian guides in Munich with prices

Welcome to Munich! A hospitable, noisy and exciting city with its dynamics and history. Munich was born in the 8th century, thanks to the monks who chose the picturesque Peter Hill, and after centuries the city became the capital of the Bavarian Kingdom. This stunning city impresses with masterpieces of culture and art, ancient towers and churches, neo-Gothic town halls and majestic palaces, which will take a whole day to see. To feel this delightful atmosphere of benevolent and reckless Munich, to explore all its most worthwhile sights is most convenient by ordering a guide in Munich in Russian. In our article we will tell you where and how it is easiest to do this.

In Munich, both art connoisseurs and architecture lovers will like a large number of luxurious parks and natural corners of the city will not leave indifferent those who value privacy and pristine beauty. Do not forget that Munich is also a city of unbridled fun and beer, it is here that the annual Oktoberfest is held, which attracts all connoisseurs of the most popular drink in the world.

Where to find a Russian guide in Munich

If you are looking for a private guide in Munich and prefer excursions in Russian, then you are definitely at the right place. On our website, we help you find the best individual guides by carefully exploring the vastness of the Internet and checking the competence and qualifications of the guides. We recommend choosing Russian-speaking guides in Munich on the specialized Tripster portal, where, with the help of our recommendations, you can decide which Russian guide in Munich is your ideal candidate.

TOP guides in Munich in Russian

In order to simplify your task as much as possible, we have studied all individual guides in Munich and compiled our personal TOP-5 guides. All representatives of the top are guides who provide their services in Russian, have extensive experience and qualifications, but, most importantly, their routes are unique, unusual and diverse. You can study all the guides in Munich on your own using the link.

Licensed guide in Munich, living in Europe for more than 10 years, invites curious and active travelers to join her author's itineraries and get to know the new Munich. There are no routine facts and the classic scheme of excursions, Irena's routes are drawn up on the basis of her personal experience and life in the city, you can choose an excursion either by car or on foot, and in either case, not a single detail will escape your attention.

A native of Germany, professional private guide in Munich, is the right choice for you if you are interested in Bavaria and its cuisine, enjoy wine tasting tours and gastronomic tourism. Daria's educational excursions in Munich cover different areas - from immersion in knightly legends to futuristic mechanical engineering technologies.

Choose one of the options for exploring Munich with a Russian-speaking guide, here are the top routes: "Sagas of the Nibelungen and Knightly Legends" and "Time Travel - Auto-Walking Tour of Munich". 3rd place - guide Kirill

Your most positive private guide in Munich, if you have a special passion for the popular drink from Bavaria and the Oktoberfest beer festival is not an empty phrase for you, but let's say you didn't get to it, feel free to write to Kirill - he organizes for you not only a fascinating excursion to the hottest places in Munich, but also shows you where to taste inexpensively the very beer that flows like a river at the famous Oktoberfest.

Order Kirill's best excursion: "Beer Bavaria" - try the main drink of the birthplace of Oktoberfest at any time of the year. 4th place - guide Anna

Founded in 1158, Munich became the capital of Bavaria in 1503, the locals regard the city as the center of the universe. After Berlin, Munich is Germany's most popular city, with a compact and beautiful old town. In addition, there are magnificent mountains and alpine lakes within an hour's drive from Munich. It is best to come here in early June - early October, when all pubs, cafes and bars are open (and not least for the world famous Oktoberfest beer festival).

Arrival and accommodation in Munich

Munich Airport Franz Josef Strauss (transfer from Munich Airport) is connected to Hauptbahnhof station by S-Bahn 1 and 8. From the station, it is close to the bus station. The tour office is located at Bahnhofplatz 2 and in the town hall at Marienplatz. Hotel reservations can be made at both locations. For transportation information and tickets, visit the Insel kiosk on Hauptwache. Daily tickets for all types of public transport in the city center cost 4.0 euros (9 euros throughout the system).

The Munich Welcome Card (€ 6.50 and € 15.50 for 1 and 3 days) offers great discounts on attractions and all public transport options. Single tickets are purchased from vending machines at all metro stations, at some bus and tram stops, and if you are planning different trips, it is more profitable to buy a strip card (9 euros for 10 pieces), the strips of which are punched in the corresponding zones, which are indicated on the maps in the metro , at bus and tram stops.

One strip is punched when traveling within two railway or subway stations (S-Bahn, U-Bahn) or four tram or bus stops. For travel without a ticket - a fine of 40 euros. Cheap housing is difficult to find, especially in summer. If you intend to arrive during the Oktoberfest, be sure to book your accommodation in advance and keep in mind that prices go up during this time. Many guesthouses offer rooms for 3-6 people, which are a good alternative to hostels.

Munich Hotels and Pensions

1). Hotel Acanthus - Comfortable hotel next to the Sendlinger Tor, friendly staff, buffet style. There is a four-bed "family room". Location: An der Hauptfeuerwache 4;

2). Hotel Eder - 8 Cozy hotel in a quiet location between the train station and Marienplatz square, comfortable rooms. Location:; Location: Zweigstr;

3). Frank Hotel - Good value for money in the student quarter. Cozy rooms in an old building. Location: Schellingstr 24;

4). Hotel Jedermann - Excellent family hotel away from the noise, 5 minutes walk from the station. Location: Bayerstr 95;

5). Hotel Am Kaiserplatz - A welcoming establishment in a good location, large rooms in different styles, from red satin to "Bavarian village". There are six-bed rooms. Location: Kaiserplatz 12;

6). Hotel Steinberg - A welcoming establishment in a good location next to the Giselastr by the metro. Some of the rooms are with bathrooms. Location: Ohmstr 9.

Depending on the choice of travelers, unusual excursions in Munich in Russian may differ in essence, some will be filled with dry facts and significant dates, while others will be conducted in an interesting and exciting way, which is what the local guides offer ( photographers, journalists, architects and people of other creative professions). During the sightseeing tour, tourists will be able to get acquainted in detail with the complex history of the city, special atmosphere, appearance and local traditions. The most curious travelers will be able to visit galleries and museums where both masterpieces of painting and examples of modern art, popular and little-known authors, can be found.

Excursions in Munich in Russian

Bavaria has long been famous for its colorful castles, so an excursion from Munich to Neuschwanstein will become an unforgettable trip for tourists, and it is also one of the most popular tourist routes in Germany. The snow-white castle, built by order of Ludwig II of Bavaria and having the romantic name "New Swan Stone", will be remembered for many years. Local guides in Munich offer individual trips to the castle, during which the traveler does not need to be part of a tourist group, which will give him the opportunity to enjoy the tour of the castle in a relaxed atmosphere.

For history buffs, and simply for those who honor the memory and terrible events of the past, interesting trips to the concentration camp are offered, where travelers can walk through the territory of the former death camp, feel its atmosphere, and also see the cruelty and inhumanity fascism. For some tourists, excursions in Munich in Russian can be a unique experience, since it is in this city that the terrible is combined with the magnificent, joyful emotions with disturbing ones, and strong impressions are replaced by delight. But one thing is certain, this city will definitely not leave anyone indifferent.

Unusual excursions in other cities of the world

Sightseeing tours in Munich

As a rule, even the most experienced tourist, when visiting a new city, often underestimates the time it will take to fully explore and get to know its iconic places. As for Munich, such a blunder can easily be made, since this city is literally overflowing with sights located in different parts of it. By ordering a tour of Munich, local guides will provide travelers with an overview of the city in a few days or in a shorter period of time. Traditionally, walks through the cities of Europe start from the historical center, the "old city". In Munich, such a starting point is Marienplatz - the main square, with the famous Gothic Frauenkirche cathedral.

As for the holidays, Munich is famous not so much for its cozy Christmas as for its merry Oktoberfest (October festivities). Even if someone is not lucky enough to be here on these crazy, carefree days, then you should definitely visit the Teresa meadow, where this truly German tradition began in due time and continues from year to year. The value of this place for Germany is emphasized by the fact that a majestic statue of Bavaria is installed here, a symbol of national pride. For art lovers, Munich will become a real paradise, because it is here that the Old Pinakothek, the New Pinakothek and, finally, the Pinakothek of modernity are located - these are three branches of a single collection of paintings, the value of which is amazing.

In addition, not only "old" Munich is interesting, but also its surroundings, which will be confirmed by any guide and local resident - they will surely unanimously call the Nymphenburg Palace a must-see place for travelers. There is no more majestic and graceful architectural ensemble in Munich than Nymphenburg Castle. Of course, only relatively recently did this marvelous example of ancient architecture enter the city limits - before it was a country residence (Munich also has a royal palace, but the Nymphenburg castle overshadows it in all respects). Among all the treasures of the palace, it is worth highlighting the famous "gallery of beauties", consisting of 36 delightful female portraits.

Excursions on unusual routes in Munich

Which places to visit in Munich, first of all, each tourist decides for himself, depending on the desire and time at his disposal, however, it takes weeks to fully survey this ancient and multifaceted city. Munich's most iconic landmarks are not only its magnificent churches and world-renowned museums. Munich is composed of old and modern, of tradition and innovation - this is typical both for Germany and for Europe in general. In the period of total globalization, it is difficult for a large European city to “remain itself”, but Munich has been brilliantly able to do this so far.

One of the warmest and brightest traditions in Munich is the Christmas market, which is expanding from year to year and will one day lead to the fact that the entire historical center will be covered with a holiday. If a traveler no longer believes in miracles and fairy tales for a long time, then a visit to these massive colorful fairs is simply necessary for him, since such a charge of positive emotions is difficult to find in our hectic and everyday world. Tourists traveling with children should visit the fair for medieval crafts and Christmas creches, the children's fair and the fair with an ice rink, as well as take a walk along the Marienplatz.

Practical modern technologies confidently coexist with the centuries-old customs of antiquity, as the BMW Museum is vivid evidence of this. Munich and Bavaria are rightfully proud of their iron brainchild, which has become the source of more than one global brand and has grown into an automotive (and not only) giant. A thematic excursion to the BMW plant in Munich will seem interesting even to those who are indifferent to cars - after all, they do not count on the delight of visitors and demonstrate everything they are capable of. Another "technological miracle" is the Allianz Arena stadium.

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