100,000 rubles for a 3 * hotel: how Kaliningrad is experiencing a tourist boom

100,000 rubles for a 3 * hotel: how Kaliningrad is experiencing a tourist boom

Four months of closed borders played into the hands of Russian resorts - the hotel facilities in Crimea and Sochi were almost completely full. However, these resorts of the Russian south, as a rule, do not experience problems with occupancy during normal seasons. In the same year, Kaliningrad was among the leaders against the background of the closure of European countries.

Tickets: more flights, lower prices

Sales of tickets to Kaliningrad departing in July increased by 20% compared to last year, according to the data of the analytical center “Tutu. y ". According to the press service of Sheremetyevo Airport, Kaliningrad entered the top 4 cities, where they most often flew this summer after Simferopol, Sochi and St. Petersburg. “Kaliningrad is one of the ten popular destinations in July. Previously, by the way, I wasn’t included, ”the press service of the Aviasales airline ticket search service said.

“In July of this year, the maximum number of passengers served at the airport per day exceeded 11,000. During the World Cup, the number of passengers reached 14,000 per day, ”the press service of the Kaliningrad airport“ Khrabrovo ”informs. In May, passenger traffic decreased by 88% compared to last year, but actively began to recover at the end of June after easing quarantine measures in the region. More than 45% of all passengers in June were served in the last week of the month, from June 22 to June 30 (39,000, 85,000 people in June). The airport receives 32-36 flights a day, just like in pre-crisis times.

Growth can also be related to the fact that it is not easy to get to the exclave by land. As the press service of the service “Tutu. y ”, train tickets are not being purchased so actively due to the current restrictions: despite the fact that on July 1, some trains were returned to the schedule, the service has not been fully restored. “Trains go in transit through the territory of Belarus and Lithuania, and only passengers who have registration in the Kaliningrad region can cross the Russian border in these trains, RZD reports. Thus, the growth in demand for flights to Kaliningrad can be partially explained by the lack of alternative options, ”the press service of Tutu. y ".

Despite the tourist boom, airfare prices have dropped significantly compared to last year. According to Aviasales, in July the average cost of air tickets with departures from all Russian cities was 6937 rubles, which is 46% less than a year earlier. According to “Tutu. y ”, there is also a reduction in prices, but less than that of Aviasales: by an average of 18% (round-trip fare). True, it has become more expensive to fly from some cities, for example, from Arkhangelsk (+ 8%), Rostov-on-Don (+ 18%), Khabarovsk (+ 6%).

Tours: five times more bookings, prices increase by%

“In recent weeks, Kaliningrad has a really peculiar tourist boom: the number of bookings has grown fivefold compared to last year,” says Travelata, head of the customer department of the online travel search and booking service. u Daria Toropova. Intourist also reported an increase in the number of bookings “several times”. The TUI press office says it has doubled its sales compared to last year. In July, they book a lot. “In July there is the only opportunity to somehow swim in the Baltic Sea. In other months it is very cold, ”says Toropova.

Tours with hotels on the coast are in greatest demand. Tours with hotels in coastal cities: Svetlogorsk, Zelenogradsk and on the Curonian Spit are in the greatest demand. " “Both the Baltic coast in general and the Curonian Spit are popular. There are not so many hotels here, so mainly excursion programs with a trip to the Curonian Spit for the whole day are booked, ”says Sergey Tolchin, executive director of the Intourist operator.

The interest of tourists in excursions in the Russian Baltic has also grown. “Kaliningrad is in the top 3 cities in terms of sales. We have already sold several thousand excursions since June. If we compare with the indicators of the last year, then the demand has increased threefold, ”says Alexey Melchakov, founder and CEO of the Tripster excursion service. According to him, the average check has increased, but not due to higher prices, but due to the fact that travelers book safer individual excursions more often than group excursions. Trips to the sea with a story about Kaliningrad and the region along the way are popular.

Despite the drop in prices for air tickets, the cost of tours increased by 10-20% compared to last year. “The average bill for tours to Kaliningrad in the period from June 22 to July 20, 2019 was 37,500 rubles. This year, over the same period, it grew to 43,000 rubles [an increase of 13% - Forbes]. This growth is connected both with the general inflationary processes in the economy, and with the increased demand for the Kaliningrad direction, ”says Toropova from Travelata. u. Unlike last year, tour prices vary greatly. For example, the cheapest tour purchased this summer to Kaliningrad through the Travelata service. u, cost 10 655 rubles: bought on June 18 with a flight on June 24 for two for three nights in a 3 * hotel with breakfasts in Kaliningrad. The most expensive tour - 113,730 rubles: bought in July with arrival in August for two adults and a child for 8 nights in a 3 * hotel with breakfast in the village of Yantarny. Tour prices at TUI have increased by 20-30% due to the growing popularity of the resort and a limited number of accommodation facilities, the press service of the tour operator said.

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