Learn English and Travel

Learn English and Travel

English is the language of world communication. Knowing it, you can easily travel without having problems understanding speech in other countries. Today, many of the world's language centers offer English training in the United States.

reasons to learn a foreign language

Learning English today is more of a necessity than a hobby. For those in doubt, here are some compelling arguments:

  • Most modern companies cooperate with other countries. Therefore, knowledge of the language will give you advantages and an added bonus in employment. More and more companies, when hiring, put up a requirement - knowledge of English.
  • Memory is great during language learning. The more you work with her, the better she is. This is a good investment.
  • Knowing the language, you can watch foreign films and programs without translation. This expands the possibilities. While watching, you can enjoy the actor's play and his intonations, and not the voice of the translator.
  • Understanding what your favorite singer is singing about, you get more pleasure from the music.
  • Rest abroad becomes more intense when you can diversify walks and excursions by communicating with foreigners. A lot of information about the culture of the country is learned through conversations with local residents. Speaking English, a person feels protected, as he can easily find a place of interest or ask for help if necessary.
  • Fiction or specialty literature can be read in English. Many people dream of enjoying Shakespeare's sonnets in the original language. Acquaintance with professional publications immediately after publication, without waiting for translation, significantly increases the possibility of obtaining the necessary information.
  • Knowledge of the language significantly expands the circle of communication. You can find interesting friends all over the world.
  • Learning English will diversify your leisure time. This can be a great hobby.
  • There is always an additional opportunity to earn money (translation, writing articles, paperwork, etc.).
  • Knowledge of any foreign language expands horizons and opens up great prospects.

Why Study in the USA

One of the methods to quickly master a language is to study in the country where it is spoken. The process includes total immersion in the environment and concentration on the study. Courses are designed for different ages and status of learners. Optionally, you can choose the basic or extended program. Intensive classes are popular. Studying English in Los Angeles, you can not only reach a certain level, but also get to know all the sights of this amazing city better.

Language courses have several advantages:

  • being in an English-speaking environment increases efficiency;
  • teachers are native speakers, which increases the quality of education;
  • practice in informal communication; <
  • an opportunity to get acquainted with the historical heritage of the city and immerse yourself in the rhythm of its life.

Educational tourism as a form of recreation

Until recently, most people sought to relax, basking in the sun, enjoying all the benefits of a civilized service. Today, most young people are inclined towards rewarding leisure and free-style travel. Language courses in the USA are not only a great opportunity to improve your English, but also to get acquainted with another culture, make foreign friends, and have an exciting vacation. What could be better than classes on the Southern California Coast, where the sun shines more than 300 days a year!

English courses at the EU English Los Angeles school are held in one of the most prestigious areas of the city. The famous Santa Monica Beach is nearby. Around a huge number of shops, cafes, restaurants. For students, prepared comfortable classrooms equipped with the latest technology. For independent work, special classrooms with exclusive educational materials are provided. Each student is trained according to an individual educational program to achieve the intended level of language proficiency. It will not be boring to study, as circus performers, musicians perform right on the streets in the district, and entertaining shows are held.

Parlez-vous français? Ja-ja, natuurlijk!

or Not English alone

It so happened that in previous articles we covered mainly the topic of on-site English language training. This is understandable: the international language and all that. On the other hand, a whole bunch of European languages, which, by the way, are also in demand by student travelers, remained outside the brackets. Not fair? Perhaps so. We are correcting ourselves.

So, what and where is taught in Europe? If we talk about the most popular European languages, with the exception of English, then today there are four clear leaders: German, French, Spanish and Italian. It is to study these languages ​​that most of the "non-English" students go to distant countries. A significantly smaller number of travelers are interested in studying Slavic (Polish, Czech) or Scandinavian languages ​​(Finnish, Swedish). In this article we will dwell in more detail on the four most popular "non-English" languages ​​that are studied in Europe.

Earn a TEFL certificate and earn money from teaching English.

Learning European languages, just like in the case of English, people can pursue completely different goals: someone needs to closely interact with business partners, someone loves to travel and would like to learn the basics of the language while immersed in the local culture, someone plans to receive higher education in the target language.

Countries offering language learning programs:

  • German - Austria, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland;
  • French - Belgium, Canada, France, Switzerland;
  • Spanish - Spain , Latin American countries;
  • Italian - Italy.

Features of educational programs

Although all foreign language learning programs are very similar, the options with "non-English" languages ​​have a number of peculiarities. This is, firstly, the specifics of additional classes, which are proposed to be added to the main program. In addition to standard specializations such as language plus sports or language plus creativity, France, Spain and Italy also offer special thematic specializations: language plus cooking or language plus winemaking. These are very interesting, partly "entertaining" learning options that older people tend to choose. In Spain, a variety of dances are also common as additional classes - flamenco, salsa, etc.

Secondly, there are also summer language camps for children in France, Italy and Spain, including at sea. Unfortunately, these countries do not offer winter programs for children. But the Swiss camp Les Elfes, located in the Alps, is open both in winter and in summer, offering a choice of studying English, German or French. Its winter programs also include skiing or snowboarding with an instructor.

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