Tourist notes: the pros and cons of traveling by bus

Tour guide profession: advantages and disadvantages

The problem of choosing a profession for most people is quite difficult, since life offers them a huge number of options and opportunities. You just need to understand who is suitable for which profession, not forgetting to take into account the desires and aspirations of a particular person.

After all, choosing a profession is not just a decision to get an education in a particular specialty. It also consists in building a chain of goals, both close and distant, determining the ways and conditions for their achievement, as well as preparing backup options in the event of insoluble difficulties.

Let's say that the profession of a guide has been chosen from a variety of options, which in turn means that the person who has chosen it is not devoid of constructive, communicative, organizational, and analytical abilities, which are essential components in this profession.

Profession guide

The profession of a tour guide is considered young. It appeared in the middle of the last century, that is, from the time when humanity began to realize the importance of tourism for the development of the country's economy.

Millions of people discover a new world when they get acquainted with ancient monuments, nature, and culture. At the same time, quite often ancient temples, cathedrals, palaces, museums, parks, and other attractions in most cases remain a mystery even for the most meticulous tourists.

As a result, only a guide, who acts as an intermediary between people and their chosen attractions, can provide the most complete, reliable information about them.

And here the skill, the professional level of the guide's training comes to the fore, since the quality of the excursion depends on the guide's knowledge of the topic of the excursion, which will be much higher if it is conducted by a friendly, attentive person who, moreover, has great sense of humor.

To achieve such results, the guides collect the so-called tour guide portfolio, which may include:

  • Various photographs.
  • Geographic maps.
  • Pictures.
  • Drawings.
  • Herbarium.
  • Mineral collections.

These portfolios usually help tour guides to make any excursion more interesting. However, it should be noted that the amount of such materials should not be very large so that they could not distract tourists from exploring the original historical sites.

As a rule, there are no special requirements for the appearance of the guide, but at the same time it must correspond to the style of his environment, since during the tour all attention is concentrated on the narrator: on his face, hands, clothes ... By its appearance, it is, as it were, an addition to the exhibition. Also, the guides must be endowed with clear diction so that every person who comes on the excursion can hear and understand it.

Do you see a catchy advertisement for a bus tour of Europe? The cost of the voucher is attractive, the trip promises walks in several famous European capitals, which you haven’t been to yet? In addition, the tour operator assures that the trip will be without night crossings? The offer is really tempting. But, as they say, whoever is aware is armed! Now we will tell you in detail everything about traveling by bus and the pros and cons of long-distance travel.


Low cost

Most bus tours are inexpensive compared to those that include air travel. Reasonable prices make this type of recreation and tourism one of the most popular, especially among students and young people. It is noteworthy that some travel companies offer good discounts on buses with night crossings. So if you're young and healthy, why not take a bus tour and save money on cultural activities and entertainment?

Scenic view from the window

Traveling the city streets by bus is exciting - all the sights can be seen while on the way. For example, bus tours across Europe allow you to enjoy the view of many interesting architectural objects in several cities in several days. So, if you want to move into the wonderful world of unexplored discoveries for a week, then bus travel is definitely for you!

The opportunity to meet new people

Why do many young people prefer bus tours to other types of travel? The answer is simple - these trips are never boring. In addition, a long stay in a confined space with the same people contributes to the beginning of acquaintance and exciting conversations. Often, fellow travelers, getting to know each other better, quickly find topics for discussion: they discuss cities and countries, the culture and characteristics of the local population, national cuisine, share their own experiences and impressions.

Frequent stops

Despite the length of the trip, you can rest quite often and change the environment a little. Buses often make stops for tourists to rest and use the toilet. By the way, such breaks in movement help to unwind, change body position, breathe fresh air.

Disadvantages of traveling by bus:

Long travel time

Most often, tourism lovers have a choice: package tours or independent travel. It will be possible to make the right decision only after studying all aspects of each option. And it's not just about the price, although this is an important criterion.

Comparison of the main criteria for each trip:

Standard package tour includes:

  • round trip flight;
  • hotel accommodation (usually with meals);
  • medical insurance.

There are also additional services, such as transfers from and to the airport, the ability to register for excursions in advance. All of this is included in the final amount to be paid for the tour.

Independent travel means paying for every item - from buying plane tickets to taxi to the airport.

There are several factors that determine which is better, a tour or an independent trip.


If by vacation we mean a popular all-inclusive hotel in a resort area (for example, Phuket in Thailand or Antalya in Turkey), then choosing a tour is a priority. Because often the cost of the entire tour to such places will be the same as the cost of the tickets alone.

When buying last-minute tours, their price will be even lower than just a round-trip flight. This is due to the large tourist system, which includes travel agencies, airlines and hotels. Thus, the airline provides aircraft for use by travel agencies, such flights are called charter flights. Tickets for charter flights are 1., 2 times cheaper than for a standard flight.

Travel agencies have similar cooperation with hotels. The hotel provides a big discount for the travel agency, for which it, in turn, finds people settling in this place. If you go through each of the steps listed on your own, there will almost always be an overpayment.

But there are more than just standard beach tourism destinations. For example, the goal is to travel to a non-tourist city in Europe, be it Madrid in Spain or Frankfurt in Germany. If you manage to find tours to these cities, then most often they will cost more than an independent trip and accommodation.

This is due to the low popularity of such destinations in comparison with the beach ones. Because of this, the aforementioned travel agency - hotel - airline system works less efficiently. So for such trips, it is better to buy plane tickets in advance, book hotel rooms and plan your vacation.

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