Institute of Culture and Tourism

Institute of Culture and Tourism

The Department of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication invites students to take part in the All-Russian Competition for Scientific and Technical Translation

Vologda State University, the Department of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication, invites undergraduate, specialist and graduate students of full-time and part-time studies of Russian and foreign universities without age restrictions, specialty and direction (profile) of training sufficient to perform translation degree in Russian, English and/or German, take part in the All-Russian competition for scientific and technical translation.

Employees of the Institute of Culture and Tourism tell applicants about studying at VoGU

Employees of the Institute of Culture and Tourism of Vologda State University have begun work on the admissions campaign for the 2021-2022 academic year.

The graduate students of the Vologda College of Technology and Design and the Vologda Regional College of Arts learned about the areas of training implemented at the Vologda University.

Ivanova Marina Igorevna, director of the institute, Dolgushina Marina Gennadievna, head of the Department of Musical Art and Education, and Ozhogin Mikhail Vladimirovich, specialist in work with youth, IC&T, introduced the future applicants to the university.

We remind future applicants that detailed information on the areas of training can be found on the official website of the Admissions Committee . ogu35. u /, or by phone: (8172) 72-50-73

The procedure for submitting applications for material support has changed at VoSU

VoSU has changed the procedure for submitting applications for the payment of material support

Dear students of Vologda State University, please note that applications for material support (assistance) can be submitted only through the One Window service on the official website of Vologda State University vogu35. u/odno-okno

Legislative Assembly of the Vologda Region

Hello, dear visitors of the site! I am sincerely glad to greet you on behalf of the deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the Vologda Region. While developing this portal, we tried to create an effective mechanism for informing the residents of the Vologda Oblast who have access to the Internet, the media, the general public about the legislative and representative activities of the Legislative Assembly of the Oblast. We invite to cooperation everyone who is not indifferent to the problems we are discussing, who can share their experience, their ideas. On the pages of our site you can always find the latest news about the work of the standing committees and political factions. You are also offered background information on the composition and structure of the Legislative Assembly, the history of its creation, biographies of deputies, a chronicle of their activities, the section "Legislation of the Vologda Oblast", which, like other pages of the site, is constantly updated. I am convinced that the government should be extremely open and accessible to its citizens. Therefore, your assessments of the activities of the deputies, your opinions on the legislative regulation of public relations in the region are very important to us. Constructive suggestions and wishes will certainly be taken into account in determining the priorities of legislative work.

Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the region A. Lutsenko

Tourism in the Vologda Oblast should develop in clusters

This task for the region was defined by the participants of the expanded meeting of the Committee on Education, Culture and Health, dedicated to the issue of tourism development.

"In the strategy of socio-economic development of the Vologda Oblast, tourism is named a priority area, - stressed the chairman of the committee for education, culture and health care Lyudmila Yacheistova. - This work is based on a solid legislative base - we have not only federal, but and the regional laws regulating this area. The main directions are clearly and correctly defined. However, our task is to understand all the difficulties and, if necessary, make adjustments to the regional law. "

As Vladimir Osipovsky said, today the Vologda region ranks 9th in Russia in terms of the share of tourism revenues in the gross regional product.

Father Frost's homeland is still the most visited tourist place in the Vologda region - almost 340 thousand Russians and foreigners visited the Winter Wizard during the year. In Kirillov, the number of visits is about 300 thousand per year. The route to Vytegra is still gaining popularity, but it is expected that after the implementation of all infrastructure and information projects, about 100 thousand tourists will come here annually.

"We have developed a separate tourist passport in which the most interesting places to visit in the regions are marked. This is a kind of quest that will encourage people to travel, including in our region," Ilya Mikheev explained <

Director of ANO "My Business" Anton Shopin noted that such an interactive project was developed for Vologda: "This is a special application that

Anton Shopin also added that the Entrepreneurship Support Center provides assistance to businessmen in other areas - compensation for the costs of printed printing, survey work, and training.

Mikhail Sharomazov, General Director of the Kirillo-Belozersky Museum-Reserve, said that the main problem of tourism in Kirillov and the region as a whole is the lack of infrastructure both in the tourist sites themselves and at the entrances to them: "Most of our tourists are about 2/3 are travelers who come here with family or with a company, and not in large groups. They have nowhere to eat, it is difficult to find a place to sleep. When this year we organized a festival of military-historical reconstruction, all Kirillov was crowded with cars, because that there is no centralized parking, it causes a lot of inconvenience both for residents of the city and for the tourists themselves. "

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