What is an educational license and why is it so important

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We will tell you what a license for educational activities is and how licensing is carried out. We explain why it is not recommended to study in educational institutions without a license to carry out educational activities and how to check its availability.

What is an educational license

A license for educational activities is a document that gives an organization the right to carry out educational activities on the territory of the Russian Federation.

A license is required for organizations and educational institutions that implement educational programs in any format: remotely or in person. Nowadays, the topics of educational programs are very wide: from foreign language courses to yoga.

Do not confuse a license for the right to conduct educational activities with state accreditation. The latter confirms the compliance of the educational programs of the organization with the federal state educational standards of educational activities. The license is a confirmation of the legality of the implementation of educational activities.

The term of the license for educational activities

The license does not have a validity period (unlimited), however, once every three years, the state, represented by the regulatory authorities, checks how the licensed organization complies with the rules for carrying out educational activities. The subject of such checks is a fairly wide range of issues: from the content of educational programs to the qualifications of teachers.

Licensing of educational activities

Educational activities are subject to licensing in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation on licensing certain types of activities. Licensing of educational activities is carried out by types of education, by levels of education, by professions, specialties, areas of training (for vocational education), by subspecies of additional education.

Article 91 of the Federal Law "On Education in the Russian Federation"

Obtaining a license for educational activities is a time-consuming and energy-consuming process. To make a decision, the authorities consider the documents for 60 days. Those who need licensing will also need to obtain a number of permits from other government agencies. And, of course, draw up the necessary educational programs.

Why is it important for parents to have an educational license

The presence of an educational license gives the organization the right to issue students a document of its own sample about the programs they have listened to. Licensing of educational activities is a guarantee of peace of mind for parents of schoolchildren, and here's why:

In 13, Russian legislation allowed education not only for public schools, technical schools, universities and other non-profit organizations, but also for classic LLCs and even individual entrepreneurs. The only thing that is needed for this is to issue a license to carry out educational activities. We decided to analyze in detail how this document is drawn up, where to get it and how to properly submit papers to the relevant authorities in order to guarantee a positive answer.

Why do you need an educational license

First, let's consider in what cases you don't need to get a license. According to the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation under the number 966 of 28. 0. 3, there is no need to issue it if a private entrepreneur works on his own without hiring employees.

Attention: there is no need to obtain a license for tutors, circle members, teachers and educational studios in which the only teacher teaches, he is also an individual entrepreneur.

That is, if you work personally, you do not need it. If you plan to create a circle or college with several teachers, then you will have to get it. Moreover, to work even as an individual entrepreneur, appropriate work experience and seniority are required. It should be understood that if your center employs an employee who does not teach (for example, a cleaning lady), then a license is also not required. Conducting a variety of seminars, trainings and lectures also does not require licensing, since such actions are related not to educational, but to leisure or cultural activities. It is not needed even if, at the end of the training, the teacher (or institution) does not issue any diploma of received education and does not carry out certification of the student.

Next, we will consider in which case this document is needed and how to obtain a license with minimal effort. It is issued if the organization (or individual entrepreneur) offers the following types of education:

  • Preschool and secondary.
  • Secondary vocational, as well as classical university.
  • Additional general education and vocational training.
  • Religious education.

In fact, this document is a work permit for an educational institution. It is impossible to function without it - this is a serious violation of the law, threatening both fines and more severe liability.

How to get a license

Note that the licensing of educational activities is a rather lengthy and laborious process. For example, consideration of papers takes at least two months. Before submitting papers, you must first obtain the necessary permits, develop your own curriculum and perform a number of other actions. Nevertheless, with the right approach, the educational business is very promising, since during the crisis many people retrain and change their profession, and parents understand that without a good education, children will not have a future.

Mandatory Requirements

To complete the document, you must fulfill the mandatory conditions. The main ones are as follows:

Upcoming events

Opening the entrance to the Glavuch Club

How to open a training center without a license

To get started, read the article “How to start a training center from scratch” for step-by-step instructions on how to launch your courses and test demand.

Colleagues often contact us with a question about licensing.

Laws are often written in language that is difficult for the untrained to understand.

Therefore, we asked experts on licensing of training centers Elena Belousova and Evgenia Arsenyeva to write an article about what activities are not currently licensed.

ATTENTION! Check the relevance of the legislation at the date of reading the article. Article 16.7.016 was written

Elena Belousova.

Expert of modern legislation in the field of education. Deputy director of a private educational institution. Has extensive practical experience in the development, evaluation and implementation of correctional and developmental programs for preschool children

Evgeny Arsenyeva. Director and founder of a private educational institution since 2000, a specialist in the field of financial, legal (licensing, contractual and other legal) issues in the field of additional education. Practical experience of obtaining a license and communicating with Rospotrebnadzor and other organizations for 15 years.

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