Traveling Britain by Train: VisitBritain's Advantages at OTM Summer 2018

Traveling Britain by Train: VisitBritain's Advantages at OTM Summer 2018

Train travel is one of the best ways to discover the real Britain and a great alternative to traveling by plane. Thanks to the developed modern rail network that covers the whole country, you can see almost every corner of the United Kingdom and visit the cities and countryside of England, Scotland and Wales. Online Travel Mart: Summer 2018 exhibitor VisitBritain UK Tourism Office has provided helpful tips to assist agents when planning their rail travel. We analyze everything: from the distance between cities to the types of Britrail Pass.

This year you can get the most up-to-date information about summer vacations, promotions for travel agencies at the main tourist exhibition of the season Online Travel Mart: Summer 2018, where NTOs, sending and receiving tour operators, airlines, hotel chains and other tourist companies will share news and plans for the season.

As part of the online exhibition on February 7, the company's experts will hold online presentations, where they will tell in detail about the rest in the UK:

"Britain on the shelves with BSI group: sightseeing routes, top entertainment and educational programs for Russian students" Moderator: Ekaterina Sikora, head of the group booking project of the BSI group tour operator. Register >>

"Britain in detail from Meridian Express Holidays: how to visit Buckingham Palace and attend a whiskey tasting in the Scottish Highlands" Host: Christina Gryaznova, Lead Tour Product Manager, Meridian Express Holidays. Register >>

VisitBritain's fresh take on Britain: hotels, museums, restaurants and even rail links! Presenter: Marina Shatalova, UK Tourism Office Marketing Specialist. Register >>

The largest British Railways stations are London, Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh. To maximize passenger comfort, most UK trains have state-of-the-art equipment and services, including food and beverage services, toilets, luggage storage, Wi-Fi and power outlets for charging mobile and electronic devices.

More than 2,500 stations, 4,000 comfortable trains and almost 16,000 km of tracks provide complete freedom of action for enthusiastic travelers. All major stations are equipped with a convenient navigation system. Following them, the tourist can easily determine where the city center and the nearest attractions are. Bus stops and taxi ranks are usually located outside the stations.

Distance Quick Reference

London - Manchester = 2 hours 5 minutes London - Birmingham = 1 hour 25 minutes London - York = 1 hour 50 minutes London - Liverpool = 2 hours 15 minutes London - Bath = 1 hour 30 minutes London - Saint -Ives (Cornwall, South West England) = 5 hours 30 minutes London - Buxton (Peak District, North West England) = 2 hours 50 minutes London - Edinburgh = 4 hours 20 minutes London - Cardiff = 2 hours

UK institutions of higher education are at the top of all rankings of the best universities in the world. Nobility, wisdom, conciseness, intelligence, good manners - all this is inherent in the British, which is why they earned the honor and respect of all countries, without exception, several centuries ago. British universities are famous for their education of the highest quality, which is considered one of the most prestigious in the world, so it is here that the most worthy of the worthy study.

Education system

Learning in the UK starts early. Three-year-olds are sent to Nursery school, which is analogous to our kindergarten, but a significant part of the time is devoted to education and development. From 5 years old, children go to a two-year preparatory school for primary classes - Pre-preparatory school), from 7 to 11 years old - primary school (Primary, Elementary or Preparatory school). From the age of 11, a secondary school begins, where children study until the age of 16 and, as a result, take final exams for a certificate of secondary education - GCSE. This certificate is sufficient for starting an independent work activity, but does not give the right to enter higher education institutions.

And finally - the last two classes of preparation for entering the university: A-Level. By this time, schoolchildren are already deciding where they will enter and choose 3-5 disciplines, which they study intensively for two years. The A-Level final exams are also considered university entrance exams. The requirements for grades depend on the prestige of the university and the competition. For example, for admission to Cambridge, all subjects must be passed for the maximum score. Higher education in the UK, as in most countries of the world, is divided into bachelor's (3-4 years) and master's (1-2 years) programs.

Secondary education for UK citizens is compulsory and free. A-Level and university studies are paid, both for citizens of the country and for foreigners.

Earn a TEFL certificate and earn money from teaching English.

UK Schools

The choice of a school in the UK is very responsible, often with an eye on the future profession, since there are many specializations even at the secondary education level, and the earlier you start, the more chances you have to enter a prestigious university.

First of all, schools are divided into public and private; among private, boarding schools are also distinguished separately. Educational standards in the country are very high, so that a public school is second only to a private one in terms of technical equipment. And also in private schools there are fewer students per class, and teachers have more opportunities to pay attention to each individual. In boarding houses, children live on the territory of the school under the supervision of educators (the minimum period of study is 1 year), there are separate boarding houses for boys and girls. Many private schools and boarding schools have connections with leading universities in the country and purposefully prepare for admission.

There is a large selection of special schools in the UK. For example, grammar with an emphasis on academic knowledge. Future teachers and researchers are trained there. There are applied schools - for those who intend to master a working profession.

Those who once visited old prim England will no longer be able not to dream and not dream of it again, because you fall in love with this beautiful country from the first moment to the end of your days. Excursion tours to England, without ceasing, attract tourists. A country with a brilliant past and majestic landmarks is part of the United Kingdom, along with harsh Scotland, mysterious Ireland and medieval Wales. But the voyage to Great Britain begins, of course, from England and the capital of the Kingdom - London.

North Caucasus - only experienced accompanying guides.

Excursion tours to England cover the acquaintance and inspection of the stunning Gothic cathedrals and castles of the Middle Ages, museums and galleries, the stunning Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben - the symbol of Great Britain, St. Paul's Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge and many more.

By the way, the most important museums in England (Tate Gallery, British Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, National Portrait and Art Galleries) are allowed free of charge.

Excursion tours to England

Excursion trips to England differ in the length of stay in the country and its capital, the number of excursions and, accordingly, the price of the tour. Travel agencies on tour sites post details, subtleties and descriptions of trips, their prices, talk about hotels and excursions included in the program of a trip to England.

The cost of an economy tour includes two excursions. In practice, this is a sightseeing tour of London (by bus), led by a professional Russian-speaking guide, and a tour of the historic center of London (on foot), also with a Russian-speaking professional guide.

The classic tour contains four excursions: sightseeing (bus) and the historic center of London, the British Museum and the National Gallery, with a Russian-speaking guide (all three - on foot).

Well, the excursion tour covers six excursions: sightseeing and to Windsor (visiting the royal residence of Windsor Castle) - by bus, pedestrian - to the Tower and the Royal Treasury, through the historic center of London, to the National Gallery and to the British Museum ... As with the aforementioned tours, all excursions are accompanied by a professional guide.

English Haunted Castles

Fans of mysticism and mystery can visit legendary mysterious castles in England. haunted! Norfolk - among rare books, beautiful tapestries and paintings on the anniversary of her execution, the ghost of Anne Boleyn wanders. She appears, holding her head on her knees, in a carriage, on whose harnessed horse is a headless postive. In the castle of Cheshire, where a mill existed from 1784 to 1832, feasts are often held by the builders who died here. And in the Victorian park surrounding the castle, you can sometimes see a funeral procession with ghosts at night.

England has played an important role in the development of tourism. It was here that such concepts as "cruise", "tourist" and "tourism" in general were revived. However, despite this importance, many travelers still do not know basic things about this country: where is England located, what is its tourist celebrity and what types of tourism are especially developed there.

Where is England and which area is most popular with tourists

England is a part of Great Britain and a little Northern Ireland. On a geographical map, the country can be found on the island of Great Britain, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, in particular the North and Irish Seas. English lands have borders with Scotland and Wales. The terrain is smooth, mostly low and hilly. There is a large number of natural beauties here, for acquaintance with which people come from all over the world. For example, the Seven Sisters National Parks, Peak District, Brecon Beacons or Bodmin Moor, Beachy Head, Mount St. Misail, Devil's Moat, Cresswell Crags Canyon and much more.

England attracts tourists not only with its gorgeous nature, but also with its cultural attractions. Most of the objects of history, ancient and modern architecture are concentrated in such large cities:

  • London;
  • Cambridge;
  • Oxford;
  • Brighton;
  • Manchester ;
  • Nottingham;
  • Bath;
  • Newcastle;
  • York.

Each of these cities presents various museums, palaces, monuments, sculptures and other unique and educational objects that have their own history and are of great value to England for visitors and local residents.

Climate and holiday season in England

Thanks to all kinds of activities for tourists, seasonality lasts here all year round. However, there is a certain time when the influx of tourists especially increases or, conversely, decreases significantly. The main influx of travelers to England is during the summer months. At this time, there is pleasant sunny weather here, so walks and sightseeing excursions become even more popular. Also, the number of tourists is increasing due to the summer holidays and the holiday season. Many guests are expected in England during the Christmas holidays, since in addition to the enchanting show and festive programs on the streets, the country begins at this time a period of sales and high discounts.

The low season for recreation in this state can be considered the time period from late November to mid-December, and February - March. The weather in England at this time is quite wet and cool. It rains, and the average temperature of spring and autumn is + 10-12 degrees. However, it is on these days that you can purchase discounted hotel rooms, as well as purchase discount coupons for many establishments and for excursion programs.

Types of Tourism in England

One of the most influential and interesting European countries is Great Britain, located on an island in the northwest of continental Europe. The state has a rich history of development, characterized by tragic, solemn and other events. All this leaves an imprint on the culture, and therefore there are many interesting objects that attract tourists from all over the world. In order for a trip around this country to be comfortable, you should familiarize yourself in advance with the location of attractions and features of the rest.

Great Britain in Brief

The UK is located on the northwest side of Eurasia and is one of the largest island states in the European part of the world. The form of government in the country is called a parliamentary monarchy, and the current monarch is Queen Elizabeth II.

Elizabeth II ascended the throne in 1952 and is currently the longest-reigning monarch in the history of the United Kingdom.

The country has an oceanic temperate climate with a lot of rainfall throughout the year. The air temperature changes depending on the season. In winter, the maximum indicator is -12 ° C, and in summer the air warms up to a maximum of +35 ° C. Such conditions are optimal for active, cultural and other types of tourism.

Full country name

The name "UK" is widely used in everyday speech by citizens of different countries, as well as in advertising, the media and other sources. The full form is The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. This combination looks cumbersome and inconvenient and only applies in scientific, political and other official circumstances. The country is often called the United Kingdom (The UK), which is also an abbreviated form.

Capital and geography

The capital of the state is London. It covers an area of ​​1706.8 km 2 and has a population of 8,538,689 people. The settlement is located in the southeastern part of the island, near the North Sea, in the valley of the Thames estuary. The city is divided into 33 administrative regions.

London has a well-developed transport network: there are three ring roads, a bus service, an underground and light metro, tram routes, as well as water transport and city trains. The infrastructure is well developed in all areas, so it is easy for tourists to get from one part of the city to another.

By the way, the London subway itself is a kind of monument, since this subway is the oldest in the world. Its first line was opened in 1863. Because of the shape of the deep tunnels, Londoners nicknamed this mode of transport "The Tube".

The capital also has sports stadiums, museums and libraries, theaters, many monuments and historical buildings built in past centuries.

The country is divided into 4 administrative and political parts: Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England. They are located on the island of Great Britain and the northern part of the neighboring island.

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