10 popular tourist spots in Ukraine

Green tourism in Ukraine: the best ideas for ecotourism

Ukraine is a European country with a well-developed tourism, travelers from all over the world come here. On average, about 20 million foreign citizens visit Ukraine annually. Up to 90% of the total number of visitors are personal matters, while the tourism of Ukraine is of interest to about 1.2 million people who have visited the country.

Tourism and its types in Ukraine

The natural potential of Ukraine contributes to the widespread development of tourism. Vivid landscapes, varied landscapes, the possibility of treatment and recovery at resorts and a wide range of tourist destinations allow the residents of Ukraine to have a quality rest in any country.

In the warm season, the seaside resort direction is actively used. The beaches of the Black and Azov Seas are overcrowded every summer. At the same time, people prefer to relax both in boarding houses and hotels by the sea, and as savages, living in tents or cars.

Urban tourism is also widely developed. Ukrainians choose an excursion destination, or go on independent trips to get acquainted with the main city sights, enjoy the architecture and just take a walk. At the same time, Ukraine has a good transport interchange, which allows you to get to almost anywhere in the country both by your own and by public transport.

Western Ukraine is popular with tourists at any time of the year. In winter, these are ski resorts, and in the rest of the months tourists come here for beautiful architecture, rich nature, outdoor activities and inspiration from ethnic culture. At the same time, tourism in Ukraine is popular not only among local residents. More and more foreigners are interested in our country and are planning trips here.

Types of sports tourism

There is a widespread opinion that sports tourism originated in the USSR. Many types of outdoor activities can be attributed to sports tourism, however, sports tourism by large companies has a narrower direction. In fact, it is somewhat reminiscent of a competition, but imbued with a special spirit of wandering.

Sports tourism is available at both amateur and professional levels. There are nonprofit organizations that are dedicated to hiking and referral. They form the general idea of ​​the trip and organize its program. And at the professional level in some countries they even confer ranks and titles in sports tourism.

The types of sports tourism include:

Tourism in Ukraine at the present stage

Ukraine is a country with a rich history and culture, and it has something to offer tourists. For those who are planning to spend their vacation here, we have prepared the top 10 tourist places in Ukraine, which may be of interest to both foreigners and local residents.

Motherland, Kiev

A giant statue of a woman warrior, 68 meters high, with a 12-ton sword in one hand and a shield in the other, installed on a 40-meter platform, towers over the Dnieper River. The huge statue was opened by L. Brezhnev in 1981.

According to experts, the monument will stand for more than 150 years and is able to withstand a strong earthquake. However, there have been discussions among Ukrainian nationalists for several years regarding the demolition of the communist monument, but the official authorities do not yet support this decision. Nevertheless, the Motherland remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in Ukraine to this day.

Khortytsya, Dnieper River

Khortytsya is the largest island on the Dnieper. The island is about 12 kilometers long. The landscape here is quite changeable: in the north there are high 40-meter cliffs, and in the south they smoothly turn into lowlands and picturesque gullies.

In 2004, the construction of a unique complex "Zaporozhye Sich" began on the island, and in 2010 it was opened to tourists from all over the world. Various performances, festivals, excursions are held here.

PinchukArtCentre, Kiev

In 2006, the PinchukArtCentre was presented as the first contemporary art center in Ukraine. Now it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. The center's task is to modernize Ukrainian art and enter a new era of creativity.

The center hosts various exhibitions and large-scale projects, in which young artists from different countries participate in competitions to receive a grant to develop their talent. The center also runs a special program aimed at training international-level specialists in organizing exhibitions, public relations, publishing, etc.

Saint Sophia Cathedral, Kiev

St. Sophia Cathedral is the oldest cathedral in Kiev and one of the most spectacular architectural sights of the city. Many tourists come here every year. In 1990, the cathedral was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Kiev Pechersk Lavra, Kiev

ᐈ International tourism includes many directions, of which several main types can be distinguished. ????

Green tourism in Ukraine is a new direction of recreation, the popularity of which is growing from year to year. It's no secret that the poor environmental situation in big cities, the need to solve everyday problems in business and everyday life lead to stress and nervous tension. For this reason, more and more people are abandoning popular resorts with passive pastime on the beach or near the pool, and prefer to relax closer to nature to enjoy the fresh air, walk in the forest, pick fresh berries and mushrooms, drink spring water and eat natural products.

Active rest in the Kherson mountains.

Green tourism (rural or ecological) is developing in three areas:

  • active recreation in untouched nature during the weekend;
  • temporary accommodation in a tent on the banks of a river or lake and giving up the benefits of civilization - TV, Internet, electricity , vehicles;
  • comfortable rest in a small cottage in the village with the ability to use running water, a bathroom, electricity.

For nature lovers, the Ukrainian desert in Oleshki is suitable.

The main principle of ecotourism is to care for the protection of the environment. This kind of rest is good because it:

  • is available - camping or renting a house in the village is cheaper than renting a room even in a little-known resort;
  • allows you to have fun and interesting time - depending on the location, tourists can ride horses, go rafting, study folk crafts, go on excursions;
  • passes away from the noise of the city and contributes to complete relaxation and recuperation.

The best season for ecotourism is from late spring to early autumn. The Kherson Tourism Center has prepared a selection of the best locations for ecological tourism in Ukraine in 2019.

An incredible video about outdoor activities in the South of Ukraine blew up the Internet:

Transcarpathia is the best place for ecotourism

Green tourism in Western Ukraine involves a trip to one of the most attractive and promising natural sites - Transcarpathia. For a long time, cattle breeding, carpentry and pottery, carpet weaving, making embroidered towels and shirts were considered the main income of the Hutsuls. Due to the absence of industrial zones, the pristine nature has been preserved here. Enchanting landscapes filled with the scent of herbs, clean air, mountain rivers and waterfalls, unique national flavor - this is not all that ecotourists expect during their vacation in Transcarpathia.

Synevyr is a beautiful lake with a mysterious history.

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