Austria is the world champion in business travel

Austria is the world champion in business travel

Austrian Airlines has restarted flights to Russia. We will tell you from what amount the prices for tickets to Vienna start, and which categories of Russian citizens can take advantage of these flights.


Austrian Airlines resumed flights to Russia from October 29. The carrier will fly on the Vienna-Moscow-Vienna route twice a week (Monday and Thursday) on a winter schedule of 20/21. The flights will be operated by Embraer 195 and Airbus A319 aircraft.

According to the Austrian Airlines booking system, in November a flight from Moscow (Domodedovo) to Vienna and back (no baggage fare) will cost from 220 euros per person.

As a reminder, Austria suspended flights with the Russian Federation in March 2020. From August 1, Austria allowed the entry of citizens of the Russian Federation. Until mid-September, the outbound flights were operated by Aeroflot.

Currently, the carrier flies from Moscow to Vienna and back 2 times a week. The cost of tickets in November starts at 30 thousand rubles. (round trip tickets).


These are Austrian citizens, EU/EEA citizens, Swiss citizens and family members of these people living in the same household; persons with a residence permit in Austria and EU/EEA countries; foreigners who hold a D visa issued by Austria or a photo ID in accordance with 95 FPG 2005, or those foreigners who are entitled to stay in Austria on the basis of a residence permit or documents on the right of residence in accordance with the NAG or the Act about asylum 2005.

Diplomats, employees of international and humanitarian organizations, persons working in the authorities, business travelers are also allowed to enter for the purpose of medical treatment, education and to carry out a judicial or official summons.

When entering Austria, these categories of citizens must present a negative PCR test result valid for no more than 72 hours or go through a 10-day quarantine, which can be canceled if a negative COVID-19 test result is already in Austria ...

As emphasized in the message of the Austrian diplomatic mission, third-country nationals who do not belong to the aforementioned groups of people are prohibited from entering Austria from outside the EU and the Schengen area. Thus, tourists from Russia (foreigners with a C visa) are still prohibited from entering Austria.


Travel through Austria (no change) is allowed without restrictions. This also includes transit through Austria (no testing or quarantine) subject to immediate departure.

Who can use direct flights to Austria

In the difficult period of the financial crisis, work in Austria for CIS residents attracts the fact that it gives them the opportunity to live in a stable European country, as well as receive decent salaries. A significant part of our compatriots rushed to Austria, as it is one of the most economically developed countries in Europe. Highly professional specialists and personnel of working specialties are necessary for a developed industry, agricultural production, for a developing tourism sector. Next, we will look at how a job search in Austria takes place, what documents are needed for this, how a work visa is issued and extended, as well as what work permits, vacancies and salaries are.

Ways to find a job in Austria

Since Austria is part of the European Union, it acts in accordance with its rules and laws for the employment of foreign citizens. Vacancies in Austria are different. People with good experience in a particular profession have the least difficulty in finding a job. It is better to look for a job through the Internet, this is the fastest and most effective way. Each company posts vacancies on their websites, and there are also general resources with job offers, such as:

On such sites, as a rule, each vacancy has a link to the employer's site, and you can also search by setting filters such as: locality, field of activity, type of education, etc. Austrians are not very fond of emails as such, preferring that all documents be uploaded to the site. To consider your candidacy, in addition to a resume, they need a letter in which the applicant applies to the employer, and you also need to attach all certificates, diplomas, education certificates translated into English and German. Students are required to attach grades from educational institutions.

In the event that a job has already been found, it remains to apply for a visa. The employer himself is in charge of obtaining a work permit. In Austria, there is such a type of visa as RWR KARTE PLUS, it allows you to stay in Austria for up to 6 months in order to look for work during this period. To obtain it, you must fill out an application at the Austrian consulate at the place of stay. And in order to increase the chances of a response from the employer, the resume should be prepared competently, in detail, indicating the work experience and personal qualities of the applicant.

Receiving Rot-Weiß-Rot Karte

In order to get a job when entering Austria, a foreign citizen must obtain a work visa. Work is provided to foreign citizens not only in accordance with the level of their qualifications, work experience, but also the points gained, which reflect all the characteristics of the applicant. Points are calculated on a specific state Internet resource. With a maximum score of 100, a specialist needs to score at least 70 to get a visa for six months. In order not to look for a job while you are in your country, you can come to Austria with a work visa and get a job there. This year the cost is 150 euros. To do this, you must fill in the data with personal information indicating the points gained. For employment in areas in which there are not enough workers (see the list of professions), as well as for specialists with a lower salary limit of 2,610 euros, you need to score at least 55 points. This will produce the so-called red-white-red (RWR) card. Accordingly, the following documents are submitted to the Austrian Embassy:

  • invitation from the employer's company
  • 2 photos
  • birth certificate
  • international passport
  • profile
  • honey. insurance
  • proof of income
  • rental agreement in Austria

In addition to the above list, a diploma of education and documents confirming work experience and knowledge of English or German are provided. It should be noted that some educational certificates are valid in Austria, such as TOEFL, Cambridge, IELTS, TELC and others.

When applying for a visa, the employee bears the following costs: 120 euros for the collection of the consulate, 20 euros for the RWR card, 20 euros for fingerprinting. The consulate does not issue a visa if the required number of points is not enough. Due to the high standard of living in Austria, workers who do not meet their qualifications are not welcome.

Work visa extension

First-hand news

Individual tours to Vienna confidently occupy their own niche in the country's tourism market as one of the most comfortable types of foreign travel. The essence of individual tourism is that the traveler chooses services, and the travel agency orders them, while providing all the necessary information support. Traveling with a personal guide according to his own plan, the tourist fully gets to know new countries or cities, often deliberately avoiding the replicated sights and utterly hackneyed routes.

A guide who accompanies tourists on a trip, not only provides them with excursion information, but also gives practical recommendations, for example, how you can use your free time, which restaurants are worth visiting and which are not, where is the most profitable shopping, etc.

How to plan your individual travel to Vienna

If there is enthusiasm and free time, a tourist can independently develop a tour program, including those objects that he would like to see. If you have neither the time nor the desire to make a trip plan, you can take as a basis one of the ready-made personal tours that the agency's managers will offer you. Such plans meet the most popular country-specific requests, which travel agencies immediately respond to. Of course, all points of the route are coordinated with the tourist, who can remove or add tourist objects at will.

So, the program has been drawn up, we proceed to choosing a hotel. And here again everything is in your hands. You can choose an inexpensive hotel with no frills, or you can stay in a luxury five with a special level of service.

If your tour involves moving from Vienna to other cities, you do not have to return after the excursion to the capital, but book any hotel you like in each locality.

As a rule, other organizational concerns (selection of air tickets, medical insurance and visas) in individual tours are undertaken by the agency.

Ideas for trips to Vienna outside the tour group

You can give your trip an urban accent, turning it into a multi-day walk around the city, during which you will enjoy the exquisite architecture of Vienna, visit museums, and get acquainted with local cuisine in cozy Viennese restaurants.

Fans of outdoor activities can arrange for themselves an unforgettable Viennese vacation, including hiking in the Alpine mountain ranges (nearby are the "Vienna Home" mountains), water skiing on the New Danube, a multi-day cycling trip along the Danube , rafting on the Salza river or paragliding.

If Vienna is primarily a city of music and great musicians for you, arrange a meeting with the magical world of the famous Viennese waltz at the local Philharmonic, visit musical performances in the Kursalon or the concert hall of the Auersperg Palace.

Austria is the world champion in business travel

Today Austria is called the world champion in business travel. There are several reasons for this. First of all, it is an extremely favorable geographical location in the very heart of Europe. In addition, Austria is famous for its beautiful nature and rich cultural heritage. Many companies return to our country again and again, finding new interesting aspects in it. Hundreds of congresses, exhibitions and festivals take place here every year, and more and more companies around the world are encouraging their employees to take an incentive tour to Austria.

Last year, the country was visited by 32.3 million tourists, and the percentage of business travelers is growing steadily and today is 11.6% of the total. In total, 1765 congresses and conferences were held last year. Half of them took place in the capital of Austria, Vienna. The second and third places in the ranking are occupied by Styria and Tyrol. Mozart's city of Salzburg is also very popular.

Unique destination for business travel

In terms of business tourism, Austria is everything that is meant by this term and more. This means that we offer our potential guests non-standard solutions that make their stay in the country unique and unforgettable. For example, in many European cities you can find a combination of convention centers with casinos. In Austria, in the city of Baden, located near Vienna, the largest casino in Europe operates.

In addition to meeting and congress facilities (from 85 to 1000 people), this casino is a one-of-a-kind architectural ensemble. The top of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy used to gamble here. And about 2000 years ago in Baden there were already large Roman baths - the predecessors of today's "Roman Baths" in the city. The combination of state-of-the-art technologies with a rich historical heritage is one example of a non-standard approach to business travel

Austrian charm

Thanks to the highly developed tourist infrastructure in our country, you can show an individual approach to organizing any tour. The city centers of business tourism are Vienna, Salzburg and Innsbruck. Each of these cities has an international airport. Thanks to the short distances from the airport to the city center, holidays begin less than an hour after the plane lands. As a rule, the cost of a weekly incentive tour to Austria is about 1170 euros.

At the same time, the price of the trip includes accommodation in a five-star hotel, flight, transfers, excursion program, visa, insurance, team building, animation, as well as general coordination. In addition, we can always offer more economical tours that involve accommodation in hotels of a category of three or four stars. At the same time, a high level of service, a variety of offers and an individual approach remain unchanged.

Buying a ready-made business in Austria, according to experts, is more profitable than investing in residential or commercial real estate. Medium and small companies with well-established business connections generate income of 8-15% per annum, and the withdrawal of unprofitable enterprises from the crisis will make it possible to earn 30-50% of the invested funds.

The most popular buyers in Austria are hotels, shops, catering establishments in tourist areas

The procedure for buying a business in Austria looks like this:

Audit of a potential company - it costs the buyer about 3-10% of the transaction.

Marketing research, including consulting and market analysis - another 4–5% of the transaction, regardless of the object of purchase.

Providing a business plan for the development of the company.

Choosing a management scheme - on your own, if you can prove your competence at the previous stage, or through a management company.

  • Direct transfer of business in accordance with Austrian law and drawing up a sales contract in the presence of a notary.
  • It is impossible to buy a ready-made business in Austria without the participation of a notary: he guarantees the security of the transaction

    Audit progress

    An audit of a potential company in Austria is carried out according to the principle of Due diligence (from the English. Ensuring due diligence). The procedure allows you to obtain comprehensive information about the object of financing, its real value, possible tax and legal consequences, as well as to avoid losses when buying a business.

    Due diligence implies:

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