The procedure for licensing educational activities

Educational tourism licensing

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* Prices for courses are fixed throughout the entire period of study from the moment of application. ** For individuals - with the possibility of enrollment after paying 50% of the cost of the course! tourism "is developed in accordance with the established qualification requirements, professional standards and the requirements of the corresponding federal state educational standards of secondary vocational and (or) higher education for the results of the development of educational programs. Upon completion of the retraining course "Tour operator and travel agency activities in the field of tourism", students who have successfully mastered the program and passed the final certification receive a DIPLOMA OF PROFESSIONAL RETRAINING of the standard established by the state with an indefinite period of validity, valid for employment and certification on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The procedure for registering applications by the selection committee, training and sending documents to students after graduation

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Acceptance of applications for training is carried out around the clock through the site (button "Send an application)". An employee of the selection committee will notify you by phone that the application has been accepted for consideration. You will also receive an email with detailed information about the documents required for enrollment, the contact details of your personal manager, access to the educational portal and other necessary information. Enrollment in a group for training is carried out as soon as the necessary documents are received by the selection committee and the advance part of the tuition fee is received.

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Every year, more than 12 thousand students from all regions of Russia master new professions and improve their qualifications at ANO DPO "SPb UPK and PP" ". Among them are both individuals and organizations that constantly cooperate with the university increasing the level of professionalism of its employees.

Licensing in tourism. Basic provisions - section Tourism, Organization of tourism One of the Forms of State Regulation of Tourism Is.

One of the forms of state regulation of tourism is licensing, which provides for the issuance of a special permit (license) to carry out tourism activities. The purpose of licensing is to ensure the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of the state and consumers of tourist services, to improve the level of tourist services, to bring it in line with international requirements.

Licensing - carrying out activities related to granting licenses to applicants, reissuing documents confirming the availability of licenses, suspending and renewing licenses, canceling licenses and monitoring licensing authorities' compliance with the relevant licensing requirements and conditions when carrying out tourism activities.

This definition contains a number of concepts (license, license applicant, licensee, licensing authorities, license requirements and conditions) that need further consideration.

License - a special permit to carry out a specific type of activity subject to mandatory compliance with licensing requirements and conditions, issued by the licensing authority to the license applicant.

A license applicant is a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur who has applied to the licensing authority with an application for a license to carry out a specific type of activity.

Licensee - a legal entity or individual entrepreneur licensed to carry out a specific type of activity.

Licensing bodies are executive bodies carrying out licensing. The licensing authorities are vested with the following powers:

· reissue documents confirming the availability of licenses;

· suspend, resume, revoke licenses;

· keep a register of licenses - a set of data on the granting of licenses, reissuance of documents confirming the availability of licenses, suspension and renewal of licenses and the cancellation of licenses;

· monitor compliance by licensees with the relevant licensing requirements and conditions when carrying out licensed activities.

Licensing requirements and conditions - a set of requirements and conditions established by regulatory enactments, fulfillment

Licensing of educational activities is not required in all cases. When it is necessary to issue a license, which authority to apply to and how to check for a license are the most pressing questions in this area.

What is an educational license

The legal basis for licensing educational services is laid down in the laws "On licensing certain types of activities" dated 04. 5. 011 No. 99-FZ and "On education in the Russian Federation" dated 29. 2. 012 No. 273-FZ. In accordance with them, a license for educational activities is understood as a special permit for the right of an organization or an entrepreneur to engage in activities for the implementation of educational programs, confirmed by a paper or electronic document issued by the licensing authority.

Educational programs in accordance with the list, approved by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 28. 0. 013 No. 966, are divided into the following types:

License for educational activities for continuing education

Let's dwell in a little more detail on additional education.

In accordance with paragraph 14 of Art. 2 of Law No. 273-FZ, it is understood as education that is not associated with raising the level and aimed at meeting the various educational needs of a person. Such education can be aimed at improvement:

  • physical ;
  • spiritual and moral ;
  • intellectual ;
  • professional skills of the student.

When no license is required

In some cases, licensing of educational activities is not required:

  • In the case of independent provision of educational services by individual entrepreneurs (IE) without the involvement of pedagogical workers (clause 1 of the regulation "On licensing ...", approved by the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 28.0.013 No. 966).
  • Private organizations on the territory of the Skolkovo innovation center (clause 1 of the licensing regulation).
  • Organizations engaged in educational activities on the territory of innovative scientific and technical centers (INTTS, part 3 of article 21 of the law "On INTTS ..." dated 29. 7. 017 No. 216-FZ).
  • When conducting one-time seminars, lectures, consultations, etc., since they cannot be subsumed under the concept of an educational program.

Licensing of educational activities per year: licensing authority and license applicants

Licensing of educational activities may be carried out by authorized bodies, to which, in accordance with Part 3 of Art. 91 of Law No. 273-FZ, referred to:

The current system of additional education (DL) in the Russian Federation allows adults and children to acquire knowledge that goes beyond the obligatory state educational standards.

You can get it on a paid and free basis in budgetary and commercial educational institutions.

Since 2015, individual entrepreneurs have received the right to provide services in this area.

What is additional educational activity?

DL programs for children and adults have different goals. The first are aimed at the development of the child, his horizons. Services for children are provided in hobby groups and clubs.

DL for adults is a postgraduate professional development. The need for it arises among specialists in various fields of activity.

Additional knowledge and profession add value to any employee in the labor market. You can get DOs on a paid and free basis. To do this, you must have a higher or secondary specialized education.

Additional professional training programs are conducted in 3 areas:

  • Advanced training (designed to teach new skills to workers in various fields of activity within their profession).
  • Retraining (within the framework of the program, people get a new profession).
  • Internship (the purpose of training is to consolidate theoretical knowledge in practice).

Important! The presence of a DO is confirmed by a diploma, certificate or certificate.

These documents have legal and image force if they are issued by educational institutions operating on the basis of an appropriate license. All additional education programs comply with state standards.

Do you need an additional education license?

In 2015, the Russian Federation adopted Federal Law No. 99, which regulates licensing activities in the country.

Licensed Activities in 2021 | List by OKVED codes It is not always possible to immediately start real activities. Some areas of business require a special permit from the state - a license for a certain direction. The license confirms that the licensee has the necessary technical base and qualified personnel to carry out the chosen direction. The main law, which indicates the licensed activities of 2021, is law No. 99-ФЗ dated 04. 5. 011. But besides this, there is also a list of laws, each of which regulates a separate licensing business line. Number of law (No.-FZ) Areas subject to licensing 171 of 22.1995 Production and circulation of alcohol7 of 07.2.011 Clearing 4015-1 of 27.1992 Insurance 395-1 of 02.2.990 Activities of credit institutions325 of 21.1 011 Bidding 75 of 07.5.998 Activities of non-state pension funds 39 of 22.4996 Professional activities in the securities market 5663-1 of 20.8993 Space activities 5485-1 of 21.7993 Protection of state secrets 170 of 21.1.1995 Activities In addition to these federal laws, which include a list of activities subject to licensing, by-laws are in force at the level of Government decrees.

They specify the licensing requirements, without which the permit will not be issued. The licensing of certain types of activities is entrusted to authorized state bodies. You can find out which structure is engaged in issuing the permission you need from the Government Decree of November 21, 2011

No. 957. Thus, the educational license is issued by Rosobrnadzor, for medical and pharmaceutical activities - by Roszdravnadzor, and for transportation - by Rostransnadzor. In 2021, work without such a permit, if necessary, is punished in accordance with the articles of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation:

  • Article 14.. (a special norm for activities in the field of transport) - 50 thousand rubles for a manager and 400 thousand rubles for an LLC;
  • Article 14. - a fine from 4 to 5 thousand rubles for a manager and from 40 to 50 thousand rubles for the organization itself (with possible confiscation of products, tools of production and raw materials);
  • Article 14.. (gambling) - from 30 to 50 thousand rubles for the head and from 500 thousand to 1 million rubles for the organization with the confiscation of gaming equipment.
  • article 14.. (for the management of apartment buildings) - from 50 to 100 thousand rubles for an official and from 150 to 250 thousand rubles for a legal entity;

Sufficiently serious sanctions, so it is worthwhile to figure out whether licensing of the activities of legal entities is required in your case. now specifically - which areas are subject to licensing in 2021? In the table above, we have already indicated licensed activities, each of which is regulated by a separate law. o the largest list of business areas for which a license is required is given in the law No. 99-ФЗ dated 04.5.051

Licensing of tourism activities

Hello! I plan to create an organization whose activities will be aimed at the creation and implementation of tourist trips, both in Russia and abroad. I plan to make trips and accompany the group myself.

Is a license required to conduct such activities? And what legal nuances can arise when creating such a company?

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