Activities in Germany: from hiking to mountaineering and windsurfing

Germany for tourists

Today, can only get a visa to Germany ? special categories of citizens crossing the border on business. In this article, we will break down these special categories and types of sightings by purpose of travel. I decided to share information for those who want to open a visa to Germany, but who are poorly versed in the documents and receive a refusal. Despite the epidemic, life and study continues for many, so let's see what options are available and whether you are submitting the documents correctly.

Information for those who have not yet received a visa refusal

? Help and advice on refusals:

Gorbunova Marina Yurievna +7 (925) 261-40-86 Yes WatsAPP, m. orbunova @ gorbunovi. u Lawyer Mediator, Psychiatrist Criminalist

Visa to Germany for a specialist clause §§, a, b AufenthG

1. Specialists and highly qualified workers who have received a job in Germany fall under a special category of citizens for obtaining a visa. A citizen applying for a visa must have a confirmed employment application in accordance with the definition of the German Residence Act - §§ 3 §§ 18, 18a, 18b AufenthG. ? This is followed by workers traveling to Germany on a business trip in accordance with §19c paragraph 1 and with §10 BeschV and management personnel in the field of Information and Communication Technology, applicable to §§ 19 Abs. 2, 19b AufenthG for a COVID visa.

Visas to Germany for scientists and teachers (§§d, e und f AufenthG

2. Education and research activities also do not stand still, therefore this category of citizens falls under the opportunity to obtain a visa to Germany today in accordance with §§ 18d, 18e and 18f AufenthG and paragraph 1 of § 19c AufenthG in conjunction with § 5 BeschV or paragraph 1 § 11 BeschV. For example, if you plan to work in a government agency or research institute, then confirmation of the economic part of the applicant will not be required. ? If the work will be carried out at a private enterprise in Germany, confirmation of the need to travel as the main job for the applicant will be required.

Visas to Germany for athletes and gamers p §c AufenthG in combination with p §, p §, p § or p § BeschV

3. Professional athletes who can obtain a visa to Germany to participate in competitions also fall under a special category of citizens. ? Athletes also include computer gamers (and other cybernetics specialists who need to participate in an event in Germany) in accordance with § 19c AufenthG § 1 in conjunction with § 22 § 1, 22 § 4, 22 § 5, or clause 2 § 23 BeschV.

For a long time, our compatriots had to make their way to the European labor market in black and gray schemes, occupying the lowest paid positions. In 2016, we took root in Poland and entered into direct contracts with other EU countries. Labor remuneration for low-profile specialists has grown, the employment procedure has become clear and transparent, and legal contracts have opened up all the prospects for residence permits and immigration.

Greetings from Berlin, the capital of Germany, the country in which most people who intend to earn extra money abroad dream of being.

The reasons for this are obvious - high standards and a minimum salary of 9 euros per hour minus all taxes, i.e. all workers who have the right to work in a given country can count on such a minimum. It doesn't matter whether you are a builder or a concierge ...

Legalization (obtaining the right to work) of Ukrainians and other foreigners is the most lively topic on the Internet. Many discuss this, and some even make good money on this topic, most often there is nothing and not offering sane for the workers.

Registration fee for consultation and work with documents


The cost of employment services includes:

  • comprehensive advice on applying for the right to work in the selected country for the selected vacancy;
  • updating the vacancy at the time it is ready to take it;
  • submission Your candidacy for employers;
  • lobbying you as a candidate among others and obtaining the best conditions for employment, including reimbursement of travel expenses and paperwork;
  • checking the work contract before signing it.

The cost of the service does not include:

• sworn translations of documents and apostille (diploma, police clearance certificate, etc.); • transfers related to employment, registration of a residence permit and direct arrival at work; • guides, translators, forwarding documents, etc.; • expenses for communication, food and accommodation during the period of employment.

What do our clients get after registering with the agency?

Each registered user has the right to be employed for any vacancy on our website for FREE, and also receives a warranty period of 365 days for a FREE replacement of work after registration. Moreover, some employers are willing to REFUND your registration fee costs after 6 months' work.

* registration is valid for 1 year.

Activities in Germany

Germans love and know how to have an active rest. There is always something to do in Germany. In winter, you can go for a ride at one of the best ski resorts in Europe, in the spring you can take a walk in national parks and biosphere reserves, in summer you can relax on the shores of one of the lakes, and in autumn you can go mountaineering or ride a bike along the scenic route.

Numerous shops and rental offices for outdoor activities are open throughout Germany. Local experts will gladly guide tourists in choosing the most suitable option for them.


Germans are true fans of walking. They even came up with a special word "Wanderlust", which means "thirst for travel." It is not uncommon for the inhabitants of Germany to gather with the whole family and go for the weekend to the nearest national park to walk along one of the hiking trails, to recharge with positive emotions and strength before the start of a new work or school week. Regardless of the season, you can always meet a cheerful company of Germans in the national parks of the country.

The total length of the country's hiking routes is about 190 thousand km. All trails are marked with special signs and signs. In addition, information points are open along all routes for the convenience of tourists.

Most interesting hiking options:

  • A walk through the emerald vineyards of the German wine region - Rheinland.
  • Hike through the fabulously beautiful valleys and wooded hills of the Schwarzwald.

Landscapes of the Black Forest (Photo © Brough Turner/www. lickr. om/CC BY-NC 2. License)

  • Travel along the high mountain hiking trails of the Bavarian Alps.
  • Walk along the old Roman road (alte Römerstraße).
  • A trip around Lake Constance (Bodensee)
  • Cycling

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    What is important to know about a business visa to Germany

    Requirements for a business visa to Germany per year

    Traveling to European countries is not always an occupation for tourists. Cooperation with companies at the international level, the formation of useful business contacts is another popular purpose of travel abroad. In modern times, doing joint business with foreign partners is prestigious and promising. To obtain an entry permit, you will need a business visa to Germany in 2021. This document will allow you to grow professionally, get support from German partners.

    How to get a business visa to Germany on your own

    A permit to visit the country can be open for a different period - from a few days to a long stay (for example, for a year).

    A business invitation for foreign citizens provides for a multiple entry visa. This means that during the validity period of the document, you can visit Germany several times.

    A visa can be opened for the following categories of persons:

    1. Representatives of official delegations

    2. Employees who have to go on business trips

    3. Individual entrepreneurs who solve issues related to their business

    4. Drivers involved in international cargo transportation

    6. Train foremen

    Germany for tourists is not only a sip of beer and the Berlin Wall (although both should be on your list!). This beautiful country is best known for its amazing forests, fairytale castles, rivers, important historical sites, mountain ranges and beaches of the North Sea. It has over two millennia of history. Berlin, its capital, is home to art and nightlife scenes, the Brandenburg Gate and many places associated with World War II. Together we will discover the best cities for tourists while visiting Germany.


    Berlin, the capital of Germany, dates back to the 13th century. Reminders of the city's tumultuous 20th century history include the Holocaust memorial and the Berlin Wall memorabilia. Divided during the Cold War, its 18th century Brandenburg Gate became a symbol of reunification. Berlin is also popular for its festivals, varied architecture, nightlife, art scenes and modern attractions such as the Berliner Golden Philharmonic, built in 1963.

    Many tourists are attracted by the famous historical buildings of Berlin, including the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag. Young people, foreign artists and entrepreneurs continue to settle in the city and make Berlin a popular entertainment destination in the world.


    Munich is one of the best places to visit in Germany with a great cultural life. There are centuries-old buildings, several modern opera houses, theaters and numerous museums. The city is known for its annual Oktoberfest celebration and its beer halls, including the famous Hofbräuhaus, founded in 1589.

    The city center is an attractive blend of classical and modern architecture, teeming with historic churches, medieval walls and royal palaces, as well as bustling shopping malls and nightlife.


    Neuschwanstein Castle, the most photographed building in Germany, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Ludwig II of Bavaria commissioned the palace as a retreat and as a tribute to Richard Wagner.

    Set amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Bavarian Alps near Füssen, this fairytale castle has appeared in several films such as Chitty Chit Bang Bang and The Great Escape, and is the inspiration for Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle and later, similar structures.


    No wonder Heidelberg is a very popular tourist attraction, with historical treasures such as the medieval Old Bridge, Heidelberg Castle, Church of the Holy Spirit and the Knight of St. George.

    As Germany's oldest university, Heidelberg's long academic history can be embodied along the Path of the Philosopher; a picturesque path that many early philosophers and professors often walked along. There are many historic churches in and around Heidelberg.

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