Study abroad for free

Study abroad for free

According to statistics, 10% of all students in the Russian Federation go to study abroad every year. It is believed that the highest quality education can be obtained there. With a foreign diploma, you can get a job not only in Russia, but also in other successful countries. This prospect attracts Russian youth, but the question of free education remains open.

In which countries is it possible to get education completely free of charge?

It is possible to study for free abroad only in government agencies, everyone else can provide training on a paid basis. There are many private educational institutions that allegedly offer free education, but it should be noted that the student is obliged to independently provide himself not only with food, but also with housing, and educational materials, and pay for the gym. In this case, the student is obliged to confirm his financial independence, namely, to show on the bank account the amount that will be enough for him for a whole year in advance.

University in the Czech Republic

The situation is similar in Russia. Education seems to be free, but you have to pay for an apartment, for the Internet, books, transport and food. Only the hostel saves, which saves a good share of the budget.

Countries with free education for foreign students:

  • Austria. It is quite easy to enter the Austrian State University without even passing numerous exams. You just need to pass a test for the level of language proficiency. The training is conducted in German and English. The student has the right to choose the one he knows best. You will not be able to enter without a passed test. If a student doubts his/her knowledge of the language, he can spend an entire year on preparatory courses. After them, it is usually not a problem to pass the test.
  • Belgium. Professions are taught here in English and French. Also, the student only takes a test in one of the languages. They come here even immediately after school.
  • Germany. Training takes place in German and English. You can enter a German university only after 2 years of study at a Russian university. If a student in his home country has studied for only a year, then he goes to preparatory courses in Germany. Language proficiency test is also carried out, there are no other exams. This means that there are no problems with admission.
  • France. As in other universities, problems with admission should not arise if there are results of a passed language test, or a certificate for teaching French or English. In France, you can study right after school in Russia. It is necessary to provide a domestic certificate with good, or better, excellent grades.
  • Italy. If a student knows English or Italian perfectly, he can confidently go and enroll in a university in a given country. But the student must have behind him 1 or 2 years of study at a Russian institute. Then he will be taken to Italian without any exams and tests. Some institutes may still conduct testing, depending on their profile.
  • Finland. In Finland, you can only go to college without exams. If a student wants to enter a university, he will have to confirm his knowledge of English or Finnish and pass entrance exams.
  • USA. Probably, the US universities have the most stringent requirements. Only seriously prepared students come here. In addition to the language test, they are required to pass the SAT entrance exams. This is a test of the level of knowledge of the school curriculum in mathematics and grammar. Russian students are accepted for undergraduate studies in US universities right after school.
  • Australia. Students come here after their first year at Russian universities. You need to have a language certificate in English with you, or take a test for its excellent knowledge. The student is also enrolled in the first year of a foreign university. If a student from Russia decides to go straight to college in Australia, he will first have to undergo preparatory studies for a year, after which he will receive a bachelor's degree in 3 years. An Australian university can simultaneously acquire two professions within its walls, but this will take 4-5 years.
  • Canada. You can enter a Canadian university right after the Russian school, but students with excellent grades are accepted with great pleasure. Here you also need to provide a language certificate or be tested.
  • Universities in China, Czech Republic, Spain and Greece can also be enrolled completely free of charge and without exams, but training is conducted only in the local language of the population. You can enter here both after school and after the first courses of a national university. How to apply for a European Master's program free of charge?

Requirements for incoming international students

Basically all requirements are the same in different countries, but individual preferences may arise and are reported upon admission.

  • The student must provide a certificate of graduation from a secondary educational institution. Any foreign university looks at school grades. High points are preferred.
  • A USE or GIA certificate is required. His scores can also influence the decision of the admissions committee.
  • Basic knowledge of English. The language testing will include tasks for grammar, reading and stylistics. They are considered basic. And the test takes place mainly on a computer. Many Russian pupils and students take special language courses to improve their knowledge. English is considered international, therefore it is used in almost all universities.
  • If a student enters a master's or doctor's degree at a foreign university on a free basis, he provides a diploma from a Russian university.
  • Foreign universities do not accept students under 17 years of age.
  • Language testing is available in almost all universities abroad, but entrance exams are not everywhere. It is necessary to pay attention to this fact upon admission. The same applies to the requirement of completing 1-2 courses of a domestic university. Everything depends on which institution is chosen and in what direction.

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