Review of the program: where to get it and what it looks like

Review of the program: where to get it and what it looks like

Why is it important for a teacher to get an expert opinion and a review of his work program on a subject ?!

Expertise or review enables teachers to record the development of competencies, professionalism, and, if necessary, adjust their activities.

  • Expertise of methodological material "Work program on the subject" is an analysis of methodological material according to the criteria for this type of methodological materials.
  • Review of the Work program on the subject is a review of the methodological material from the position of its positive and recommendatory sides for correction.

The presence of an expert opinion and a review of the Work program on the subject become a confirmation of the level of methodological training and professionalism of the teacher.

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Expertise and peer review of the Work program on the subject is carried out by professional methodologists and experts.

Duration of examination and review - 10 days.

Obtaining an expert opinion and review will be relevant for teachers and methodologists of all levels of general education, as well as teachers of additional education.

Based on the results of the examination and reviewing, an expert opinion and/or a review of the Working Program on the subject is provided. Documents are submitted electronically.

Requirements for the Work Program submitted for examination and/or review:

  • The working program must be copyrighted. Plagiarism checking is one of the expert procedures.
  • The work program must be presented in a single document format, extension. oc or. ocx

for the program of additional education for children

"Welcome to the chess kingdom"

of the municipal educational institution of additional education for children "Lenin Children's and Youth Center"

Leninsky district of the Volgograd region.

Author - Victor Mololkin,

teacher of additional education for children

of the highest qualification category

The presented program contains all structural components, the contents of which are fully disclosed. The explanatory note reveals the novelty of the program, which also consists in the use of the author's system of independent work of students. Pedagogical expediency is explained in the formation of self-control skills in children through keeping individual diaries. All training is based on the principles of systematicity and consistency of a differentiated approach to create a situation of success. The educational process is built taking into account the age characteristics of children and adolescents, the uneven-age composition of the study group is explained by the presence of basic training among students. The terms of the program implementation are divided into stages, each stage of the program assumes that students receive a sports category in accordance with the Russian Unified Sports Classification. The explanatory note presents the methods and forms of work, as well as methods of control and management of the educational process. The expected results of the educational program are based on the results of passing the individual educational route of students. Educational goals and objectives are presented by stages of training, which determines the high adaptability of this program.

The content of the curriculum-thematic plan assumes a gradual complication of the educational material at each stage of training. The concentric structure of the program allows students to acquire new knowledge on the basis of existing ones, a large role is determined by the independent work of students.

Methodological support of the program is determined by the list of necessary conditions and benefits for the successful implementation of the content of the program. The existing methodological base allows for the full implementation of this educational program, which is confirmed by the high results of the pupils of this association.

The list of literature consists of 3 sections: basic literature, additional literature and literature for students.

Output. the additional educational program "Welcome to the Chess Kingdom" of the teacher of additional education, Viktor Mololkin, was compiled at a high professional level, passed many years of testing and confirmed by the high results of students. This program can be recommended for implementation in institutions of additional education for children, in chess clubs.

Methodist of the MOU DOD "Leinsky Children's Youth Center" ______________ I. ... arsheva

Hello, my dear readers, friends and occasional blog guests! Tatiana Sukhikh is always glad to have a virtual meeting with you, although I do not see you, but I feel how an energy exchange is taking place between us. I would like my articles to be useful, so I often touch upon topics that are difficult for me. Today I propose to find out what a review of a program for a preschool institution is.

What are the preschool educational programs?

The topic of the article was not chosen by chance. It turns out that I did not know about this, if I decided to write an author's or experimental program for working with preschool children and expect to publish it and protect my authorship, then it is imperative that a review be written.

For internal use in the kindergarten, if I do not aim at all-Russian recognition in scientific circles, a review from the head or the methodologist is enough. But for publications or, for example, I want to submit an author's program to the competition, then you need to get an objective opinion about the program from an independent expert.

To make it clearer what programs are all about, I will compile a program classification for you. So, according to the philosophical and conceptual foundations, that is, the view of the child as an object of upbringing, the laws of his development, the creation of conditions for the formation of a personality, programs are:

  • Optional ;
  • Alternative.

Alternative are innovative, often in conflict with generally accepted systems of upbringing and education. Such programs are rarely used in public institutions because of their controversial feasibility for the general mass of children.

Variative programs are built on the principle of personality-oriented interaction between an adult and children. There is a complex of variable programs in our preschool education, which is recommended by the Ministry. Each preschool educational institution has the right to choose any variable programs from the complex, adapt them "for themselves" or write copyright programs for their institution.

Variation programs are divided into:

  • Basic: there are approved programs that meet all modern requirements for the development and upbringing of children, promote comprehensive development, as well as education within the framework of a preschool institution. They are approved by the Ministry. The main ones also include specialized and correctional programs.
  • Additional: at the request of the preschool educational institution or parents, programs in foreign languages, applied arts, dance, etc. are introduced in the kindergarten. They can be paid and free. An additional program in a specific direction is approved by the management of the kindergarten.

There is also such a variation as example programs. They are not a document, but they prescribe the main mandatory points that must be taken into account when drafting copyright programs. It's like a constructor, from the blocks of which everyone can build their own building.

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