The education system in Switzerland and the prospects of education for Russian students

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Switzerland is mainly spoken of as the country of the most delicious chocolate, reliable banks, expensive resorts and beautiful mountains. Life is dear here, but it also offers great learning opportunities. Switzerland is home to the most prestigious universities in Europe, among whose graduates are Nobel Prize winners. But for a Russian student, study in this mountainous region is also available. True, for this, some difficulties have to be overcome. It is very important to understand what education in Switzerland is like, which is so different from the familiar schemes.

Switzerland: educational system or systems?

Education in Switzerland is not a single centralized whole. The number of completely independent educational systems is equal to the number of federal cantons (the so-called regions into which the country is divided). This is due to the peculiarities of the Swiss Constitution. But all 26 education systems in the country have something in common. The federal government is responsible for ensuring that, in every region, children and young people learn well and that it is affordable for their parents. In addition, education for citizens of the country from six to sixteen years old should be free everywhere, and even compulsory. Diplomas received in different cantons are mutually recognized.

Principles of Education in Switzerland

The main feature of education in Switzerland is that it is considered the best in the world. Since the era of the Reformation in the 16th century, a completely new view of the process of teaching children was born here. And all education systems in different cantons of the country are still built on the methods traditional for Switzerland. They were developed by such famous teachers as Pestalozzi, Montessori, Piaget and other celebrities. They are the founders of reformatory pedagogy, which is based on the following principles:

  • education and upbringing of children is aimed at developing their individual abilities;
  • in the process of education, the child should be interested in cognition and show creativity as much as possible in this regard.

The education system in Switzerland is diverse and flexible. The programs and methods incorporated the best that pedagogical schools around the world could give.

Preschool and primary education

Preschool education in the country is not included in the list of compulsory types of education. But most Swiss citizens prefer their children to go to kindergarten. It is believed that the child will socialize easier in this way and will be better prepared for school. In total, about 154 thousand preschool children study in kindergartens in Switzerland. Children are sent there from a very early age. There are even groups that accept four-month-old babies. But mainly children from three to four years old are taken to kindergartens. In these institutions, children study, play, eat, sleep. Almost all of them have a swimming pool and a gym. The most popular kindergartens are designed for kids to stay there for half a day.

Private, public and specialized preschool institutions

Kindergartens are private and public, there are almost five thousand of them in the country. 300 of them are private, with tuition fees. And in state preschool institutions, part of the costs is borne by the city where the kindergarten is located. Parents pay the amount that corresponds to their income. Private kindergartens offer a staggered schedule, where the child is left in the afternoon and picked up on the way home. Some institutions accept children full-time, but there are no boarding schools or 24-hour institutions in Switzerland. There are also kindergartens in this country designed for children with disabilities and disabilities. There special conditions are created for them, but nevertheless they try to instill in these children the same skills as the rest. And the kids are in these kindergartens until they get the skills, thanks to which they can attend ordinary kindergartens.

Getting an education in Switzerland is prestigious and promising. The diplomas of educational institutions of this country are appreciated by employers around the world. The locals are very friendly, so students from different parts of the world quickly adapt. Students of all ages are impressed by the developed infrastructure, picturesque nature and many interesting educational programs that meet the highest international standards.

Higher education: cost and study programs

Programs: MA - Master

Programs: Master's Preparation

Programs: BA - Undergraduate

Secondary education: tuition fees and programs

Language courses: cost and training programs

Programs: Standard Course

Language of instruction: French

Programs: Children's Vacation Program

Language of instruction: French

Programs: Standard Course

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Well, here we will be transported to Switzerland and see what you can do in this country.

Mount Bishorn (Valais Canton)

Would you like to go mountaineering? No, no, the fact that this is only for professionals is a common myth. You will have a guide, the necessary equipment, clear instructions on how and what to do. you can, I assure you! Just get impressions - 9 lives ahead :)

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Via Ferrata (Allmenalp, Switzerland)

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Rafting on the Inn

Here's who thought what. but no girl/woman named Inna will be given to you (ah, pity, right ?!), and you don't need to raft on it either (why bother with this article ??).

Everything is simpler: there is the Inn river in Switzerland. very difficult, by the way, for rafting, and those who dare to "float" on it, an indescribable sensation is simply guaranteed.

If you are an inexperienced person in this matter, then we advise you to be in such a boat with an instructor who, in case of anything, can help - either with advice or with deed.

Cycling to the Alps!

The hospitality, catering and tourism industries are more popular today than ever and are developing with incredible dynamics. Therefore, it is not surprising that every year more and more new companies appear in this area, and existing organizations are expanding - and they all need new qualified specialists. More and more young people from various countries, including Russia, choose the tourism sector. However, in our country there is no suitable educational institution to get a quality education in the tourism sector. That is why everyone who aspires to become the owner of a diploma of the relevant specialization goes to study abroad.

Indeed, there are enough universities abroad where foreign students can get a good education in the field of tourism and hotel business according to high European and world standards. And, of course, if you really choose a country for study, then it is better to go straight to the homeland of tourism and guest service - to Switzerland. After all, it was here that the first educational programs first appeared, and then universities began to graduate young industry professionals.

There are also two universities that are in the top three hospitality and tourism schools around the world - Glion Institute of Higher Education Switzerland and Les Roches International School of Hotel Management. They are ranked 2nd and 3rd, respectively. The leading university is the School of Hotel Management in Lausanne. But further we will talk about only two universities.

Swiss Hospitality Schools - Glion and Les Roches

So, the Le Roche School is a higher educational institution in Switzerland, which will regularly be included in the list of the best and most prestigious institutions where you can get education in the field of hotel management, restaurant business and tourism. Training programs are held here in two languages ​​- English and French. Every year, about 1200 students study at the school, both foreign students and schoolchildren, and local residents. Le Roche Business School has several branches: the main campus is located in the Swiss student city of Blues. There is also one in China (Shanghai city) and another in Spain (Marbella city). The university also collaborates with US universities in the city of Chicago, business schools in Australia (the cities of Sydney and Leura), as well as with Jordan (the city of Amman). To date, the university has trained and graduated more than 12 thousand young and qualified specialists who are now working in one of the listed areas as employees or have implemented their business projects and give work to others. At Les Roches, students gain unique theoretical and practical experience, as well as the business skills they will need to successfully pursue their career plans. Students can confirm their qualifications with the help of bachelor's or master's degrees from the University of Le Roche.

No less popular and prestigious is another Swiss university of hotel education - Glion. The campus of the university is located in the Swiss Riviera, or rather on the shores of Lake Geneva, next to one of the best resorts in the country. Every year, Glion University welcomes about 1,500 young people who come to Switzerland from more than 90 countries of the world to join its students.

At this university, students can take any of the main educational programs: bachelor's, master's (including MBA), postgraduate education, certification, summer courses and more. The business school employs real professionals from the hospitality, management and tourism sectors. One of the most important elements of the educational process is the compulsory internship of students - usually 2-3 semesters of work in the staff of a real organization (restaurant or hotel, depending on the specialization). In addition, in Glion, a student has a unique opportunity to change his specialty after the first semester - this is possible if the student realized within six months of study that the initially chosen profession does not quite suit him and he would like to change his specialization.

The campus of the university also has everything you need for a comfortable study and recreation, from the student residence and dining room, to classrooms for various professions and sports facilities for physical activity.

What you need to enter Glion or Le Roche

According to statistics, students of both universities already in their final years receive job offers from leading international companies, with which universities cooperate on internships for young specialists. Therefore, by the time they graduate, 85% of students at Glion University or Les Roches have already received one or more job offers.

After such optimistic indicators, you are probably convinced that getting education in the field of tourism and hotel business is worth it in these educational institutions. The conditions for admission to the leading tourism universities in Switzerland are approximately the same, and some additional nuances may be directly related to the faculty or specialty. So, to apply, a prospective student must meet certain requirements and have the following documents:

Education abroad (and especially education in Switzerland) is a direction that should be considered by those who seek to get the best higher education to work in tourism. Switzerland has a well-deserved reputation as the best place to train specialists in this field and has maintained a leading position in the rankings and tops for many years. Consider the main nuances of studying at prestigious universities in Switzerland.

Best Hospitality Training Model in Switzerland

Thanks to the eminent schools and world fame, the university teaching method in Switzerland is considered the best - it has become the benchmark for educational institutions all over the world. Along with a strong theoretical base, you will have extensive practice in demonstration, practical classes and half-year practice. The duration of the programs depends on the chosen school: from 3-4 years for a bachelor's degree and 1-2 for a master's degree. In the 3-4 year, students are invited to change their university and continue their studies in Spain, Great Britain or China, which gives foreigners an excellent opportunity to broaden their horizons and study the peculiarities of hospitality, business practice, culture in major tourist centers of the world. Towards the end of the training, students are encouraged to choose a specialization that may be related to digital marketing strategies, financial management, and entrepreneurship. You will be able to apply the acquired knowledge in such areas as tourism business, hospitality technologies, cruise management, sports management, etc.

Ranking of the best universities in Switzerland for studying hospitality

Study on the program "Hospitality" in Switzerland - information for foreigners, study at universities

1. What you should know about this area:

  • This is one of the most demanded and rapidly developing areas that covers a huge number of specialties, therefore, having received an education at a top university, you will open the doors to the restaurant business, event industry, sports management, sales and premium segment.
  • Most employers apply to top universities in Switzerland for high positions: students of hospitality schools receive internships and further employment in the best companies in Europe. This is confirmed by statistics - it was the Les Roches hospitality school that received the status of the best school in the world in this field, and 89% of the graduates of this educational institution were immediately employed after graduation. Therefore, it is in this country that you will receive a quality education that will fully meet the requirements of top companies in this industry.

2. Benefits of studying the hospitality business in educational institutions of the country:

  • The educational direction "Hotel business" can be classified as applied and interdisciplinary. Faculty students not only study a large number of subjects related to business and tourism, but also gain in-depth knowledge of human psychology, as well as master communication skills and leadership qualities
  • Prestigious universities in Switzerland are in close cooperation with universities abroad and major hotels in Europe. Swiss university students have a unique opportunity to study a semester in another country and gain valuable practical experience on internships in the best companies
  • Most graduates find work in the first 6 months after graduation

3. Peculiarities of studying at universities:

Applicants will find the best programs that harmoniously combine theory and practice: usually courses involve balanced training, an equal number of practical seminars and theoretical lectures, as well as a large number of demonstration sessions and working through real-life situations in large companies.

The duration of the programs varies: as a rule, a bachelor's degree takes 4 years, and a master's degree takes 2 years. In the first years, students comprehend general subjects and receive fundamental knowledge; in the next courses, students should choose a narrow specialization related to digital marketing, financial management, entrepreneurship, and so on. As for the language of instruction, here you can find educational institutions with programs in German, English or French.

The first thing to consider is that a foreigner must demonstrate a high level of language proficiency. The field of hospitality involves working with people, so there are always high requirements for applicants. It is great if the applicant speaks several foreign languages ​​- this can be a significant advantage.

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