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To enter the Russian Federation from Armenia and Belarus, you will need a special mobile application

The Government of the Russian Federation has named the conditions under which citizens of the EAEU are allowed to enter Russia from Armenia and Belarus. Experts see this as a trend to restore passenger traffic within the economic community of the five states, but admit that there are many questions regarding the implementation and expansion of this format.


Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed a decree allowing citizens of the EAEU member states from Armenia and Belarus to enter Russia from February 1 to March 1, 2021. Let us recall that five countries are members of the Eurasian Economic Union: Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia.

Crossing the Russian state border is possible through air checkpoints of the Russian Federation, provided that passengers present valid identity documents recognized by the Russian side as such, as well as a negative test result for COVID-19.

In addition, according to the order, test results must be displayed in the Travel COVID-19 Free mobile application.

The document also approves a list of 20 air checkpoints across the state border through which these citizens can enter the Russian Federation, including all airports in the Moscow region and airports in other regions of Russia.


The experts that ATOR Vestnik spoke to draw attention to a number of issues that require clarification.

Firstly, this is the status of air communication with the EAEU countries. At the moment, the Russian Federation has officially resumed air traffic only with Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Belarus.

From September 2020, one flight per week to Nur-Sultan, Bishkek and Minsk is allowed. Later, the quota on the Belarusian route was increased to three flights per week. Flights to Armenia are carried out in the status of cargo and passenger, regular air traffic, suspended in March 2020, has not been resumed.

The situation may change in the coming days. According to the Armenian media, Prime Minister of the republic Nikol Pashinyan said at a government meeting that Armenia and the Russian Federation will resume flights from February 1 within the framework of a pilot project from February 1 to March 1. According to Mr. Pashinyan, it was an initiative of Armenia, "which found support from Russian colleagues."

Armenia is one of the most ancient countries of our time. A rich cultural and historical heritage, unique nature, mental closeness, of course, are of great interest to Russian tourists.

Where are we going?

  • We will experience the feeling of weightlessness by walking along the suspension bridge to the ancient cave city in the rock - Khndzoresk.
  • Let's marvel at the knowledge of ancient people at the excavations of Metsamor - an ancient copper smelter dating back to the 1-3 century. BC ...
  • Let's touch the shrines by visiting the Geghard Monastery, carved into the rock monolith.
  • We will visit the pagan temple of Garni, 1st century BC. ., which stands on the edge of the gorge, offering stunning views of the Geghama Mountains.
  • Let's go to the city of Echmiadzin, where the Holy Mother Cathedral is located, where we will see unique exhibits in the Holy Mother See Cathedral of Echmiadzin - a fossilized piece of Noah's Ark, the spearhead that pierced Christ on the cross and many other Orthodox shrines.

  • We will visit the Khor Virap Monastery, where guests have the opportunity to contemplate and photograph the Biblical Ararat at the closest possible distance.
  • Let's take the impregnable fortress Amberd on the slope of the highest mountain in Armenia - Aragats.

What will we see and do?

  • We will visit 8 UNESCO cultural heritage sites.
  • Let's decide on rafting on the mountain rivers of Armenia.
  • We will drive through the whole of Armenia on a bicycle, admiring the scenery of the mountain passes.
  • We will swim in the “blue pearl of mountainous Armenia” - Lake Sevan.
  • Let's discover birdwatching - a new kind of tourism, birdwatching in its natural habitat.
  • Let's plunge into childhood, having a cup of aromatic cocoa in a bite with excellent donuts.
  • Let's listen to great jazz in one of the cozy clubs in Yerevan.
  • We will enjoy the excellent musical and laser show "Singing Fountains" in the central Republic Square.

Where in Yerevan can tourists go on their own in the afternoon?

  • House-museum of famous film director Sergei Parajanov, Tsitsernakaberd monument and Armenian Genocide Museum, house-museum of Martiros Saryan.
  • Yerevan Brandy Factory and tasting of the famous Armenian brandy.
  • The largest winery in Transcaucasia - Armenia Vine, with luxury and premium wine tasting accompanied by beautiful appetizers of assorted cheese, cold meats and dried fruits
  • Authentic private winery - Armas, where you can enjoy tasting on an open veranda with magnificent views of the vineyards of the plant.
  • Tourists will be interested to visit the Megerian carpet factory and see the entire technological process of handmade carpets, as well as the collection of antique carpets gathered in the factory's museum.
  • It is worth going to the Yerevan gold market, if not for shopping, then at least for an excursion.
  • The visiting card of Yerevan is "Vernissage". This is not just a flea market, it is a unique open-air museum of arts and crafts, painting, and silver items of folk art.

  • Singing fountains in Republic Square. The square is recognized as one of the most beautiful modern squares in the world. Every day from the end of May to October on the Republic Square you can enjoy an unforgettable combination of the dance of water, light and music - these are musical laser fountains.
  • In the Malkhas Jazz Club you can attend the performance of maestro Malkhas. Malkhas is the most prestigious and most visited jazz club in the city. Many world jazz stars have already visited and played in it: Victor Bailey, Benny Moupin, Georgy Garanyan, Igor Butman, Al Jarrow, Stanley Jordan, Bobby Sanabria, George Benson.

  • Children's amusement parks and children's cafe-donut Grand Candy. Nostalgia and taste of childhood!
  • Shopping - all major brands of clothing and footwear are represented in Yerevan, and prices are much lower than in Russia.

MICE is one of the most dynamically developing areas of business tourism in Armenia. This direction is associated with the organization and holding of various corporate events, and the term itself is an abbreviation formed from English words:

  • Meetings
  • Incentives
  • Conferences
  • Events

The main advantage of using MICE is that all of the above activities can be combined in any way and, as a result, give an amazing effect that would not have been possible with any other form of organization.



Breakfast at the hotel. We start our tour from Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, one of the oldest cities in the world. According to popular belief, Yerevan was founded under the name of Erebuni, by the king of Argishti I in the Kingdom of Van, in the 8th century BC. In the capital, you will visit a number of historical and cultural sites, such as Matenadaran, where the written history of Armenian and foreign peoples is kept, written in Arabic, Persian, Ottoman, Assyrian, Ancient Georgian, Greek, Latin and Russian (about 18,000 manuscripts), Yerevan Brandy Factory where you can get acquainted with the history of Armenian brandy and enjoy its incomparable taste. Walking along the streets of Yerevan, you can see the architecture of the city, namely, the main element that differs from other countries is pink tuff, as well as sculptures with national ornaments. Because of the pink tuff, Yerevan is called "The Pink City". Gala dinner at a restaurant with tasting of Armenian cuisine


Breakfast at the hotel Registration of participants and the beginning of a team session (training). The conference room is equipped with the necessary equipment: screen, projector, laptop, stereo system, flipchart, markers, pens/notepad, bottled water). Work on the program of the team session Coffee break Work on the program of the team session Lunch with tasting of national cuisine Work on the program of the team session Coffee break Work on the program of the team session. zhin


Breakfast at the hotel. The day begins with a visit to Garni Temple, which is the only legacy of the Hellenistic era that has come down to us. The temple was dedicated to Migr, the god of war and the sun. The fortress was built by the Armenian king Trdat I (66-88) in 76 AD, as evidenced by his inscription in Greek found in the same place: “Helios! Trdat the Great, sovereign of Great Armenia, when the ruler built this impregnable fortress for the queen in the eleventh year of his reign ... ”. In Garni village you will have a unique opportunity to attend a lavash baking master class. It's no secret that lavash is of particular importance for Armenians, and the baking process is a unique and peculiarly beautiful ritual. Lunch in Garni village. Not far from the Garni temple is the Geghard monastery. The monastery already belongs to the period of Christian Armenia. Geghard was founded in the 5th century and the main church was built in 1215. At first, the temple was called Ayrivank because of the cave structures, and from the 13th century the temple was renamed in honor of Saint Geghard, who was kept in the monastery (by whom Jesus was crucified). Return to Yerevan. On this day, an exciting excursion will end in one of the colorful restaurants in Yerevan.

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