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Federal educational portal

Federal educational portals

Federal educational portals are Internet resources, tools for ensuring the quality of education.

List of Federal Educational Portals

Library of teaching materials for students, teachers, etc. in free access; catalog of links to educational portals. Rubrication by type of materials, by audience.

The project of the Federal Center for Information and Educational Resources (FCIOR) is aimed at distributing electronic educational resources and services for all levels and stages of education.

The Federal Repository of the Unified Collection of Digital Educational Resources (Collection) belongs to the Federal Educational Portals. It was created in the period 2005-2007. within the framework of the project "Informatization of the education system" (ISS), carried out by the National Training Foundation on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation In 2008, the replenishment and development of the Collection was carried out from the funds of the Federal Target Program for the Development of Education (FCPRO).

The purpose of creating the Collection is to concentrate in one place and provide access to a complete set of modern teaching tools designed for teaching and learning various academic disciplines in accordance with the federal component of state educational standards for primary general, basic general and secondary (complete ) general education.

Currently, the Collection contains more than 111,000 digital educational resources in almost all subjects of the basic curriculum. The Collection contains sets of digital resources for a large number of textbooks recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation for use in Russian schools, innovative educational and methodological developments, a variety of thematic and subject collections, as well as other educational, cultural, educational and cognitive materials.

The portal provides open access to online resources for students, teachers and parents. Developers - State Research Institute of Information Technologies and Telecommunications "Informika", the company "Garant-Park-Internet", the Institute of New Technologies.

Rules and procedure for holding the Unified State Exam. Schedule of the Unified Exam. Descriptions of the types of tasks. USE news. Demo tasks catalog. Forum. Contacts.

The largest project of the new generation of educational portals, created by order of the Ministry of Education of Russia. Developer - Higher School of Economics. The purpose of the portal is the selection and systematization of the highest quality educational resources (domestic and foreign), as well as the production of new resources by the best specialists in economics, sociology and management. Promising curricula, descriptions of the most useful articles and books, information about teachers and researchers, educational and research centers in the specified area are posted. All resources are in the public domain.

One of the leading portals providing access to legal information for educational and scientific purposes and legal practice. Developer - St. Petersburg State University.

The portal "Information and communication technologies in education" is included in the system of federal educational portals created within the framework of the federal target program "Development of a unified educational information environment (2001 - 2005)", and is aimed at providing comprehensive information support education in the field of modern information and telecommunication technologies, as well as activities on the use of ICT in education.

In the context of active digitalization, the education system cannot stand still and be content with existing developments. Back in the spring of this year, it was decided to create an information and educational resource for scientific and methodological support of general secondary education.

The resource being developed will supplement the study of subjects, will become methodological support for teaching those who are temporarily unable to attend an educational institution or who need additional clarification of the material when doing homework.

The platform will start working in test mode from January 1, 2021.

The participants of the round table spoke in more detail about the content and capabilities of the information and educational resource, as well as plans for its implementation into practice.


A single information and educational resource for schools will be launched in test mode from January

A single information and educational resource for general secondary education institutions will be launched in test mode from January 1, 2021, Deputy Head of the Main Directorate of General Secondary, Preschool and Special Education - Head Department of General Secondary Education, Ministry of Education Irina Karzhova.

"Teachers have been actively using information and communication technologies for a number of years both when conducting lessons and organizing students' independent work. The national educational portal contains information about Internet services that can be used in organizing the educational process The use of ICT in institutions of general secondary education made it possible, in the context of the current difficult epidemiological situation, to provide education for all students in the fourth quarter with their subsequent certification at the end of the 2019/2020 academic year, "said Irina Karzhova.

At the same time, the pedagogical community understands that in the conditions of active digitalization of all processes, the education system cannot stand still and be content with existing developments. “The realities of time forced us to accelerate, and in spring it was decided to create a single information and educational resource for general secondary education institutions. It is planned that the platform will start working in test mode from January 1, 2021,” said the deputy head of the main department. this does not mean that the information and educational resource will replace the real educational process at school. "

According to Irina Karzhova, the educational resource will complement the process of studying academic subjects, will become methodological support for teaching those students who, for some reason, temporarily cannot attend an educational institution or need additional explanation of the educational material when doing homework. assignments. It includes a list of educational materials, as well as various services for organizing and managing the educational process (electronic diary, journal, communication of participants in the educational process, etc.). The library of teaching materials is structured by academic subjects, classes, topics of the curriculum for the academic subject and will be gradually replenished with new materials.

"The creation of the platform was preceded by the study of domestic experience and the experience of other countries in the development of similar resources. The best teachers from all regions of the republic have been invited to develop educational content. In the regions, creative groups have been created, which include, first of all, teacher-methodologists, teachers of the highest qualification category, teachers - authors of textbooks with experience in creating electronic educational resources. The participants of the republican club "Crystal Crane" joined the work. The work of teachers on the development of educational content is coordinated by regional institutions for the development of education. The developed training materials have passed the methodological examination at the National Institute of Education, the Academy of Postgraduate Education, Minsk State Linguistic University, "added Irina Karzhova.

The Ministry of Education spoke about the content of a single information and educational resource for schools

Director of the National Institute of Education Valentina Ginchuk told during a round table in the press center of BelTA about the content and content of a single information and educational resource for institutions of general secondary education.

We present you with a selection of educational resources, thanks to which you can learn to program in any language, become a professional designer, learn how the creative industry works, or take a course at one of the world's leading universities.

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Fortunately, education is now available not only to the minority - now it is enough to have access to the Internet to get the opportunity to learn and apply the knowledge and skills acquired in practice.


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