Baikal instead of "abroad"

Baikal instead of

On February 7, the capital of Buryatia, Ulan-Ude, for the first time accepted two winter tourist charters TUI Russia - from Moscow and Yekaterinburg. The flights were operated by Ural Airlines on Airbus-320, further flights will be operated weekly on Saturdays.

A few hours ago, the first winter charter flight TUI Russia from Moscow, organized with the support of the Federal Agency for Tourism and the Government of Buryatia, landed at the Baikal airport in the capital of Buryatia.

A little earlier Ulan-Ude received a charter flight from the Ural capital. The flight program will last until the end of March, during which time more than 3 thousand tourists will be able to go to Baikal.


Buryatia has become the first direction in the new charter program of Rostourism this year, commenting on the launch of winter charters, said Zarina Doguzova, head of Rostourism. She also flew in on the first TUI flight: at the Ulan-Ude airport there was even a queue of people who wanted to take joint photos with her.

“As in the past year, one of our key tasks is to make domestic holidays more affordable and cheaper. To this end, we will continue and expand this year's tourist cashback program and the launch of new charter destinations. We start our charter program this year from the winter Baikal, here the high season is starting now. February-March is the time when you can see the transparent blue ice of the largest lake on the planet, and all kinds of active winter recreation are available. Based on the experience of last year, it can be argued that the launch of charters allows us to halve the cost of travel for the end user, and large families with children will feel special savings. We plan to constantly expand the charter network and for this we have prepared a separate subsidy for tour operators and we want to cover the main attractive destinations of the country with a charter message so that you can start your journey from most major cities, ”said Zarina Doguzova.


Real discoveries await tourists from Moscow and Yekaterinburg, they say at TUI. Although tourists from Moscow, unlike Ural travelers, have already had the opportunity to realize their dream of visiting Baikal with TUI charters in the summer, winter Baikal has its own incomparable fantastic charm.

Therefore, even those who have already seen Baikal in the summer will have to open it from a new, original side, they say in the company. Moreover, tourists of the first charter flight can be called real lucky ones - they are waiting for a truly "energetically charged" program. After all, among other things, these days are the celebration of the New Year according to the lunar calendar. Buryat New Year Sagaalgan will come on February 12.


Representatives of the tourist retail, who, along with journalists and tourists, became passengers of the first winter charter, in turn, noted that, in fact, there are practically no doubting tourists. Tours with arrival on the first winter charter, and so on, were dismantled and dismantled like hot cakes.

There are several reasons. Firstly, very affordable prices for tours. The cost of the tour for 8 nights is from 24 thousand rubles. per person (with double occupancy) from Moscow, which is almost 2 times cheaper than booking a trip on your own.

Prices for programs from Yekaterinburg start from 18 thousand rubles (with double occupancy). This price includes not only the flight with accommodation and meals, but also basic excursions.

On July 5, a plane from Moscow landed at the Ulan-Ude airport. What makes this event unusual is that this is a charter flight, as our compatriots usually fly to Vietnam or Turkey. Earlier, aircraft arrived from the capital to the republic only on a regular schedule.

The plane with tourists was greeted with a water arch, a mini-concert and congratulations. It is not surprising that people in the republic react so joyfully. Since February 2020, the tourism industry of the region has suffered losses, while it is tourism that annually brings about 160 million rubles to the budget of Buryatia. tax payments.

Until September and beyond

For travelers who will fly on new flights, the republic has prepared 12 tours in different price categories, starting from 40 thousand rubles. Guests can visit the Ivolginsky Datsan, the Rinpoche Bagsha Buddhist Center, the Steppe Nomad Ethnic Complex and the Center for Eastern Medicine, as well as visit the Old Believers or the Tengeri shaman center. Additionally, it will be possible to visit Olkhon, the Ushkany Islands or the Chivyrkuisky Bay, as well as worship the face of the goddess Yanzhima in the Barguzin Valley.

It is assumed that about 1.7 thousand tourists will visit the Buryat land during the coming tourist season. Flights will last until September 22. The charter will fly every nine days, 162 guests will fly to the solar republic on one liner.

Meanwhile, the tourism industry of Buryatia began to revive at the beginning of summer. In particular, from July 1, visiting tourists were allowed not to provide certificates of the absence of coronavirus. Also, the region was allowed to carry out organized tourist trips. And in addition to hotels, guest houses were also able to open, but on certain conditions: observance of mask and disinfection regimes, social distancing and the provision of information in electronic form on the Internet portal "Working Buryatia".

Are the hotels crowded?

Do the hotels comply with sanitary standards, a tourist from Ulan-Ude, who was resting at one of the tourist centers near Lake Baikal, anonymously told the AiF in Buryatia correspondent.

“We went on vacation with my husband and son,” the woman shares. “At the entrance to the camp site, we were stopped and asked for documents for verification through a special system to find out if we had contacted patients with coronavirus, if we were sick ourselves.”

As explained in the Ministry of Tourism of Buryatia, such a procedure is a prerequisite for the operation of the camp site and the settlement of vacationers. Before the opening of the hotel, it is registered on the portal "Working Buryatia" and in the future, either independently or through the tourist information center, it gets the opportunity to check potential guests. To do this, the vacationer must consent to the processing of personal data. His name, surname, patronymic and date of birth are scanned, and only after a negative result for the request, the client is checked into the hotel. If it turns out that the guest is sick, has been in contact with an infected person, or he refuses to consent to the processing of his data, then he is denied check-in.

“In general, the rest was almost the same as usual,” sums up the vacationer. The tourists themselves did not wear masks and did not keep the distance. But there were sanitizers in the houses and constant cleaning was carried out. "

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