Sochi educational tourism

Sochi educational tourism


At Sochi State University, on the basis of the Center for Continuing Professional Education, the implementation of a program for preparing applicants for entrance tests of a creative orientation has begun. For applicants to the areas of training 54. 3. 1 "Design" and 07. 3. 1 "Architecture" such a test is the exam "Drawing". render completely.

The purpose of the creative entrance test is to test the applicant's creativity, the required level of professional knowledge and skills in academic drawing. Now students of two groups are being trained under this program.

A 3-month training program starts on March 1, there are still free places in the groups of this program.

Hurry up to sign up by phones: +7 (862) 268-09-39, +7 (862) 268-09-38, +7 (928) 852-29-08 or by e-mail: dpo @sutr. u

Studying at the Center for Continuing Professional Education of SSU creates an excellent prospect for entering a university in the chosen specialty.


On February 15, at the University College of Economics and Technology of SSU, a conversation was held on the topic “Revolution or evolution? Let's talk about protests. " The head of the Center for Crisis Psychology, member of the Public Council of the Federal Penitentiary Service Mikhail Khasminsky spoke to the students. render completely. Having shown video footage of unauthorized protest actions that took place recently in Moscow and Minsk, he clearly showed how provocateurs act, involving people who happened to be nearby in illegal actions.

- I advise you to avoid such critical situations. Why run into clashes with police officers or special forces soldiers, be arrested, risk going to prison, defending other people's interests of figures who receive money from the enemies of our country, - said Mikhail Khasminsky. Students of UETK SSU condemned the participants of unauthorized protest actions.

- Now the Russian Government is striving with all its might to improve the life of the country's citizens. Do not the representatives of the youth understand this, who, having fallen under the influence of provocateurs, go out to illegal rallies? They themselves make themselves slaves of circumstances, and then suffer because of their own stupidity, - says Yekaterina Efimova, a 2nd year student at UETK SSU.

- November Third International Tourism Forum SIFT XXIII International Tourism Exhibition "RESORTS AND TOURISM SEASON - XVII International Specialized Exhibition" HOTEL AND RESTAURANT BUSINESS "

Study tours around the resort and business facilities of Sochi - leading tour operators in Russia

Tour dates: November 21 - 23, 2016

Every year the number of objects presented within the framework of the tours increases markedly. The number of specialists from Russia and other countries wishing to take part in this part of the Forum is also growing. And this is quite understandable: as folk wisdom says, it is better to see once than hear a hundred times. And for business people it is also a necessity: after all, if you plan to send your tourists to Sochi or want to adopt the successful experience of this city, telephone conversations and studying web pages on the Internet are not enough. You need to come, watch, get acquainted and establish contacts.

And even if you have already visited Sochi last year, visiting tours this year will open up a lot of new and interesting things for you - after all, the resort and business Sochi does not stand still, and many objects have appeared here over the past year worthy of your attention.

Study and educational tours around the resort and business facilities of Sochi will give you the opportunity to see with your own eyes everything that modern Sochi offers in various tourist destinations. On its landscaped and ecologically clean territory - from the sea coast to mountain peaks - new tourist, recreational, entertainment and business facilities are constantly opening, many of which set European and world records in their uniqueness, scale, technical and service indicators.

Tours cover the main categories of destinations in Sochi:

  • Mountain cluster ("Mountains");
  • Coastal cluster ("Sea");
  • sanatorium and balneological complex ("Treatment and recovery ");
  • resources for corporate events and large-scale events (" MICE ");
  • attractions of the resort city (" Sightseeing and excursions ").

A warm welcome, competent presentation, communication with experts and, most importantly, the opportunity to see with your own eyes and personally try out everything that modern Sochi offers to vacationers and business people is waiting for you at all the objects that are included in the tours , and establish direct contact with your future partners.

We invite you to the familiarization tour “For health in Sochi! »

19. 1 - 24.1.016 (6 days/5 nights)

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