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The times have come when not knowing English is considered bad form. Every self-respecting person should at least understand and communicate on a conversational level. English is everywhere: to negotiate with foreign colleagues - you need English, independently understand a new computer program - you need English, read about foreign events first-hand - and again you cannot do without knowledge of Shakespeare's language. Fortunately, now there are a lot of educational institutions where they will help you master the language. But how long will it take to learn English surrounded by a Russian-speaking population? In order for the process of mastering a foreign language to go faster and more efficiently, it is best to go straight to an English-speaking country. Today we offer Malta for consideration. All that remains is to choose a decent school and a suitable training program.

Earn a TEFL certificate and earn money from teaching English.

For whom?

Let's take a closer look at specialized training programs designed exclusively for adult uncles and aunts. We are talking primarily about business English for businessmen, entrepreneurs, directors - all those who have to negotiate with foreign colleagues and understand the essence of the processes taking place in the world, receiving first-hand information. Classes for this category of students are built, as a rule, in the form of a dialogue. The topic is set in accordance with the needs of the audience: business meetings, finance, presentations, negotiation, correspondence, intercultural relations and communications, and much more. The Business Elite course guarantees students the acquisition of Business English skills to help them effectively represent their company internationally. They learn negotiation and the basics of business correspondence.

Having dealt with the courses for managers, let's move on to language programs for specialists. These business courses cover relevant topics from finance, manufacturing and marketing. Topics are selected according to the needs and professional level of the group formed: it is important that students have something to discuss. Many teachers of language schools in Malta specialize in areas such as medicine, law, computer technology, engineering, restaurant and hotel business, and others. At the request of students, in addition to basic English, there is always the opportunity to attend classes in one of the narrow specialties.

Malta also has special language courses for athletes in the following areas: golf, diving, tennis, sailing, cycling. In addition, people from all over the world come here to study English. English teachers! Continuing education courses are offered for both English-speaking and foreign teachers - those for whom English is not native.

By the way, some “provinciality” of Malta, as well as its island location, is considered by the participants of the language courses as significant advantages: here they will not have to oppose their craving for knowledge to the numerous distractions of large European cities. The beaches, however, are wonderful on the island - but a little sea and sun, the field of a hard school day hasn't hurt anyone yet, right?

What to do?

First of all, a future student still at home fills out a form in which he describes where, how and when he learned a foreign language, lists in which areas he would like to “improve” it and what is the ultimate goal of his stay at a language school in Malta. This information is needed in order to determine the student's level of language proficiency and to draw up a high-quality individual training program for him. Or, alternatively, the student chooses at his own discretion a program from the existing ones. After agreeing on the program of study, the cost of a voucher to a language school is paid (sometimes, upon arrival in Malta, an additional payment of the school's registration fee may be required - such nuances should always be clarified in advance). When the voucher is in hand, it's time to deal with visa formalities and preparations for departure.

To enroll in a language course in Malta, the initial level of language proficiency for adults must be at least elementary.

Education in Malta, and mainly people come here to study English, attracts more than 70,000 students to the country every year. Until 2014, the annual growth of foreign students was 10%, today the pace has slowed down somewhat, but there is no negative trend. Europeans, citizens of Russia and the CIS countries are still going to Malta. What are the advantages of education in Malta?

Teaching English in Malta

The first thing to say is that Malta is an English-speaking country. It was a British colony for more than a century and a half. The island country inherited from this period the British educational model, which is considered the best in the world, as well as English, which is the official language in Malta. It is spoken by the entire local population. Moreover, Maltese English practically does not differ from British - there is no obvious local accent. So if you go to Malta to study English, you will have both an English-speaking teacher and the opportunity to practice the target language outside the school walls.

As for language schools, there are more than 40 of them in Malta. These are both network language schools - EC, IH, LAL, and local educational institutions. At the same time, it is important to understand that the level of training is equally high in both cases. Teaching English to foreigners in Malta is a significant source of income for the state - therefore, the quality of teaching in schools is maintained at the world level.

Linguistic centers offer courses for both adults and children. Young people and adults can improve their English for personal purposes, prepare for language exams for admission to foreign universities, study business vocabulary or combine language lessons with their favorite activities. For example, a large number of schools conduct English + Sports classes - while learning English in Malta, you can learn windsurfing, diving, water skiing. Equestrian sports, golf, tennis are also popular here.

During school holidays, language camps are held for children: this is a great opportunity to spend a week or two at a seaside resort, improve their health and improve their English with games and fun contests.

Study in private boarding schools in Malta

The secondary education system in Malta is represented by public and private schools, accounting for about 30% of the total number of educational institutions. Traditionally, private schools are in high demand among international students. In them you can study not only according to the Maltese educational model, but also get a certificate from another country. Including there is a Russian school in Malta.

Tuition fees in Malta

Study in Malta is European quality at affordable prices. The cost of studying English in Malta is 40% lower than in the UK, or 25-30% lower than in other English-speaking countries. A weekly language course will cost 50,000-100,000 rubles, depending on the program. Accommodation in the country is also quite cheap.

Summer Camp in Malta is new knowledge, unforgettable impressions, communication and everyday sun. After spending summer holidays in a language camp, the child will be able to significantly improve his English, play sports and relax on the beach. The average temperature on the island in summer is 32 degrees!

For children, English classes with native speakers, swimming in the Mediterranean Sea, a rich excursion program, a daily entertainment program and much more are waiting for children.

We have compiled for you a list of children's camps in Malta, where you can send children for summer holidays, indicating programs, living conditions and the necessary contact information.


Education Training takes place at the EU language school in St. Julian's or at St. Martins College in the city of Swatar. From school to living, the guys get on the school bus. All classrooms are air conditioned.

English lessons are held in modern classrooms, the lessons are aimed at updating grammar and developing spoken language. Teachers are native speakers. A week - 20 lessons of English in groups of up to 15 people.

Accommodation Schoolchildren are accommodated in a comfortable Topaz hotel. Rooms with private facilities and air conditioning are designed for 3-4 people. Breakfast and dinner are served at the hotel.

In the program:

  • School parties
  • Sandy and rocky beaches
  • Sightseeing tours - Valletta and Sliema
  • boats
  • Shopping

Additionally, children can go diving, equestrian sports. As an optional excursion, a weekend trip to Sicily and a visit to Mount Etna are offered.

Malta Crown Camp Summer Linguistic Camp

Summer Camp "Malta Crown" is located 10 minutes walk from the sandy city beach. Every day the counselors take the guys to swim in the warm Mediterranean sea and sunbathe in the sun. And in the evenings, everyone goes for a walk along the embankment and the city to take a break from a busy day and breathe in the pleasant sea air.

  • Transfer: airport - school - airport
  • Accommodation in 3-4 bed rooms on our own territory
  • Meals 3 times a day for buffet base
  • Rich excursion program
  • Daily animation program
  • 24-hour control, medical support
  • Prizes, branded souvenirs

You can send your child to Malta to study English courses at leading educational institutions. The UnivestMedia company organizes the trip from the selection of the school and registration of all documents, to the meeting of the child in Malta and escort to the location.

Language programs for children in Malta

Summer camp at an EU school, 8 to 13 years old

Winter, Spring and Fall Holidays at EC School 13-17

Summer Vacation at EU School for 12-17 year olds

Home Language International for Children and Adults in Malta (English)

Summer Vacation at IELS, 13-18

Holidays at ESE School 8-20

Where else can a child, exhausted by the past school year, and in need of a full and active rest, spend the summer? Of course, on the "honey" island with its Mediterranean climate, delightful and refreshing sea air, with mesmerizing natural beauty, calm and cozy atmosphere of ancient cities, tasty and healthy Maltese cuisine, good nature and hospitality of the locals. You can endlessly list the advantages of Malta for Russian schoolchildren.

Our company invites your children under the age of 20 to spend the summer in Malta, where, in addition to an extensive excursion and entertainment program, various language schools offer English language learning for children using quality educational programs based on the British education system. The content of cultural and entertainment programs depends on the location of the training center and on the age of the child.

British domination in Malta for one and a half centuries has left a serious mark on the Maltese education system, whose activities are currently the most important branch of the Maltese economy. There are almost forty language schools on the island, the quality of education in which is regularly monitored by the Ministry of Education of Malta.

Hello friends! Today we will talk about the possibilities of children's summer recreation and education at the English school Maltalingua in Malta. What does such a vacation abroad include? These are English lessons (20 lessons per week) plus creativity, sports and excursions.

The small island nation of Malta has long been recognized as a unique center for teaching English. In terms of the number of language schools, it has no equal in the world (today there are more than 40 of them). And effective education in Maltese language schools is usually cheaper than in the USA, Canada or Europe. And there is an explanation for this.

For almost two centuries Malta has been in the status of a British colony. The second state language is still English. And there are many other traces of the period of British rule everywhere. Take, for example, the characteristic mailboxes, telephone booths, left-hand traffic.

English is spoken everywhere - on the streets, in shops, in cinemas, in restaurants and in public transport. This is a great way to continue learning the language for free and learn it in practice by interacting with the locals.

The second circumstance that actively attracts those wishing to learn and improve their English here is the opportunity to turn traditional education into a magnificent vacation with a luxurious vacation in Malta with its mild climate, clear sea with exciting excursions and entertainment.

Combine useful activities for the mind with the opportunity to spend the maximum amount of time outdoors - you must agree, it is extremely beneficial for the health and development of children. And many parents like it.

Why Maltalingua?

In many ways, Maltalingua is not much different from other schools accredited in Malta, where you can learn English. But there is something that sets it apart from a large list of similar establishments. And this is confirmed by the impressions and reviews of those who have visited it in past years and confirmed the benefits of staying in it.

  • English at the highest level: full immersion in the language environment

There are very few students from Russia studying at this school. No more than 3% of the total is recruited per year. And most of them consider this a plus, because there is practically no opportunity to communicate with their compatriots in their native language. And like it or not, you have to train your English in order to find a common language with students from other countries.

The Maltalingua school is considered one of the best in Malta. It is British-run and British-recognized to maintain a high level of teaching. The school employs professionals - teachers with appropriate training and experience in language schools.

And the excellent quality of language teaching is confirmed by the presence of international accreditation EAQUALS with the highest score in almost all categories.

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