The relevance of virtual tours in the modern world, their benefits and prospects

Is the Unified State Exam relevant now - tourism

What is the exam-tourism

Several years ago, the topic of the Unified State Exam tourism was quite often exaggerated in the media. Let me remind you what this term means. This term was used to describe the migration of eleventh graders from urban schools to distant rural schools to successfully pass the Unified State Exam. For example, up to a thousand graduates moved to Dagestan.

I must say right away that the Unified State Exam tourism is possible only in those educational institutions that are in TOM. Or an inaccessible remote area. If the village or village in which the school is located is poorly connected with the regional center, or it takes a long time to get to the regional center, then of course the graduates from such a school will not be taken and the examinations center (PES) will be organized in TOM. It is also called PPE TOM.

You can't just come and go on the eve of the exam at the TOM, the fact is (pun :) that the lists of applicants in each PPE are formed even before the New Year, but in fact, the graduates are finally approved with the list of subjects passing by February 1 (if my memory serves me, this year I am not keeping the base of the RIS Unified State Exam). Do not forget that at the beginning of December, all 11th grade graduates are now writing an essay on the Russian language. Thus, it would be better for a potential USE tourist to be on the first USE in the Russian language in December. From here, the graduate would be better off actually appearing as a USE tourist before the start of the school year. In September. This is the best moment for school administrators, because the school budget will be formed according to the number of students.

No, in principle, the list of subjects that the graduate will take on the exam can be changed after February 1, but not less than 2 weeks before the exams, but there must be a very good reason documented.

Why is the Unified State Exam - tourism in general?

Look, where it will be easier to pass the USE, in the large PPE, in which several dozen or hundreds of graduates pass on the day of the exam, or in the small PPE TOM in which only one class is likely to take? Where it is easier to help a graduate there or at TOM. Where is it cheaper to help? Or maybe everything will even be free in PPE TOM? After all, who are the public observers who are actually present in the audience for passing the exam, this is a resident of a local village. Who is a member of the GEC? (state examination commission). This is either a school employee or an employee of a local organization (librarian, social security, hospital, club). Someone will say: "And what about the cameras?"

Is there any way to stop this phenomenon?

It is really impossible to stop or prevent it. You can only track the fact that the graduate moved from point A to point B in the same alumni database. It can be stated publicly that such tourists will be under special control, but in reality, I emphasize, it is impossible to really influence tourists. Moved and moved. In our country, this is freedom of movement, although the institution of registration limits this freedom. Although if such tourists are sent to independent centers for passing the exam, then the meaning of this kind of tourism disappears completely.

Was tourism in my practice of the exam?

Virtual tours, allowing a person to get to the place of interest in an interactive mode, are becoming more and more popular every day. Today it is a relevant advertising product, which makes it possible to fully show the client a product or service, much more realistically than when viewing photos and videos, reading descriptions.

The main advantage of a 3D tour is the ability to actively participate in viewing, walking or traveling, which is much more interesting than passive observation. It gives a vivid impression and a much clearer idea of ​​what you are dealing with. Therefore, virtual presentations are already used in various areas of human life.

Tourism and travel

When choosing a tourist trip, you want to get the most complete information about the place of rest, and 3D tours allow you to do this. With their help, you can see exotic islands, sights and cultural centers, examine every corner of the space, appreciate the delights of the landscape and landscapes.

Hotels, boarding houses, recreation centers

A virtual tour is an irreplaceable solution in this area. Now, before ordering a room or a house, you can visit it “virtually”: evaluate the interior, interior decoration, ease of planning and view from the window. Agree, even the brightest and most realistic description, supplemented by photographs, is a less serious argument when compared with the visual evidence that a 3D tour gives. You don't have to buy a pig in a poke, everything is in full view!

Entertainment industry: restaurants, casinos, saunas, clubs

3D panoramas with the effect of presence allow you to demonstrate to guests the style and quality of the establishment's decoration. Potential visitors have the opportunity to "wander" around the halls, evaluate the convenience of the arrangement of tables, the quality of decoration of the lounges, the size of the pool, and the entertainment offered. A virtual tour helps to convey the atmosphere of the institution, to show the features of the interior and lighting. Marketers and advertisers are confident that 3D tours are the future; they will soon become the main tool for attracting customers to entertainment establishments.

Design, architecture, real estate sales

In the real estate industry, 3D tours are also in demand. This is a convenient way for designers and planners to present their work. A virtual portfolio allows you to fully evaluate the creative idea, examine in detail all the nuances, feel the volume and space.

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