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British language schools: types of programs, cost, admission

Knowledge of the English language may be needed in different life situations: to study abroad, to get a high-paying job, to communicate while traveling without the help of an interpreter. Language schools in England provide the necessary knowledge and skills. In addition, such educational institutions provide an opportunity to combine the educational process with trips around the country, acquaintance with its culture and traditions.

Varieties of language programs

Those who are going to study at a language school should first decide for what purposes English is needed. The programs differ in content, intensity of classes, and the composition of the study group. Students are in demand for the following English courses in the UK:

  • Basic (General English) - suitable for both beginners and more advanced students. The program includes grammar, speaking practice, reading, writing and listening comprehension.
  • Intensive English - helps you learn English in a short time (from 30 lessons per week –22.5 hours).
  • Business course (Business English) - an emphasis on the study of business vocabulary, the development of communication skills.
  • Exam preparation courses - for those who need an international certificate confirming the level of foreign language proficiency. Usually preparation for IELTS and TOEFL is carried out, but there are courses to prepare for exams for obtaining Cambridge certificates (PET, FCE, CAE, CPE) or for admission to master's degree (GRE and GMAT).
  • Corporate (English For Companies) - training is conducted taking into account the needs of a particular company, the main focus is on the terminology and vocabulary specific to a particular field: banking, medicine, tourism, law, aviation.
  • Individual (Individual Courses) - the program is focused on the personal goals and characteristics of the student.
  • Family courses - parents are given the opportunity to learn a language or get to know the country in parallel with their children while the child is studying.
  • For teachers (English for Teachers) - intended for practicing teachers who want to improve their knowledge and skills.
  • Language plus hobby (English + Hobby) - a combination of classes with your favorite hobby: yoga, cooking, photography.

Best English Language Learning Centers

A large number of schools are concentrated in London. Training in them can be combined with sightseeing. But it is better to choose an educational institution in a small town where you can fully immerse yourself in the language environment. In addition, the cost will be slightly lower than in the capital's schools.

All schools are modern, have excellent technical equipment, and the organization of the educational process is excellent. It is worth taking a closer look at these language centers:

  • Twin English Center London (englishcentres. O. K) is located 20 minutes from central London. There is a swimming pool, a large library. Courses are available in Eastbourne and Dublin. The cost of teaching English in England at this school is £ 125-320 (10 230-26 200 rubles) per week of stay.
  • St Giles International ( has been conducting educational activities since 1955. The centers are located in London: the intellectual Bloomsbury district and the tranquil green Highgate. And also in Brighton, Cambridge, Eastbourne. Great attention is paid to the quality of teaching. Classes are equipped with interactive whiteboards, computer equipment. The school is attended by students of different ages and nationalities. For a week of training, you will have to pay from £ 252 (20 615 rubles).
  • EC Oxford English ( is located in Oxford, famous for its oldest university. Offers a wide range of courses for students with different basic levels of language proficiency. The centers are located in Cambridge, Bristol, Manchester, Brighton. Estimated cost - from 270 £ (22,100 rubles) per week.
  • Kaplan International Languages ​​( attracts students from all over the world. In London, it is located in the distinctive area of ​​Covent Garden, which is famous for a variety of theaters, and the glamorous Leicester Square. The school is also represented in other cities: Bath, Bournemouth, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester, Oxford, Torquay. Ideal for those who need the language for work, study at a foreign university, immigration. The price of weekly courses is from £ 295 (24,200 rubles).
  • CES Leeds ( is located in downtown Leeds. Nearby - shopping streets, interesting sights. Has been conducting educational activities since 1979. The technical equipment of the classrooms meets high standards. The approximate cost of the courses is from £ 180 (14,700 rubles).

For more information on some of the most recognizable and not-so-famous universities in the UK, see the article “The Best Universities in the UK: General Information and Admissions Considerations”.

In addition to these institutions, winter and summer English schools in England provide the opportunity to study. Their main difference from courses is that much attention is paid to entertainment.

In the summer after lessons, the guys go in for football, equestrian sports, yachting, go on excursions, in winter they attend creative master classes. Such hobby classes contribute to the consolidation of the acquired knowledge. Summer courses are designed for children and adolescents between the ages of 8 and 18.

Many options for conducting language camps for children and young people are proposed for consideration in the article "How to send a child to an international children's camp in England".

Admission procedure and conditions

Anyone can become a student of an English language school. As a rule, it is enough to have an idea of ​​the English alphabet, to know the basic words to understand the simplest phrases, to be able to answer questions about the name, age, home country.

The London School of English is the oldest language school in England. She has been inviting to study English in the UK since 1912 and has been inspected by the EnglishUK network since 1957, and is also under the patronage of the British Council, Quality English networks and the International Association of Language Centers (IALS). For those wishing to study English in the UK, this means a guaranteed opportunity to improve their understanding and use of the language, even over a two-week course.

Other benefits of the school:

  • motivated adults (average age 25);
  • convenient classroom locations (20 Holland Park Gardens and Westcroft Square comfortable residential areas of London minutes by metro from the center of the capital);
  • access to the distance learning platform from the moment of booking the course and within three months after its completion;
  • the possibility of building an individual training program;
  • 60 minutes lesson (more than other schools);
  • Free lunch on class days.

Select English courses

The school offers an intensive General English course (22 hours a week), a course "English for the University" (starting from the Intermediate level), preparation courses for IELTS, FCE, CAE, PET exams.

In addition to General English courses, The London School of English has many specialized programs for professionals.

Lawyers, HR managers, bankers, civil servants can study English in London with colleagues. There are also courses in Business English and English for Public Speaking.

Depending on the chosen course, classes can be held in groups and individually, individual training is also available online. In addition, different classroom formats can be combined. Many of the programs for studying English at The London School of English, including programs for professionals, are available in a separate "youth" option.

London Accommodation

For everyone who comes to study English in England, the school offers a wide range of homestay options. You will receive a key to the front door, you will have a separate room with a bed, a work desk and a wardrobe, the ability to use a bathroom, a washing machine and an iron. The family will provide you with breakfast each morning and dinner at an additional cost. And, of course, you will communicate with the hosts in English every day! To make the hosts and guests better suited to each other, the school, when making an application for accommodation, asks you to fill out a detailed questionnaire about your expectations about the host and the conditions that are important to you.

The London School of English offers alternative accommodation options. Listeners can stay in student dormitories (especially convenient "Pure Residence" (pictured), where there are spacious single rooms with a bathroom and kitchen equipment, round the clock Internet and a gym. You can also choose to stay in a hotel of any "star" or in private apartments .

Schedule and cost

Today this European language can easily be called international - even in Russia, almost every resident can say a few words in it. Teaching English abroad in language schools is relevant among foreigners of different ages: for children, schoolchildren, adolescents and students, as well as for foreign and Russian adult students.

English is universal, therefore it is used in many areas of activity. For this reason, language schools abroad are gaining more and more popularity - every year the number of training centers, schools, camps for learning foreign languages ​​increases in different countries around the world.

On our website you can see some of the available programs for studying abroad right now: to do this, select the course you are interested in, the type of institution in the menu on the left, and then read the selection.

When faced with the direction of educational tourism, visitors want to know where is the best place to study English abroad. There is no one-size-fits-all answer here, because everyone is different. Experts recommend focusing on the educational goals that you face - taking this factor into account, you can determine the appropriate training course, the duration of training, and possible financial costs.

Learning English is not limited to the UK and America. English is ubiquitous on the territory of other countries - Australia, New Zealand and not only - but American programs, in addition to the States, can be found in Canada or Mexico. If you want to get an education in Europe, then it practically does not matter where to go to improve the level of proficiency in a foreign language.

Teaching English in Language Courses Abroad - How to Choose a Country and Curriculum

There are a lot of options for learning English abroad, and to understand all the nuances on your own is a difficult, time-consuming business. Only in Britain there are about 2,000 educational institutions where you can go to study classical English: these are public and private schools, colleges, various institutions, famous British universities - Oxford or Cambridge. Such institutions are designed to educate foreign students, so every school or training center necessarily offers an ESL (English as a foreign language) program. It is best adapted for foreigners.

The most important advantage of learning a foreign language abroad is absolute immersion in the language environment. This is the most effective and fastest way to learn a new language for yourself. The foreign structure of the educational process itself contributes to improved memorization: here language learning is not limited to academic studies. During their studies, students all live together on the territory of the residence, where they continue to communicate with each other outside of academic studies. International students can also choose to stay with an English-speaking host family. A foreign student finds himself among native speakers, and he has no choice but to start using English, even if his level of knowledge is initially low.

There are several criteria for choosing a comfortable option for an educational institution for you or your child:

Study programs of English and language courses abroad

We also recommend looking at the feedback from previous students to find the right course in terms of intensity or duration. Although learners have different starting levels or different learning rates, the feedback will give some idea of ​​what the different training courses offer. All programs of language schools in terms of duration are divided into short-term (from 2 weeks to a month) and long-term (from 1-2 months or more). It is believed that the most productive period of study for children and adolescents is at least a month: in 2-3 weeks, young students only have time to get used to the new environment, and they learn new material to a lesser extent.

Also, the training courses of language camps abroad have different seasonal activities (summer programs for children and adults gather more students than winter ones), plus they are divided by age categories. For the youngest students, there are many walks, games, creative formats (performances, quizzes, and others). The interest of adolescents is caused by physical activity, as well as the opportunity to create something of their own at creative sections. Young people and older students are directly interested in language learning and an excursion program, where there is an opportunity to get to know the culture and traditions of another country.

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