8 Things You Should Know When Doing Business With Chinese Partners

Business in China, which is not in Russia in 2020-2021

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Hong Kong Disneyland Reaches Record Revenue

Many Russians are interested in moving to the Middle Kingdom to run their own business. This moment is extremely relevant given the stable economic growth in this Asian country. Of course, moving to China is associated with some peculiarities. Therefore, it is recommended to study everything necessary regarding the possibility of moving to this country for citizens of the Russian Federation in advance. Here it is necessary to consider in detail what a business visa in China is for visiting Russians.

What is China Business Visa?

Many Russians have no idea about the rules of travel to the PRC to resolve business-related issues. The China Business Visa Sample allows you to visit the country for a specific activity. The document is drawn up for the following purposes:

  • Participation in business negotiations with partners from China.
  • The presence of a Russian at various exhibitions and business conferences.
  • Attend special trade events.
  • Full-fledged business conduct in the country.
  • Development of business relations with Chinese businessmen.

According to the classification, these documents are of types Z, F and M. The type of form is selected depending on the purpose of visiting the country. Also, permits are classified according to the number of possible visits to an Asian state.

Single entry visas

These invitations are valid for 90 days and allow you to travel to China once after being issued. If necessary, you can open a visa for a different period of time, depending on the required period of stay in the Middle Kingdom. The permit itself is granted for a period of 1 month or 60 days of continuous stay in the country.

Double entry visa

This permission option is granted for up to six months. The holder of a double entry visa is entitled to cross the border with China twice. When issuing this document, an uninterrupted stay in the country is allowed, as in the previous case, 1 or 2 months, depending on the purpose of the trip. If you need to make a longer trip, then you have to get a multivisa.


This document allows you to cross the border with China multiple times. The permit has two subtypes. The first option allows you to enter the country within six months for a period of 30 or 60 days (depending on the decision of the department employees). The second type of document allows multiple trips for a period of a year (the total period of stay in China in this case cannot exceed two months).

What conditions must be met to apply for a business visa to China?

China is no longer just a global factory, it is one of the world's largest consumer populations. If you do business with Chinese partners to buy or sell goods, you invariably encounter certain cultural differences in doing business between East and West.

Here are 8 important facts you should know when working with partners from China.

Communication style

Chinese people are shy and not inclined to express their opinions directly. For example, their words "yes" or "no" can have many different meanings.

In case of disagreement, they will not say no to your face, they will do it differently: “Yes. It's a good idea, but I need to think about it. " Be aware that this is an absolute no.

A direct "no" is perceived as a manifestation of disrespect for the interlocutor, an attempt to put him in an awkward position. In the same way, if you do not agree with the Chinese, you should indirectly point this out.

Another interesting example with the opposite meaning. If you meet with Chinese partners and offer them tea or coffee, they will most likely refuse, citing the fact that they already drank water on the way or they do not want to.

But they would actually drink tea or coffee. The rules of good manners instilled from childhood allow them to accept an offer only after it has been pronounced at least three times.

Business meeting times

Western businessmen prefer to agree on a specific time. In Western countries, it is usually not customary to arrive much earlier than the agreed time, especially if the meeting is held on the territory of the interlocutor.

Instead of setting a specific time, people in China usually say, "Call me as you arrive."


When Chinese businessmen travel to a business meeting overseas, they usually do not plan the trip. They devote all their free time to sightseeing. Western businessmen, on the other hand, try to plan their trip as much as possible.

How to open a business with China, Russian entrepreneurs are thinking more and more often. Why? Chinese goods occupy the lion's share of the world market. Secondly, the country's industry has made a colossal leap forward. In addition, China is the main trading partner for Russia.

What are the benefits of cooperation with Chinese companies? First, high profitability. Secondly, a wide range of products. Thirdly, a large number of product niches.

Fourth, well-established logistics. Fifth, the procurement and supply system. In addition, competition among manufacturers allows for significant price reductions. Is it possible to pinch off a piece of the Chinese financial pie without initial capital?

How to start a business with China: tips and tricks

About 40 years ago, China was a second-rate producer of cheap, low-quality products. Perseverance and work have changed the situation beyond recognition. High technologies appeared, quality increased, the market became flexible. Accordingly, this opens up great prospects for entrepreneurs.

Benefits from cooperation with Chinese companies

Business cooperation with China is considered beneficial for the following reasons:

  • The country produces quality goods and high-tech equipment.
  • Chinese enterprises are open to new things. Enterprises are ready to produce goods according to individual customer orders.
  • There is a lot of competition among manufacturers. Therefore, Chinese companies offer additional bonuses and discounts.
  • Improving product quality
  • Debugging trade through online stores.
  • The trading process is simple and transparent.
  • The shipment of Chinese goods is fast.

How to start a business with China in Russia: analysis of factors

To understand how to open a business with China in Russia, we define:

  • Availability of initial capital;
  • What do you plan to do;
  • Short-term or long-term development prospects.

It is easier and more profitable to organize trade in Chinese goods. Even considering that there are many entrepreneurs engaged in similar business, it is easy to find your niche.

As you know, more than half of all industrial products sold in Russian stores are made in China. This country offers not only consumer goods. For example, the Chinese produce quality cars, motorcycles, office equipment, electronics, machine tools, and production equipment.

Business in China, which is not in Russia in 2020-2021, should be adopted. As you know, the Chinese market has proven itself well. For example, entrepreneurs from all over the world apply the experience of Chinese business in their own countries. The economy in China is growing steadily.

Chinese business is engaged in mediation, wholesale, online trade, dropshipping. In addition, businessmen have taken a course towards automation. Accordingly, the PRC rushed forward with leaps and bounds, the Chinese are ahead of the rest of the planet in almost all areas of business.

It is not for nothing that the Chinese economy ranks second in the world (in terms of nominal GDP). On the other hand, in terms of PPP, China has already overtaken America for a long time - since 2014! As you know, there are more unusual startups in China than there are residents in some successful developing countries!

Starting a business requires not only funds, but also ideas. Why reinvent the wheel? For example, it is enough to borrow an original and profitable idea from our eastern neighbor. What has already been generated and worked out by the Chinese can be used in Russia.

Business in China, which is not in Russia in

We have collected 10 of the most original business ideas from China. All of these ideas have worked well.

Business from China to Russia: An idea for Paid D-Printing

Our eastern neighbor, this idea works successfully. A 3D printer allows you to print not only knick-knacks, but also quite necessary and useful things - doorknobs, dishes, shoes, household appliances, tools, machine parts and even furniture.

Three-dimensional printing is made of polymer resins, plastic, metal clay, ceramic powder. The enterprising Chinese came up with the idea of ​​not only selling products printed on a 3D printer, but also printing to order. The idea to make a business on this in the PRC took root and became popular. For example, the advantages of 3D copying centers are fast, cheap and the way the customer needs it. Accordingly, the individuality of the product made the business popular and in demand.

If an expensive car has a damaged bumper, the client will simply order an analog print, and he will not have to wait long. The order will be ready within an hour. It is very comfortable. An excellent alternative to small batch production. On such a printer, you can print a lot of small things you need in the household.

In Russia, this business is still quite expensive. First, a 3D printer costs about 500 thousand rubles. Secondly, plus the rental of premises and the purchase of consumables. Accordingly, a business project will cost a considerable amount - about 10 thousand dollars. Depending on the number of orders, the project can pay off in 1-2 years.

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